Why Dedicated Offshore Office Model

Normal Offshore Hiring Options (OHO) v/s DOO

Decide Compensation of Staff Members
Give Additional Bonuses
Give Additional Leaves
Send US Staff here for Longer Time
Hire Experienced Talent
Hire Diversified Talent
Better Connect with Team
Better Employee Retention
Firm’s own Events, Awards, Gifts etc
Hybrid Working Policy.
Remote Working Flexibility
Determining Your Own HR Policies
Freedom in Hiring & Firing
Flexibility with Timings

About DOO

Dedicated Offshore Office (DOO) is usually for our existing clients who have already built a team of at least 10 offshore staff members with us. That’s when we typically suggest the client to make a switch to the DOO model from our conventional offering Dedicated Offshore Hiring (DOH) model. The objective here is to have :

  • Better control and connect with staff.
  • More freedom in hiring, retaining and managing a team.
  • Have your own culture and policies.
  • Diversify Hiring and Expand Sr. Level Hiring.


Operational Offices


Offices In Pipeline


Offshore Staff


Accounting Firm Clients


SQ. FT. Occupied


SQ. FT. In Pipeline


Cities Covered


Cities in Pipeline

Pricing & Options

(This is sample calculation in different scenarios, actual terms may vary)

No. of Staff 15 25 50 100 150 200
Fees/Week $3,200 $4,500 $8,750 $16,500 $24,000 $31,000
Minimum Tenure
(No. of Years)
1.5 - 3 Yrs 1.5 - 3 Yrs 1.5 - 3 Yrs 1.5 - 3 Yrs 1.5 - 3 Yrs 1.5 - 3 Yrs
Suitable for Firm Size 5 - 75 75 - 100 101 - 150 201 - 300 301 - 500 500+
  • Fixed Management Fees is per week.
  • Firm Size by No. of Employees
  • Yearly Fees Revision shall be 6%.
  • Actual pricing may vary (Depending on Space and No. of Staff)
  • For sample Calculation Management Fees Ranges from $160 to $180/Staff Weekly.
  • Minimum Tenure would be from 1.5 to 3 Years.
  • 2 Months of Expense Paid in Advance.
  • Usually 6 Month Fees is Taken as Refundable Deposit.
  • Usually we provide our owned office space for stability. (No Rental Space)


(Following services shall be included as a part of our management fees)

Office & Infrastructure

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Office Administration

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Recruitment Support

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Accounting & Processing

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HR Support

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IT Setup

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Learning & Development

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Diversified Hiring

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Data Security & Privacy

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IT Support (Ongoing)

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Expenses Billed on Actuals

(Expenses Invoiced to you on Actual basis Monthly)

  • Payroll/Salaries/Bonus/Leave Encashments as Actuals

  • Other Expenses (Beyond the scope mentioned above) (View Sample Expenses)

  • Usually we keep 2 months of Expenses in working capital as advance

Own Your Own (OYO) v/s DOO

(Going and setting up office on your own (OYO) v/s DOO with Entigrity)

Compliance Challenges
Hiring Challenges
Exposure to Litigation
Office Management
IT Challenges
Hiring Beyond Traditional Roles
Learning & Development
Local Challenges
Attracting Talent
Retaining Talent
Extended Journey
HR Challenges
Cybersecurity Concerns

Why Partner with Entigrity ?

Focus on Core

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Reach and Partnerships

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Learning & Development

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Our Infrastructure & Offices

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Domain Expertise

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No Poach

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Hiring Beyond Accounting Roles

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No Compliances

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Best Quality Team

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Our Offices

Industry We Cater To

Only Accounting Firms

Getting Started

  • Interested in DOO

  • Sign up

    • Finalising Terms
    • Signing Agreement
    • Receipt of Deposit
  • Office Finalisation & Hiring

    • Hiring starts
    • Existing staff will move from OHO
    • Office getting ready
  • Office Starts & Hiring Continues

    • 60 - 90 Days from Sign up
    • Move into new office
    • Working as DOO starts

Frequently Asked Questions

No, We will continue to be a 1099 contractor. You still continue to pay our US entity. It’s just our billing system changes.

Overall it would reduce your cost by 10% to 20%, compared to the normal offshoring model (OHO). This is also assuming that you don’t include the refundable deposit as a cost.

As always, you will address your payments to Entigrity and we will be carrying out their distribution in accordance with the legal principles of the land, i.e., India. We will be charging you a Weekly Management Fee which will be a fixed amount. Any expenses incurred that go beyond the scope of the weekly fee will have to be reimbursed by you accordingly. Naturally, we will be providing you with all the necessary invoices and receipts pertaining to the said expenses. All in all, you will be sent two invoices every week, one for the Weekly Management Fee and the other for any unanticipated expenses related to your offshore staff/team. Typically, once we start the contract, we make sure that we have a minimum of 60 days or two months of expenses available in advance before we send you the invoices. However, after the initial period, once we start the engagement, we would need you to at least provide an advance on the Expenditure Reimbursement Account so as to avoid any delays.

Lock-in periods establish a set period wherein you will exclusively deal with Entigrity for all your staffing needs. With regards to the DOO model, considering the overall investment put in from your ends and ours, we require you to sign a contract for a minimum of three years for the agreement to come into effect. This is also a reason why we prefer to enter into a DOO agreement with our long term clients. However, if you are a new client looking to transition into this type of contract and agree to commit towards a long term offshoring solution, we will be happy to discuss this with you

In 8 years of our working so far their has not been a single case of claim of data breach. However we do have Professional Liability Coverage for Indian and US entity and Cyber Insurance for both Indian and US entity as well. Upon request, we shall be able to provide you with a copy of the same.

Yes. We do have the necessary clauses on data protection and client confidentiality in our agreement. We have made sure to incorporate many security measures in our offices and in our softwares and IT set up. However, as the model of DOO gives clients the ability to formulate their own rules regarding security and data protection, if there is any breach or violation within the parameters of those modified rules, it will fall beyond the scope of Entigrity’s liability.

Under the DOO model, you can only hire staff full-time. So you naturally will not be able to hire anyone part time or change your preferences halfway through.

Yes. You can terminate your staff any time you wish. However, in such an event, you are required to provide them a notice period of two months wherein they will be working for you and obtaining payment for their services. Similarly, if your staff has resigned from their job, they will be required to put in a notice period of two months as well. At Entigrity, every employee we hire is liable to work with us for a minimum of two years. Hoever, if we wish to terminate their contract before the stipulated period, we can do so provided they are allowed to complete a notice period of two months.

The term non-solicitation, which has been included in our agreement, means that during the term of the Agreement and for ten years after that, your firm cannot directly or indirectly transact or work with our employees. You will not authorize or direct any person to solicit, induce, recruit, encourage or poach our employees or past employees of our Company and/or our Affiliates for any work whatsoever. This clause will stand even if a staff member directly works with you and is dedicated to you.

Yes. Suggested language changes can be brought up to our legal team. We do not promise the implementation of all suggested changes. However, you can be assured that all your suggestions will be thoroughly considered and reviewed. In case of any update on terms of engagement post signing we shall be notifying you the same by email.

Many of our existing clients have done the switch from a OHO model to a DOO model. It can be done in the following simple steps -

  • a. Upon receival of the DOO amount, Execute a DOO model according to the agreement wherein existing OHO staff member/s will be transferred to the DOO location upon moving in of the team.
  • b. Entigrity will execute the agreement and set up the office space for the dOO. In addition to that, they will also expand on hiring more staff for the DOO.
  • c. The transition to DOO takes typically 90 days which we will aim to complete all requisites within that period.

No, You are not responsible for any compliances in India.

Your firm and onshore team members will be better connected and have more freedom when it comes to managing your offshore team members.

There will be a dedicated recruiter appointed to fulfill your hiring needs. The recruiter will consult with a designated staff member in your firm to formulate the perfect JD for the roles you are looking to hire. Our recruiter will then source suitable candidates for a pre-interview test. The test could be the standard test we have in place for recruiting at Entigrity or, if you wish to incorporate a test of your own, we can use that as well. Post the test, we will be shortlisting candidates for the next stage which is the interview. The interview will be conducted by you from the list of resumes of the shortlisted candidates who passed the pre-interview test. Once the candidate is finalized, further negotiations, offer and closing, onboarding, etc will be carried out by us at Entigrity. The DOO model clearly offers much more room to experiment and customize the entire hiring process for your offshore team.

DOO functionalities resemble an arm of your firm rather than an independent body. Therefore, its structure often resembles the anatomy of the client organization. Yet, some key workers are indispensable. It's important to build a core team of senior professionals and always hire that one senior professional for the responsibility of the overall operations of the venture.

If you wish to provide remote working opportunities for your offshore staff, you are free to do so. However, it is to be noted that this will not reflect in any way whatsoever on the weekly management fee stipulated within the agreement.

Hiring senior professionals requires giving them a higher compensation as well. So from both the client’s perspective and that of Entigrity’s, it more often than not, leads to a financial loss. Thus, we prefer hiring individuals with mid-range experience. However, in the DOO model, you have the flexibility to hire senior professionals as per your requirement.

The best thing the DOO model offers you is the freedom to make the offshore team of your dreams. You can experiment and mix and match with hiring for a number of accounting and non-accounting roles. With Entigrity’s brand and industry network you can hire the perfect staff for any role you wish. This means you can think beyond hiring solely for accounting and tax positions and further delve into hiring for roles such as investment bankers, transactionary advisors, CFO’s, merger and acquisition advisory and other senior level positions as well.

Yes, usually all the existing offshore staff members will be migrated to the new office under the DOO model.

India’s ecosystem is evolving. Post the pandemic, there has been a growing urge among the working population to return to offices. Moreover, in tier-2 cities of the country which are comparatively less developed than the metropolitan cities, employee retention is high. Both these factors are beneficial for the purpose of offshore staffing and thus, we have engaged our focus primarily on the development and expansion of our offices.

Yes, your onshore staff can travel and work with you. As it's the dedicated office for your offshore team, you are free to travel and work with your team and personally train and onboard them. Typically that's what is being done initially and from time to time after that. We would happy to make arrangements for the logistics and bookings for your trip.

Transparency and flexibility are something we have always offered our clients, and the DOO model extends towards providing our clients the freedom to customize the policies related to offshore staff. If you wish to add any additional perks or introduce any other changes without disregarding the core fundamentals of the current policy, you are welcome to present them to us.

Definitely yes! Entigrity will always be there to guide and assist in any way possible. We can help to get you set up but for you to get the most out of the DOO model you should consider implementing the policies you currently have in place for your onshore team to your offshore team.

This will help to mold the culture of the offshore team to match your firm's.

Entigrity takes the responsibility for all kinds of business compliances whether it pertaining to the HR, Taxation, Administrative or Finance departments. We are committed toward providing the best staffing services in the market that are dedicated to you. Whatever strategy or policies we design we intend for them to always be in compliance with laws of the land.

All policies pertaining to the recruitment, retention, and overall welfare of the staff and its overall functioning at Entigrity are compliant with the legal provisions relating to them. Utmost care is undertaken by everyone party to it, to ensure that not a single act or policy in the company is non-compliant to the country’s laws. Keeping that in mind, we, as always, are committed to working hard in providing you with the best staffing service in the industry.