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Flexible Hiring Options

At Entigrity, we understand all task requirements in an accounting firm, and also know the seasonality and sporadic nature of your work. That is why our hiring options have been carved just the way so that they should fit according to your work requirements and hiring needs. You can choose any of the options out of full-time, part-time, seasonal, or even on-demand options. Whatever your requirements are, we will completely support them.

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Seasonal
  • On Demand

Client Recommendation

CPA firm in San Diego wrote an email to one of our prospective client about their experience. It would insightful for you to read what they wrote.

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"Skype calls are the key to interview your staff and get them trained. Once they ramp up, the calls drop way off. When we speak to our teams now, it is really only just to say hi and talk to them personally. They really do feel like family. We genuinely care for them and their families. Most coaching is now by email."

"We quickly grew to about 6-7 tax pros and 3 bookkeepers. sWe have an entire full-time team over there now and it is amazing."

Pricing Chart

Communication Skills
Junior(1-2 Yrs) Mid-Senior(3-5 Yrs) Senior(5+ Yrs)
Hours/Week 20 $11 $12 - $15 NA
40 $10 $11 - $14 $16 - $20
Communication Skills
Junior(1-2 Yrs) Mid-Senior(3-5 Yrs) Senior(5+ Yrs)
Hours/Week 20 $13 $14 - $17 NA
40 $12 $13 - $16 $18 - $22

Client Testimonials


  • Chance of happening such a thing is very unlikely because a person is selected only after personally interviewing and checking eligibility by the client himself. However, in a rare scenario, if you wish not to continue working with staff already working for you, we will replace him/her. This process may take a maximum of 30 days.

  • Our hourly rates start at $10/hour depending upon a few factors
  • The requirement of skillset and experience level.
  • Hiring model.
  • whether you would like to go with the engagement model of offshore staffing or outsourcing option.

  • We have a system of the weekly billing cycle.

  • At the time of signup, it can be done online, or else you may print send statements with the corresponding timesheets. On a usual basis, we send weekly bills and debit accordingly. We intimate beforehand about the charges,

  • We have a very flexible hiring model and this works for all sizes of public accounting firms. According to the requirement of clients that specifies for how long and how many hours per week does he need a staff, there are many options to choose from, such as, Permanent, Temporary, Seasonal, Full-Time, Part-Time, etc.

  • Yes, Entigrity provides a temporary hiring option. In fact, Entigrity’s hiring models are flexible to suit all the needs of accounting firms of all sizes.

  • No there is no minimum commitment period for a particular staff. Although there is a minimum contract of 3 months association (with Entigrity) in case of temporary and 6 months for a permanent hiring option, however, in a very unlikely event of a client not willing to continue work with selected staff, then we replace him at a notice period of maximum 30 days. This does not involve any fees.

  • Normal shift/work timing for full-time staff is 4 am to 1 pm EST (inclusive of 30 minutes of meal break and 15 min for coffee break). This allows for 3-4 hours of overlap between your office timings and the staff working for you. Please note that since they start work at 4 am, so you may assign work in the evening and meanwhile you come to the office in the morning, most of the work is done. However, these timings can be made flexible and matched according to your office hours, but that might cost you extra, as such staff needs to be paid midnight allowances and other facilities.

  • It takes anywhere between 7 – 30 days to get staff on board and start working for you, This time variance depends on the availability and the skillset required in a candidate as specified by a client.

  • NO, We proceed with the interviews after signup, here your interview and test the candidate to check for his/her experience and qualifications before finally hiring. This can take at most 30 days. After this time, in an unlikely case if you do not find any suitable candidates you can inform us and ask to cancel the agreement. We would refund the deposit and the agreement will stand canceled.

  • Yes. Soon after the agreement signup, we provide the client with resumes of such candidates who match the criteria specified by him. At the client’s preferred time we arrange for the video interviews (and online tests if required). This whole process is transparent and conducted in order to let our client choose the best person according to requirements.

  • Our internal HR and hiring process is very rigorous so that we qualify as best at the expectation of our clients.
  • We carefully screen the resumes of the applicants and conduct background/reference checks upon the shortlisted candidates.
  • This is followed by Technical and HR rounds of interviews.
  • There are other aptitude tests too which include typing speed & accuracy, English speaking & writing skills, and technical test in relevant fields.
  • This is how we create our own candidate pool before we share the resumes with potential clients. Apart from that, we have a signed agreement with each candidate which assures long term association with us as well as a pledge to keep office data confidential.

  • Yes, there is a free look in the period that begins as the agreement is signed and is valid until the next 20 days. In this duration, we search for the befitting candidates according to the client's requirements. Although this is highly improbable, in case if we could not present you with candidates within this duration you are free to cancel the agreement and ask for a 100% refund of the deposit paid at signup. However, once a candidate has been selected within this time, you cannot exercise this.

  • The attrition rate at Entigrity has been below 10%. Our HR policies are robust, ensuring the least gaps. Whenever a new employee joins, he signs a contract for minimum of 3 years of association. In special circumstances, sometimes we do allow us to leave earlier than that. Also, Entigrity is one of the preferred local employers because of the multiple facilities we provide, including cab, medical insurance, meals at the office, regular recreations, and several other benefits to prolong the employer-employee association.

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