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Entigrity Remote Staffing


Entigrity is a leading remote staffing solutions provider to accounting and tax firms of North America that helps them hire qualified and experienced remote staff and save up to 75% on their labor cost.

Entigrity is headquartered in New York and has 3 offshore offices located in India. [2 in Ahmedabad area and 1 in Mumbai].

We have served over 300+ CPAs and public accounting firms across USA and Canada with an impressive 96% client retention rate. Our clientele contains accounting firms of all sizes ranging from solo practitioners to firms with hundred employees.

Our hiring process is robust, rigorous and transparent. Each client gets to interview and test multiple candidates for their staffing requirements so that they can find the right remote staff as per the firm’s requirement. We staff at all levels in accounting (or CPA) and tax firms, may it be for tax preparations, payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, audit, state taxes and even for administration as well as billing work.

Entigrity is certified ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 9001 for quality management systems. Hence we follow and comply with the best business practices in terms of information security as well as quality management. This builds high brand trust and wins confidence of every client we work with. Therefore making us a trusted partner of accounting community.

Top 5 Issues faces by CPA and Accounting Firms and Their Solutions


Staffing is the number 1 challenge faced by accounting professionals. Our vision is to bring the best practices of big 4 and large accounting firms of hiring global talent pool and reducing staffing challenges and cost to small and mid sized Accounting and Tax firms and help them in expanding their operation, growing their businesses, managing practice and enhance profitability by offering remote staffing.


Our mission is to become the top choice trusted partner of accounting community.

What Our Clients Say

“Hiring Remote Staff through Entigrity was one positive change that we brought in our firm 2 years ago. Thanks to them for such a wonderful solution and fueling our firm’s growth. I could hire somebody at 75% less salary and need not worry about compliance, payroll taxes, benefits and dozens of other hassles were some evident and most appealing reasons for me. Great solution!”

Jim Goldman - Accounting ClientJim Goldman, President, Goldman & Company

“We did our due diligence for their credibility but Entigrity has always worked with amazing transparency. We interviewed and tested various candidates ourselves and were able to find the right candidate. Today we have built a very robust and knowledgeable remote team. After working with Entigrity we have acquired two firms and our revenue has almost doubled in past 5 years”

Sam Rosenberg - Remote Staffing ClientSam Rosenberg, Chairman, Rosenberg CPAs & Consultants

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