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Accounting Firms Only

Accounting firms only

For the Accountants by the Accountants

Single biggest challenge faced by Small and Mid-Size CPA, Accounting & Tax firms today is finding and retaining qualified professional staff. We are proud to say, that today we have been helping numerous firms around the country to sail through this challenge and convert that into an opportunity to grow their firm.

Entigrity Remote Staffing only works with small and mid-size Accounting Firms. Today, we serve 300+ Accounting firms Nationwide, providing them with qualified and experienced accounting and tax professionals starting at $8/hour. You can Hire Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Associates or any other staff position, having the required skills and knowledge for 75% less salaries than in-office staff.

What Our Clients Say

“I am very pleased with my remote team that I from Entigrity. Earlier my practice used to manage me, now I manage my practice. It is only a myth that only tech savvy accounting firms can use remote staffing; instead, smaller firms like ours which are not completely paperless can also take the same benefits”

Jack Owens, President, J.E.Owens & Company

“Entigrity is a great agency, so is their Remote Staff. My resource is not just productive but very communicative too. I get daily updates and as soon as there is a concern or issue, he informs me. In addition, I really appreciate that besides our account manager the key management guys too call me to check if everything was running smooth.”

Erich Zielonka ERICH ZIELONKA, CPA, LBO Accountancy

“We did our due diligence for their credibility but Entigrity has always worked with amazing transparency. We interviewed and tested various candidates ourselves and were able to find the right candidate. Today we have built a very robust and knowledgeable remote team. After working with Entigrity we have acquired two firms and our revenue has almost doubled in past 5 years”

Sam Rosenberg - Remote Staffing ClientSam Rosenberg, Chairman, Rosenberg CPAs & Consultants

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