Our specialised services for Healthcare Organizations include Remote staff for jobs like medical biller, patient accountant, healthcare claims, accountant bookkeeper, etc. Our professionals will work according to the norms set by your organisation. As a small company or mid-size company, you would have the advantage of having a professional team working for you to give you fast and accurate results. As a large size company, you will save costs while enjoying the benefits of increased productivity and profitability.

Medical Biller:

At Entigrity, the Medical Biller effectively and efficiently takes care of all the medical billing which is a process that involves a healthcare worker submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to accept.

Medical Collection Clerk:

The professionally trained Medical Collection Clerks at Entigrityare responsible for the laborious task of collection of past dues in payments, cheques, drafts and encashing the coupons given to the bank from the customer.

Payment Poster:

A Payment posters at Entigrity brilliantly and accurately posts transactions like payments and adjustments on a daily basis.

Third Party Biller:

The EntigrityThird-party billers adequately take care of all forms of billing where an intermediary handles the invoicing and payment between a purchaser and a vendor.

Patient Accountant:

The professional Patient Accountants that we at Entigrity provide to our clients work in a hospital, Doctor ‘s office, or other medical facility, helping patients to understand their medical costs and finding ways to cover them.

Claims Examiner/Analyst:

The EntigrityClaims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators diligently and effectively evaluate insurance claims. They are well trained in the rules and regulations and independently decide whether an insurance company must pay a claim, and if so, how much.

Healthcare Claims Processor:

At Entigrity we provide our clients with accomplished Healthcare Claims Processors who skillfully manage insurance claims from patients in doctors’ offices and insurance companies. It is the job of the claims processor to analyze and process the insurance claim, checking it for validity.


The Bookkeepers at Entigrity are well versed with the accounting rules and regulations and are excellent at working with different accounting software to keep records of the financial affairs of a business.

Client Speak

  • "We had a huge team managing back-office and accounting operation and we were looking for solutions which reduce are HR cost and that’s when I met Shawn in AICPA Engage and he explained I recommend it our foundation. We today have hired a team of 40 staff through Entigrity, for our accounting, administration, medical claim processing, billing and many other back office needs. Great solutions for us and reduce our back-office cost by more than 50%."

    Michael Crvarich John M Health Foundation