What do we do ?

We have been working with 550+ CPAs, accounting & tax firms and have helped them build offshore teams. The pandemic has really accelerated the acceptance and adaptability towards offshoring. We have staffed 1200+ qualified and experienced professionals for all the positions in an accounting firm.

Our objective

  • Build strong relationship with CPAs, Accounting Firms owners.
  • Directly connect with accounting community.
  • Help them to grow their accounting firm with education
  • Create a noise in the industry
  • Establish your own personal BRAND.

For whom?

We are always looking forward to connecting with the Accounting community and helping them with relevant content, trending topics, industry education, etc. For this, we partner with many

Accounting Influencers



Accounting firm owners

Thought leaders

Podcast host


Industry Experts

Anyone who wants to build their personal brand via sharing their knowledge in accounting industry.

Our Virtual Events

We created the virtual events as a way to Collaborate with each other and GROW together.

Let’s Collaborate
Accountant Showcase
Cross website posting

Mastermind Program

This is for about an hour. For the first 25 to 30 minutes it’s about presentation and for the next 30 minutes, floors would be open for Q&A, discussion, feedback sessions. etc It’s more like an interactive workshop where people would share their camera and come online. As we have partnered with myCPE we would be able to issue CPE credits for the same.

Format of Mastermind

  • You will have 25-30 minutes of the slot for your interview.
  • No need to create any decks.
  • Chris Rivera will be your moderator for the conference. ( Chris - Director Of Client Relations at Entigrity )
  • He will introduce you, and interview you.

Virtual Conferences

Mini Conferences

  • The total duration of the conference is 2 hours.
  • 30 minutes of the slot for each speaker.
  • Total 4 slots.
  • No Breaks

Macro Conferences

  • The total duration of the conference is 5 hours.
  • 30 minutes of the slot for each speaker.
  • Total 9 slots.
  • 2 Breaks. ( 15 min each )

Mega Conferences

  • The total duration of the conference is 8 hours
  • 30 minutes of the slot for each speaker.
  • Total 9 slots.
  • 3 Breaks. ( 30 min, 15-min, 15 min )

What do you need to create for the conference?

  • Create a presentation ( a Deck )
  • A minimum of two polling questions. ( Add these polling questions in your slide/deck)
  • After you create the presentation send one copy to us as a handout.

Format of Conference

  • You will have 30 minutes of the slot for your topic.
  • You will run the presentation from your side.
  • Chris Rivera will be your moderator for the conference. ( Chris - Director Of Client Relations at Entigrity )
  • He will introduce you then take it away!
  • Chris will launch the polling question whenever you require them.


We are running our own CPE accredited webinar series for our clients’ “Offshore Staffing Challenges and Beyond.” This webinar is not a regular webinar, it would be an interactive free-flowing discussion around concerns and opportunities with offshore staffing. Exclusively for our existing clients accounting firms.

Format of Webinars

  • You will have 55 minutes of presentation and 5 min of Q&A with 3 polling questions.
  • You will run the presentation.
  • Chris Rivera will moderate the webinar( Chris - Director Of Client Relations at Entigrity )

#BKOT ( Podcast )

#BKOT (Build a Kick-Ass Offshore Team) is a podcast that we do every month and have produced more than 40 Episodes.

Here we connect with influencers and thought leaders within the accounting community whose target audience is of the same. We value these influencers and spokespersons endorsing us and has established our credibility with our clients. The idea is to get exposure to our audience and able to establish your brand. Enable potential clients to be educated about the resources in combating the #1 challenge of finding quality staff. Matt Solomon is doing it and Tyler Clark has as well!

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Format of Podcast

We invite industry leaders and experts on the podcast so that they can share their stories and share insights on their success journey! It is more of a conversation since it will run for no more than 30 minutes. We’ll handle the marketing and publish it on our social media handles/channel and in aggregate may have about 2000 to 2500 views/impressions/engagements

Accounting Showcase

It’s a series covering success stories of the everyday accountant and their journey. Sharing their background and how they built their firm. Again more of a conversation here including topics like -

  1. Challenges faced by your firm.
  2. Coping with technology and changing regulations
  3. You can provide 1 quick expert tip for the prospective audience.
  4. Your thoughts on the sccounting profession’s future
  5. Thoughts on building offshore teams and its future
  6. Personal/professional ‘rapid fire.’
  7. Anything else the accountant would like to discuss
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Format of Accounting Showcase

It wouldn’t be a deep-dive discussion or have a fixed format, but it would be a 15-minute chat which will be edited and shortened to an 8-10 minute video.

We’ll handle the marketing and publish it on our social media handles/channel and in aggregate may have about 2000 to 2500 views/impressions/engagement We have successfully done 30+ episodes of our YouTube series #BKOT and several other webinars/masterminds.

Our Expectation from you

  • Title and description on the topic with a couple key takeaways
  • Bio and photo of the speaker
  • Your company logo, about with contact details
  • Social Media: You’ll be provided with some graphic cards to use when sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. We’d like as many people as possible to hear your inspiring story!
  • Pictures and links: You will be asked to provide a few pictures of yourself for the virtual event show page and a short video of about 1-minute inviting accountants to this conference.
  • Invitation sent on LinkedIn to all connections
  • Email campaign to your database
  • Cross website promotion: we can promote accounting industry-related content/authored articles on each other's websites

Thought Leaders who support us

Martin Moll,

Founder, Breakaway Bookkeeping & Advising

Sia Kal,

Managing Partner, FY USA

Katie Thomas,

Owner, Leaders Online

Rob Nixon,

Founder, Profitable Partner

Ryan Lazanis,

CPA, Founder, Future Firm

Erik Solbakken, CPA

Creator, Accountant Success Formula

Michael Rozbruch

Founder, Michael Rozbruch’s Tax and Business Solution

Laura Bechard

CEO & Business Growth Advisor, Pro Vision Business Advisors

How we can Help?

Let us know if you're open to a conversation, about the many ways organizations have used us to bring real value to their people.

Contact information

Feel free to message us if you have any questions. we look forward to talking with you soon!