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Information Security


Physical Infrastructure


People, Process and Physical Infrastructure:

Our organization’s credibility has been built upon three pillars of strength – People, Process and Physical Infrastructure. All these three are interdependent upon the others and have played the most important role into our success story.

Our people are qualified, experienced and above all dedicated to keep the confidentiality intact, always. Our processes are guided by stringent policies of data and information security that is certified by ISO 27001 standards. Our Physical Infrastructure ensures smooth workflow and maintain optimum level of safety at handling every sensitive information.


  • Dedicated IT Team for Constant Monitoring

  • Responsible & Dependable Employees

  • Employee Pool with Deep Knowledge of US Accounting

  • Experience on Major Accounting Software


  • Employees Hired After Due Background/Reference Checks

  • Robust Policies to Safeguard Client Data

  • Non-Disclosure Contract at Employment Commencement

  • Paperless Operations

Physical Infrastructure

  • 3 Offshore Offices [2 in Ahmedabad, 1 in Mumbai]

  • 50000 sq ft Office Space

  • Dedicated Training Infrastructure

  • High Speed Lease Line and Data Transfers

  • Twin Screen Workstations, Webcams, Microphones, Latest Windows OS

  • Dedicated Web Phones with US Phone Numbers

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

Hardware Level Security
  • Highly Secured Lenovo Servers
  • Daily Data Backup

  • Disabled USB and Data Transfer Devices

Software Level Security
  • Limited Internet Access

  • Restricted Social Media and Personal emails

  • Strong Firewalls and 256 bit SSL encryption


ENTIGRITY is an ISO 27001 certified organization. ISO 27001 is the top standard for Information Security Management System defining a suite of activities for management of information security risks. Entigrity has policies and framework imbibed in its culture and practice to identify and effectively manage security and information risks ensuring fulfillment of its commercial, contractual and legal obligations.

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What Our Clients Say

“I am very pleased with my remote team that I from Entigrity. Earlier my practice used to manage me, now I manage my practice. It is only a myth that only tech savvy accounting firms can use remote staffing; instead, smaller firms like ours which are not completely paperless can also take the same benefits”

CPA JACK OWENS, President, J.E.Owens & Company

“Entigrity is a great agency, so is their Remote Staff. My resource is not just productive but very communicative too. I get daily updates and as soon as there is a concern or issue, he informs me. In addition, I really appreciate that besides our account manager the key management guys too call me to check if everything was running smooth.”

Erich Zielonka ERICH ZIELONKA, CPA, LBO Accountancy

“Staffing and managing human resource are major challenges to the developed world, especially in accounting industry where it becomes more difficult to retain quality staff. I am absolutely pleased with Entigrity’s simple and transparent process of hiring remote staff. I have personally visited to their delivery center and quite impressed with the client information security protocols implemented by Entigrity”

Testimonial Entigrity- Kalpesh DesaiKalpesh Desai, President, KNAV CPA

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