“Real Time Integrated Systems Operations Reporting for Restaurants”

RISOR’r is a comprehensive and modern “Back Office Management Solution” especially designed by a team of finance and technology professionals who are bound together by their love for food and restaurants. Owning, Managing and running a restaurant business isn’t as simple as it seems and we understand the fact that you have to deal with a wide array of customers having different tastes and preferences and at the same time manage multiple vendors and different service providers while keeping the food that you serve at the top of your priority list. As a result, the non-core activities pertaining to managing a business gain higher focus while the core activity of serving immensely delicious food takes the back seat.

We have crafted RISOR’r with such detailed thought and care that every non-core activity that becomes a pain point for a restaurant is taken care of by our comprehensive solution. With RISOR’r you have the freedom of immersing yourself in the most important functions of your business like managing the food and the menu, ambience and the music, marketing and promotion, and above all – customer delight.

What are the functions that RISOR’r takes care of?

1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
2. Payroll Management Services
3. Realtime Management Reporting Tool – Cloud Based
4. Website and Mobility Solutions
5. Social Media and Online Engagement & Marketing SEO
6. Online Ordering and Menu Management Services

Why RISOR’r?

Restaurants have existed for decades and will continue to do so. Yet, only a few have existed for a very long period of time and the one thing which is common amongst them is that they all have consistently evolved over the period of time to stay relevant and profitable. RISOR’r allows you to remain profitable and relevant at the same time, as it enables you to reduce more 50% of the cost of operations and overheads while giving you enough time and space to focus on what you want to focus on rather than what you have to focus on.

• Vendor Bills Processing
• Daily Sales Entry for Point of Sale
• Weekly Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
• MIS Reporting
• Financials Preparation
• Recording Daily Labour Expense – Analysis & Reporting
• Weekly Payroll Processing and Posting
• Record of Daily Activities and Attendance Log
• Real Time Reporting
• Weekly Performance Emails
• Benchmarking
• POS Integration – Rpower, Aloha, Micros, BreadCrumb
• Accounts Integration – Xero, Quickbooks
• Customized Implementation
• Daily Deal and Special Offer Plug-In Integration
• Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram Integration
• Mobile App Integration

Social Media Account Management Services