Entigrity Client Updates

Entigrity Monthly Updates - August 2023

Welcome to Entigrity Monthly Updates July 2023 update! We are pleased to share some exciting news and noteworthy updates. As valued clients, we greatly appreciate your continued trust and support in our services. It is with immense pleasure that we bring you the latest developments, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date with our offerings.

Fee Revision Policy Changes 

Effective from August 2023 onwards, we are implementing a new streamlined fees revision policy with the following key points:

  • First Fees Revision: The initial fees revision will occur after 6 months from the date of hiring. For Level 1 to 3 staff members, the revision will be around $1/hour. Level 4 & Above: Fees revision for Level 4 & Above staff members will be based on individual cases, with suggested revisions mentioned in the policy.
  • Annual Fees Revision: After the first revision, subsequent revisions will take place annually every January. For Level 1 to 3 staff members, it will be approximately $2/hour annually or pro rata. For Level 4 & Above staff members, fees revision will continue to be based on individual cases, taking into account their performance, responsibilities, and other relevant factors.
  • Interim Fees Revision: Occasionally, there may be interim fee revisions during the year. These revisions may occur in situations such as promotions, level upgrades, or retaining staff after resignation. The actual fee revision will be mutually decided upon during such occasions.

Please note that these are suggested fee revision guidelines, and the actual fee revision may differ based on individual circumstances and mutual agreements. Our objective is to ensure a fair and transparent fees revision process while considering the value and contributions of each staff member.

Staff Level

On Completing 6 Months

Annually  (Every January Prorata)

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6




Hiring Date

First Fees Revision

Second Fees Revision

Fees Revision Thereafter

1st July 2022

1st Jan 2023

1st Jan 2024


1st March 2022

1st September 2022

1st Jan 2023 (Pro-Rata)


1st September 2022

1st March 2023

1st Jan 2024(Pro-Rata)



Launch of Client Panel : Dedicated One Point Access

We are pleased to introduce our dedicated one-point access platform that provides comprehensive access to all offshore staff details and essential resources. With this platform, you can efficiently manage various aspects of your offshore team and operations:

  • Staff Details: Access comprehensive information about all your offshore staff members, including their profiles, contact information etc.
  • Invoices: Easily view and manage invoices.
  • Time and Task Review: Keep track of the hours worked by each staff member and review the progress of their assigned tasks.
  • Staff-Related Reports: Generate and access reports related to staff performance, productivity, and other key metrics to make informed decisions. (This is in the pipeline and coming soon)
  • Available Staff for Hire: Explore the profiles of skilled offshore professionals who are available for hire, making it easier to expand and strengthen your offshore team when needed.
  • All Resources: Find all the necessary resources and documentation required for onboarding new offshore staff seamlessly to Expanding Offshore Team: Obtain guidance and resources for expanding your offshore team, including best practices, tips, and support from our team.

Our dedicated one-point access platform is designed to streamline your offshore staff management, reduce administrative burden, and enhance collaboration. With all essential information and resources readily available, we are in the process to add more features and information in the coming time and make it available to you.

Mitigating Experience Hiring Challenges : 

Challenges: - 

  • The skills and experience vary for each profile. This staff member is usually hired for supervisory roles or senior work roles.
  • Some of these staff members (not all) will come from Big 4 and Large accounting firms so they may have deep experience of a particular area only.
  • This staff member shall be available around the year and full-time role only (Not for Temp Needs)
  • Fees shall be from $18/hour to $50/hour depending on experience.
  • Staffing Time from confirmation of hiring shall be about 45 to 75 days. (Depending on how much time the existing company would take to relieve them). We may not have someone available on the bench mostly.
  • This profile is available on very high salaries so we need to be thoughtful while hiring. We will be offering them once you confirm.
  • They may be available for WFO or WFH setup depending upon their need. (But we will let you know in advance). (As a policy we don’t allow WFH unless approved by the client)
  • Typically we offer this profile only to clients who have an existing team of at least 3 or more offshore staff with us.
  • Also two more perils in staffing with experience profile. First, even after accepting the offer we have seen staff not joining sometimes (either they are retained by existing employers or they found a better opportunity and took that). The second one is that the attrition is very high in this experience bracket because they have options. We have to continue to make an effort to retain them. So we need to carefully plan and hire these profiles.

Solutions :

  • Allow WFH/Hybrid working for staff members in selective cases. A lot of Big 4 and Large firms offer such flexibility. In fact Big 4 and Large firms work timings in India from 10 am to 6.30 pm India time. (We still prefer staff to have crossover time of at least 2 to 3 hours)
  • When there is a need for a Level 4 position, hiring a Level 2/3 staff member can be a suitable choice. Similarly, for a Level 5/6 role, hiring a Level 4 staff member is recommended. However, Hire Qualified Chartered Accountant or CPA/EA Pursuing Candidate with at least 1 or 2 subjects cleared so they will be able to catch up faster for the Next Level in the role. Additionally, appointing an "Accelerator" or “Technical Manager “with 6+ years of experience to work closely with the staff member, will help them catch up to the next level more efficiently/quickly than usual, providing valuable guidance and support along the way. This approach accelerates their growth and ensures they are equipped to take on higher-level responsibilities effectively.
  • Each Level 4 and 5 staff member should be hired with the objective of working in supervisory or lead roles. They can then be assigned 3 to 5 additional staff members of the Level 1/2/3 category to manage effectively, fostering a supportive and productive team dynamic. This approach ensures that they are not limited to basic preparation or data input tasks but can take on more significant responsibilities.
  • Establishing personal relationships with offshore staff can identify who can handle more work, complex tasks, and lead the offshore team. This will help you in taking offshoring in Next Phase.
  • The onshore team struggles with accepting offshore staff in superior roles. Therefore, it's recommended to avoid such situations.

Important Hiring & Onboarding Considerations: 

  • For Level 4+ positions, we cannot hold senior candidates on the bench. They are free to explore other opportunities on a first-come, first-served basis with us as well as otherwise. If you offer them and they accept that’s where we should be able to close them.
  • For Level 1 to 3 positions, we can reserve prospective hires for approximately 1 week after their interview to give ample time for decision-making. However, if confirmation is not received within this period, the candidates will be made available for other clients to consider, ensuring efficient resource allocation and timely hiring processes. This approach allows us to maintain agility in staffing while providing clients sufficient time to assess potential candidates.

AI Education is Mandatory to All our Staff members.

As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we have made AI education mandatory for all staff members, recognizing the transformative impact AI will have on every industry, including ours. Each team member will undergo comprehensive training, starting with Chat GPT and general AI education.

Stronger Ties between India and the US:-

The strengthening of relations between India and the USA serves as a foundation for collaboration and growth. The relationship between the two nations has fostered numerous opportunities for business, trade, and cultural exchange. As we continue to operate in this global landscape, these enduring bonds open doors for innovation and progress, enabling us to serve you better in an interconnected world. Read More

Hiring Specially Abled Staff Members.

We are proud to announce our commitment to diversity and inclusion by aiming to hire 50 specially-abled individuals by December 23. These talented individuals will join our team at the Level 1 category, and our dedicated Technical Manager will provide necessary support for their success. We believe in fostering an inclusive work environment and look forward to embracing their unique skills and perspectives.

The process for hiring specially-abled individuals will involve three steps:

  • Step 1: We will hire them and provide them with the required training.
  • Step 2: We will request our clients to conduct interviews and consider hiring them for their projects.
  • Step 3: To support this initiative, we will offer a 20% discount over our current pricing, ensuring these staff members are available at cost without any profit margin. Typically, we staff specially-abled individuals at Level 1 categories.

By taking these steps, we aim to promote diversity, empower specially-abled individuals, and create a workplace where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

Being Transparent and Advance in Terms of Warning Issuance to Staff, Their Violation, Attitude, Resignation etc.

Managing a large workforce of approximately 3000 staff members comes with challenges, including issues related to staff behavior and policy violations. While we strive to address concerns through warnings and interventions, in cases of persistent severe violations, parting ways may become necessary. We prioritize transparency with our valued clients and will inform them in advance about any severe warnings or negative conduct issues to ensure open communication and uphold our company's culture. Protecting our company's culture remains our top priority throughout these processes.

Events and Celebrations @ Entigrity

We recently hosted a series of engaging events this month, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and vibrant company culture.

  • New Office Inauguration: Entigrity is expanding with a new branch in Lucknow, India. Lucknow's rich cultural heritage and modernity perfectly complement our commitment to exceptional service and cutting-edge technology. Our new office space in Lucknow city is about 2000+ square feet and includes a seating capacity of 50+ employees and a spacious workstation for great productivity. Here’s a glimpse of our Lucknow office.
  • Entigrity Badminton Tournament: we recently held the Badminton Tournament within our company this month. It was a fantastic event that brought our team together for a fun-filled and competitive experience. Watch Highlights here.