Team Entigrity Annual Meet and Awards 2019

Team Entigrity Annual Meet and Awards 2019
  • Jack Anderson
  • 30 Apr

Team Entigrity Annual Meet and Awards 2019

For the past few years, it has been our tradition to hold our annual meet on the Saturday following Tax Day in the USA. The year 2019 wasn’t going to be an exception. The much anticipated annual meet for Entigrity Remote Staffing concluded on April 20, 2019.

Even though this tax season has been heavily toiling on all of us, and we have been consistently working for close to 55-60 hours a week… no exaggerations. After having done our best at spending tiring hours giving helping hand to CPAs and EAs back in the USA it was now time to introspect the past year and decide the course for the upcoming year.

The focus areas of the meeting involved a discussion about the achievements of the past year, the future course, new divisions, appraisals, awards and updates in organizational policies. The meeting started with a short video with glimpses from the past, refreshing our memories from the start of Entigrity till the day, that signifies our teamwork and moments of togetherness. That also gave away a little hint of our work culture to the newer recruits who joined in the course. We have grown double in the past year and expect higher exponential growth in the coming year.

Of course, growth and numbers are the most common things that people always expect at such events but CEO, Shalin Parikh emphasized about taking a greater approach that can be instrumental in Entigrity’s growth. The key highlight for this year’s annual meet was the approach that we must have towards our clients. Refreshing you about the past, in 2017 the motto was customer service, in 2018 it was being customer-centric, but for this year it had to be a step further to being “Customer Obsessed”. A big area of concern for every company in the service industry like ours is client retention, and this approach is, of course, going to help us a great deal in doing just that.

Apart from that, it was also the day to acknowledge and reward the hard work and efforts of our valued employees who stood out in their approach to make us proud with their performances. It was heartwarming to hear loud cheers from every member of team Entigrity while their colleagues’ names were called up. Solidarity and team value are imbibed in the culture of Entigrity. Full credits to the team.

We are very much positive that when we organize the next year’s annual meet, we are not just going to have many other divisions opening up under Entigrity’s flagship, but also going to need a much bigger space to accommodate the growing strength of our team.

Until next time… let’s feel more and more positive each day!

Jack Anderson

Jack is the Head of Strategic Marketing at Entigrity Offshore Staffing with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Tax Accounting, Income Tax, Management, Payroll, and Auditing. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA, Business Adminstration focused in Accounting and Finance from California State University, Fullerton.

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