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“I was quite apprehensive initially when I heard about with Entigrity but then decided to give remote staffing a chance. I am pretty impressed with the swift onboarding and working methods. Economical costs of hiring an offshore remote staff was something which pleased us particularly. I really like the staff who work for us and is very much inclined to hire more whenever there is a requirement”

Jim Adkinson - CPAJim Adkinson, CPA, President, Adkinson CPA

“I got to interview quality candidates before hiring and shortlisted three. They were all very qualified candidates and were very helpful to our office when all other staff were on vacation. The selection was easy and it has been really easy to communicate via Skype or email. I thought they could be or otherwise used for backup but they have turned out to be a mainstream team doing a lot of important work. It has helped me feel truly supported”

Nury Gomez, CEO, Founder Accounting Breeze LLC

“After attending Entigrity’s webinar on remote staffing for accountants, I realized we could save thousands of Dollars every year through them and never heard negative about them. Honestly, since the day I have signed up I got quality people and of course at one fourth salaries, what else can you ask for. It’s really very easy, and things like how it will work or what clients will think or security concerns are just myths. Way to go!”

Shawn Thomas, CPA, Babylon New York

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