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10 Best Practices of Working With Remote Staff

Entigrity has revolutionized hiring for accounting firms by its remote staffing solution and has helped accounting firms accessing global talent. This ebook is an attempt to articulate our experience of working with accounting firms and listing the best practices of working with a remote staff.

8 Reasons Why Remote Staffing is Better Than Outsourcing

At times, both outsourcing and remote staffing are misunderstood as being one and the same thing while they are actually way too different. This ebook presents to you how remote staffing is not just different but also better than outsourcing.

10 Best Practices to Enhance Cyber Security For Accounting Firms

We all live in a world which is networked together, thus network protection is not an optional extra but a necessity for small & mid-sized accounting firms who deal with the sensitive client data. This ebook is an attempt to explain the importance of cyber security.

Best Tools For Remote Working

Lots of new methods and tools have emerged with increasing popularity of remote working. They are convenient as well as secure. This e-book contains the list of few tools which have gained more popularity and trust of users more than the others.

Save $26,000 to $60,000 Per Employee

Increasing cost of hiring employees is a matter of concern for all industries inclusing Accounting. Benefits, infrastructure and additional overheads also do not help by any means. Remote Staffing can still help you save huge without compromising quality of hires.

How Small Accounting Firms Can Collaborate Online To Build Gloabal Teams

Collaborating online and getting things done as and when required is one of the many great thing remote staffing can provide. This ebook highlights how Small Accounting Firms can now collaborate online, and build successful Global teams.

How To Build Remote Team

A remote team is not a cakewalk to build and coordinate. We as a remote staffing company for accounting fraternity have seen many accountants attempt and suffer. It is not that difficult too, given the right techniques of remote team building are used.

Tasks That Can Be Done By Remote Team

Like any other in-office or a local staff a remote staff is also an asset to the company. If used efficiently he can perform almost every task that a local staff can do. We present this ebook that will answer the question about what tasks can a remote employee do and what he can’t.

2019 Pre Tax Season Checklist

This eBook contains checklist as reference for accounting professionals who will bear the burden of organizing documents as required to be filled in, and filed with the IRS during the Tax Season.

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