With a rich 20 years of successful parentage, Entigrity has expert professionals capable of performing every function required in the restaurant industry. As you would have a lot less to worry about, you can focus on what inspired you to start the restaurant in the first place. Your love for food and service will have the front seat once again without the guilt or distractions of bookkeeping or budget analysis or even payroll duties.

Inventory Clerk:

The Inventory Clerks at Entigrity are responsible for meticulously compiling and maintaining records of quality type and value of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in establishment: Counts of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies in stock and posts totals to inventory records.


The Bookkeepers at Entigrity are well versed with the accounting rules and regulations and are excellent at working with different accounting software to keep records of the financial affairs of a business.


Entigrity AP-Executiveseffectively and efficiently manage accounting functions including maintenance of general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and project accounting; ensures accuracy and timeliness. They responsibly fulfil their duties including developing, implementing and maintaining systems, procedures and policies, including accounts payable functions to ensure adherence to company guidelines among many other tasks.

Payroll Clerk:

The Payroll Clerks at Entigrity scrupulously work to accumulate time sheets, review timekeeping logs for accuracy, and issue pay checks and other disbursements to employees within an organization. In addition to basic job functions, our well skilled clerks are accountable for processing various requests and processing various types of verifications.

File Clerk:

The File Clerks at Entigrityare skilled professionals employed in an office to file or retrieve documents.

Data Entry Specialist:

Data entry specialists at Entigrity are highly professional and pay a great amount of attention to detail while computing the data. The role of a Data entry specialist is take information from different locations that is written down and enter it into an electronic data system for storage and analysis.

Financial Analyst:

The Financial Analysts at Entigrity are trained professionals whose job is to assess the financial condition of a business or asset to determine whether it is a sound investment.

Budget analysis:

At Entigrity, the budget analysts work hard to accomplish their main responsibility which is to review the budget and seek new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Clients Speak

  • "I hired Bookkeeper, A/P Clerk and Billing executive from Entigrity at ¼ salary. Most profitable way of hiring back office staff. My restaurants entire back-office is being managed by my remote team. I only have in-office controller rest of all my back office team in hired through Entigrity works  Remotely.  Everything is up-to-date, I am getting great analytics, this has been wonderful and very cost-effective solutions for us."

    Bill Mazas Mazas Management