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10 Best Practices of Working with Remote Staff

10 Best Practices of Working With Remote Staff

Entigrity has revolutionized hiring for accounting firms by its remote staffing solution and has helped accounting firms accessing global talent. This ebook is an attempt to articulate our experience of working with accounting firms and listing the best practices of working with a remote staff.
Remote Staffing Better than Outsourcing

8 Reasons Why Remote Staffing is Better Than Outsourcing

At times, both outsourcing and remote staffing are misunderstood as being one and the same thing while they are actually way too different. This ebook presents to you how remote staffing is not just different but also better than outsourcing.
Cyber security for Accounting firms

10 Best Practices to Enhance Cyber Security For Accounting Firms

We all live in a world which is networked together, thus network protection is not an optional extra but a necessity for small & mid-sized accounting firms who deal with the sensitive client data. This ebook is an attempt to explain the importance of cyber security.

What Our Clients Say

Entigrity is a great agency, so is their Remote Staff. My resource is not just productive but very communicative too. I get daily updates and as soon as there is a concern or issue, he informs me. In addition, I really appreciate that besides our account manager the key management guys too call me to check if everything was running smooth.”

Erich ZielonkaERICH ZIELONKA, CPA, LBO Accountancy

“Our team of Remote Staff hired from Entigrity has become an integral part of our organization. Each of the Remote Employees is technically sound; they caught up with our firm’s work in no time, practically without any training. Our communication, work flow as well as task management are quite smooth. I highly recommend them.”

Stacy A. Sand, CPA, PC, Sand Tax & Accounting

“Entigrity is indeed a company with great people and amazing ethics. My person is an expert at whatever I assign him and does fantastic work each day.”

JOSEPH FRAGNOLI, CPA, PC, Fragnoli & Company

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