Entigrity to hold annual meet and awards 2019

Entigrity to hold annual meet and awards 2019
  • Jack Anderson
  • 30 Apr

Entigrity to hold annual meet and awards 2019

Team entigrity is excited to announce the annual meet for the year 2019. We are going to have our Annual Meet on April 20th 2019. Like every year, as the busy tax season ends in the United States, it’s the time for team Entigrity to have the annual meet and awards ceremony. For all this time we have been pretty much busy and highly occupied due to ongoing tax season.

But as the April 15 deadline passes by, there’s a slight relief for us. This is the time every year when we meet and discuss how we did in the past year, our strengths, lackings and everything that will help in the future to build ourselves better in the coming times.

The annual meet of the year 2019 is going to be different and huge in a lot many ways.

This year it is anticipated to be the biggest annual meet of all time in Entigrity’s history where all  members of team Entigrity from every other center other than Ahmedabad and even from United States are expected to join.

The annual meet is also the time when we recognize the hard work and efforts done by our team members during the years. So several awards are to be given out to the folks with top performance.

“We are excited to complete yet another successful year and top of all a great tax season.”Said Shawn Parikh, an elated President of the company. He added, “I have not met with the whole team all this while due to busy times, it will really be great to meet and greet them all during the meet.”

We are going to have the much awaited event of the year at Eka Club, Ahmedabad, managed by transstadia and has hosted national and international level events multiple time.

Jack Anderson

Jack is the Head of Strategic Marketing at Entigrity Offshore Staffing with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Tax Accounting, Income Tax, Management, Payroll, and Auditing. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA, Business Adminstration focused in Accounting and Finance from California State University, Fullerton.

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