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At Entigrity we proudly celebrate every festival by adding colours to life. Our team is always innovative and creative to celebrate all events and festivals. Here we celebrate Makar Sankranti, Republic Day, Holi, EPL (Entigrity Premier League), Fun Fridays, RnR (Rewards & Recognition), Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, and many more..

The EPL is more than simply a tournament or a cricket event. It is a value chain that monitors everything, such as which team is working on which strategy. We arranged it 7-8 times and had a terrific turnout of 200-300 people each time.

We believe culture is a determining factor in success of the organization.

At Entigrity, we work hard, believe in family values. We celebrate the success and progress of each team member with having an outstanding work-life balance. Our mission is to "Be the Top choice Trusted Partner of the Accounting Community."

At Entigrity, we believe in making the most of all the moments of our lives. To make the most of the last day of 2018, we had an energetic evening with gaga games, perky performances, and dazzling dances well into late night!

Towards the last day of the year, it’s the turn of the calendar, the turn of a few numbers, and the Dawn of another New Year. At Entigrity, we believe in....


At Entigrity, it is always our endeavor in making the world a bit lovable place. It all starts with usually having our workplace feel like home, for, don’t we all devote our precious 8 to 10 hours of every day into our work place?

The Three Wise Men and Magi traveled miles to witness the birth of the Divine Child and shower the lucky parents with blessings and gifts who bore the birth of God’s....


Towards the end of the year the enthusiasm is running high in all kindred spirits around the world. Just towards the days of Christmas, it was time again to make our workplace a little more interesting and merrier with streaks of red and white.

Not Just the Twelve Days of Christmas Towards the end of the year the enthusiasm is running high in all kindred spirits around the world. Just towards the days of Christmas,....


Six teams featured members from Entigrity belonging across different processes, functions, and departments, against each other. Initially, we began with Six Captains choosing players randomly from the pool of sporting players.

As the month of December set in, the temperatures began to drop and the air got cooler with each day passing by for the usually hot and arid Ahmedabad city. That’s....

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