Every business starts with the intention to be the best in the sector. Entigrity helps you achieve this goal by giving you a service that would help you enhance your expertise, competency and efficiency along with designing an environment conducive to the establishment of high class services to showcase the best practices and latest existing practice management procedures.

In order to achieve all of the above along with the integration and automation of operations and functions of CPA and EA firms, IntPRac is used. It is a comprehensive Integrated Practice Management Software that helps ameliorate the management and operational efficiency of small as well as medium sized accountancy practices (SMPs). The objective of IntPRac is to support the CPA firms to manage their practices, seize the opportunities and address challenges that come their way. In addition to this IntPRac helps these firms enhance their competitiveness, profitability and sustainability.

What do we mean by Integrated Practice Management?

Integrated Practice Management covers a wide range of functions, operations and strategies involved in successfully managing an accounting practice. Some of the functions that would be included in this are Marketing, Proposal Drafting, Engagements, Workflow Management, Human Resource Management, Merging and Purchasing Practices, Compensation Strategies, Billing and Collection, Administration, etc.

Why IntPRac?

IntPRac is a software that can help you conduct the organizational practices effectively and efficiently resulting in the success of your venture. IntPRac can also take care of all the accounting practices conducted in your organization. By and large, it is about identifying the opportunities and leveraging them to the best benefit of the firm. Following are the Salient Advantages of IntPRac:

– Import or export any excel/csv files for master or other information.
– Easy transition.
– Web based application but all data is stored in accounting firm’s local servers, and not on cloud or third party services.
– Thoroughly defined User Access Rights by Partner Login/Employee Login/Client Login.
– 80% time saved in function like client follow-ups, billings, collection management, work reviews, etc.
– Clients’ end-to-end Workflow Management.
– Extensive Reporting like profitability reports for each assignment, employees, jobs, clients, services provided to each client, Time Analysis Reports, Clients follow-ups Pendency, etc.
– Centralized and integrated master data, client, engagement, employees, services, jobs, billing, etc.
– Integration with QB.
– Thoroughly defined User Access Rights by Partner Login/Employee Login/Client Login.
– Professional Approach to Practice.
– Payroll and Leave Management.

Some content is yet to be written on this subject such as backoffice management, Risorr, etc, so I will send it in some time. Please proceed with the other topics.