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A Little About Us

Entigrity is a trusted offshore staffing partner to over 600+ CPAs & accounting firms across USA. Working exclusively with accounting industry, we actively help them hire dedicated staff with necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience starting $10/hour. The offshore staff integrates with the office and local teams, working under their control & management, gradually forming a fully functional offshore team.

  • 600+
  • Accounting
  • 100+
  • Client Success
  • 2000+
  • Team &
  • 8+
  • Office
    in 4 Countries







  • Regular Offshore Staff Training
  • In House Training Faculty
  • 400+ Training Modules
  • Corporate Training Partner - MYCPE
  • Unlimited Access To 1000+ Courses
  • Tax Workshops



Well they have been more open to offshore hiring for sure but still they have concerns like what would my team think about this? What would my client think? Sometimes I feel that pandemic has still not changed, the stigma around offshore hiring for accounting firms. It's true that the firms that invested in offshore hiring have largely remained immune to the slowdown caused by the pandemic. However, there are a large number of CPAs and Accountants out there who are still resisting this change.
I always say that most clients want great service and wonderful experience for a fair price. However there is no harm in trying and experimenting with few clients. We are successfully working 550+ accounting firms and that’s more than a testimony. And more than clients it’s what you think is important.
Why don’t you go and visit our India office? Well just check our youtube channel and see how much fun they have while they work for you. Low cost arbitrage is the reason you hire staff offshore from India, because the cost of living is cheap and that’s where you save a lot of money.
Well with us you can hire Accounting Roles and you can also hire Non-Accounting Roles
Accountant Non-Accountant
Bookkeeper Billing Executive
Accountant AR/AP Assistant
Tax Preparer Digital Marketing Assistant
Sr. Tax Associate Business Development Associate
Staff Accountant Admin Support Staff
Account Senior Virtual/Executive Assistant
Tax Senior Client Service Executive
Audit Associate Cuystomer Spport Assistant
Manager Social Media Marketer
Data Analytics Assistant Video Artist
Financial Analyst Graphics Designer
Well we only and exclusively work with Accounting firms !
No absolutely Not ! Just pay by the hour i.e. No. of Hours you hired X Hourly Rate.
As we have worked with 550+ accounting firms here is a link to many of those success story videos. Feel free to reach out to anyone of them.
The attrition rate at Entigrity has been below 10%. Our HR policies are robust, ensuring the least gaps. Whenever a new employee joins, he signs a contract for a minimum 3 years of association. In special circumstances, sometimes we do allow us to leave earlier than that. Also, Integrity is one of the preferred local employers because of the multiple facilities we provide, including cab, medical insurance, meals at the office, regular recreations, and several other benefits to prolong the employer-employee association.
Like any of your local staff, a remote staff member from Entigrity also works under your management and fully reports to you. As they work from remote offshore offices of Entigrity, this saves your cost and efforts involving infrastructure setup, HR hassles, and several other compliance issues. View details here (page leading to benefits of remote staffing)
Entigrity offshore staff are available for about a third of the conventional salary paid to local staff. Besides, it does not require infrastructure development at your office due to remote working. There are no-cost recruitment or training costs involved. There is no liability of compliances, Medicare, or other benefits. Also, it is not required to pay bonuses or overtime charges. Hence overall, counting various direct or indirect benefits due to remote staffing, 75% saving on labor cost is just a conservative number.