Summer Night Cricket Season of Entigrity Premier League 2019

Summer Night Cricket Season of Entigrity Premier League 2019
  • Jack Anderson
  • 18 May

Summer Night Cricket Season of Entigrity Premier League 2019

Cricket and the love for this sport in a billion Indian hearts is world renowned and second to none. So much so, that it is not just a sport, but an emotion that’s embedded into every Indian’s heart. That’s why if you find a few enthusiasts saying that cricket is like a religion to them they won’t be exaggerating.

The huge fan following of cricket in India makes her the richest cricketing nation in the world and contributes close to 70% of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) global revenues. Nobody can tell when and how did this love affair start but it is here to stay for long.

As one coveted tournament of cricket, the Indian Premier League came to an end, and the world is bracing up for the quadrennial ICC Cricket world cup, we at Entigrity are ready with our own version of smaller format of the game, the Entigrity Premier League.

Not that we are having this cricket tournament for the first time, but this season is a lot different from the ones we have had in the past. The biggest difference being, we will play all the matches under lights; yes that’s right, it’s a night cricket tournament.

The format of this season is a lot different from the previous ones. Starting with the participation, at 125 players, the enrollment for this season is highest so far, which in itself explains the previous seasons were highly successful. Looking at the upcoming Cricket World Cup fever, this was meant to be but the numbers are still more than what we had anticipated while planning for this season. Honestly, we wanted it to be this way.

We had to form two new different teams added to the six existing ones, team players shuffled, changed the format of player assignment to each team and even renamed one of them. So Bulls, Drake Drake Dragons, QB Kings (now QB Titans), Lacerte Lions, Xero Swordians and UltraTax Panthers are now joined by Proseries Eagles and CCH Champs. They will be divided into two pools and play in round robin format to qualify for the playoffs.

Notably, all the teams are named after the accounting software we use; little work related things at play won’t be bad, isn’t it? Also, our media team had to toil a little and design new logos for each of them. The old ones are now obsolete.

As the teams are now completely shuffled, most of the players from the past season will be playing under new colors and captains. The player auctions in itself was an eventful day and such was the excitement for involvement that our folks gathered to participate in it on a weekend! In all it has been a crazily exciting gala of planning and preparations for our much awaited and (one of the) favorite event of the year. We want to make it more special by inviting the families of the players to cheer them up.

Now that all the pieces are already set, this season already promises to be more entertaining, cheerful and high on sportsmanship & team building than ever before. Let’s see which gem from TEAM ENTIGRITY shines the most and entertains better than every other.

Jack Anderson

Jack is the Head of Strategic Marketing at Entigrity Offshore Staffing with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Tax Accounting, Income Tax, Management, Payroll, and Auditing. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA, Business Adminstration focused in Accounting and Finance from California State University, Fullerton.

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