Regular Staffing

The company shall assign you the offshore staff that will be working with you from our office. The assigned offshore staff shall be working under your guidance, as per your direction, and on the task assigned by you. Below is the tentative pricing for the respective role that we may be able to offer you. The actual price will be confirmed in the service confirmation agreement or addendum or over an email.

Associate - Bookkeeping (Bookkeeper)

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Payroll

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - AR/AP

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Billing

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Accounting (Accountant)

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Senior - Accounting (Sr. Accountant)

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Data Analayst

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Manager - Accounting

Experience : 5+ Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Business Valuation

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - CFO Advisory

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Forensic Accounting

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Tax Preprarer (Business)

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Tax Preprarer (Individual)

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Associate - Tax Accountant

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Senior - Tax Accountant

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Supervisor - Tax Review

Experience : 5+ Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - International Tax

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Transfer Pricing

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - State & Local Taxes

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Tax Planning (Business)

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Tax Planning (Individual)

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Tax Resolution

Experience : 3-5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Auditor

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs | Part-Time or Full-Time


Senior - Auditor

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Supervisor - Auditor

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Non - Profits Auditing

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - SOC Audit & Report

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Internal Audit/SOX Audit

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - 401(K) Auditing

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - IFRS Implementation

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - SEC Compliance

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Single Audit

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Non-Profit

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Employee Benefits Plan/Administration

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Virtual Assistant

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Customer Support

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Business Development

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Data Processing

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Transaction Advisory

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Assocaite - Cyber Security & Privacy

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - ERP Implementation

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - IT Consulting

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Associate - Recruitment & Executive Search

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs | Full-Time


Billing and Hiring

  • Weekly Billing shall be done in USD/CA/BP.
  • There are no additional set up fees or charges.
  • Part-Time is 20 hrs/week & Full-Time is 40 hrs/week.

Notice Period for Termination

  • 9 weeks on Profile hired at 1-3 Yrs Experience level
  • 13 weeks on Profile hired at 3-5 Yrs Experience level
  • 17 weeks on Profile hired at 5+ Yrs Experience level

Onboarding Time

  • 3 - 4 weeks on Profile hired at 1-3 Yrs Experience level
  • 4 - 6 weeks on Profile hired at 3-5 Yrs Experience level
  • 5 - 7 weeks on Profile hired at 5+ Yrs Experience level

Temporary Tax Staffing

Temporary staffing is offshore Staffing services available to accounting and tax firms. Typically for their tax season staffing needs where in work load is very high because of the tax season deadline, so they may be able to hire temporary staff for the period of 13 weeks available or more.

Below is the tentative pricing for the respective role that we may be able to offer you. The actual price will be confirmed in the service confirmation agreement or addendum or over an email.

Individual Tax Preparer

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs


Business Tax Preparer

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs


Tax Accountant

Experience : 1 - 3 Yrs


Sr. Tax Accountant

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs

$16 - $20

Tax Reviewer

Experience : 3 - 5 Yrs

$20 - $25

Additional Information:

  • Minimum 13 weeks of billing period.
  • Available to hire 20 hrs/week or 40 hrs/week.
  • Onboarding Time (about 2 to 4 weeks (Approximately)
  • Once started it would be difficult to upgrade from 20 hrs to 40 hrs/week especially in the middle of tax season.
  • Billing would be done on weekly basis.
  • Tax Reviewer positions shall be available only if you have hired 2 or more Temporary staff from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll pay directly to Entigrity as all the employee/offshore staff are on the payroll of Entigrity.

No, we don’t have any lock in periods. However, you need to provide 9 weeks of notice period if you decide to discontnue using offshore staff.

You can go for all Tax positions i.e. Tax Preparers, Tax Accountants & Tax Reviewers.

They have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and 1-5 years of relevant US/Canadian tax experience.

Yes, you can hire seasonal tax staff for 20 hours/week or 40 hours/week.

We are unable to commit because they may be working for other clients at the time. It's advisable to hire full time and assign other tasks too.

It generally takes 2-4 weeks after you sign up.

It is a minimum of 13 straight billing weeks.

We are unable to commit because they may be working for other clients at the time.

Yes, if you like the staff, you can certainly retain them and update us in advance so that we don't commit to any other clients.

No, there are no hidden charges or any kind of setup fees.

Your billing will begin only when you have confirmed the staff and have begun working for you.

It is weekly (Mon-Fri) billing. Every Monday you’ll receive the invoice & Tuesday it will be charged to your account.

You’ll be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager, who will be your go to person, for any service related inqueries.

Here is the video you can watch for the sign up process.

Our resource team will contact you within 24 hours to review your job requirements and outline the following steps in the interview and hiring process.

They have minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and 1-5 years of relevant US or Canadian tax experience.

It is difficult to upgrade from 20 to 40 hours during the season. However, you can check with your account manager if a need arises and we’ll do our best to help you.

To make this work for your firm, you must establish appropriate expectations for the job and the profile, implement correct internal protocols, and establish an onshore anchor who can serve as a point of contact and delegate work to your offshore staff. There are many other best practices which you can follow by referring to the following link

Yes, you can certainly ask your staff for overtime as that depends on their own capacity. You rate remains the same as well!

You will be given additional resumes to choose from in order to choose the appropriate candidate for you. . You're requested to provide the the specific job description early in the process so that our sourcing team can provide you with the most relevant resumes

In that case you just need to inform your account manager and we’ll replace them without interrupting your work.

Entigrity pays for the Indian Holidays and it is at your discretion to either have them work or be off for the American Holidays. As long as youre meeting the minimium billing for that week

  • Here is the list of holidays for year 2022
  • New Year 01-01-2022
  • Makar Sankranti 01-14-2022
  • Makar Sankranti Day-2 01-15-2022
  • Independence Day 07-04-2022
  • Raksha Bandhan 08-11-2022
  • Additional Day 08-12-2022
  • Janmashtami 08-19-2022
  • Diwali 10-24-2022
  • New Year 10-25-2022
  • Christmas 12-25-2022

Yes, you can check with your account manager and based on the availability, you can switch the positions.

You just need to inform your account manager and inform us nine weeks prior to arrange this for you.

Hiring non-accounting profiles allows you to offload your administrative & non-core activities and frees up your time to focus on the core activities of your business.Here is video for more information.

Entigrity is based in the US with its headquarters in Texas. That means you are contracting with a US based company.

You need to provide them offshore access of your system or share information on cloud server.

You will be assigned with an Account Manager during the interview process, he/she will be your go to person.

You will be provided with a daily timesheet, or if you have a task tracking tool, you may use it as well.

They work from 3 AM to 1 PM as per your time zone.

Either they'll work 3 AM to 7 AM or 7AM to 1 PM

They work as per your office time.

Great! After you sign up, our resource team will contact you within 24 hours to help you with the further interview process.

It’s weekly billing.

Your billing will begin only when you have confirmed the staff and have begun working for you.

You can scale up/down working hours on a monthly basis.

You can use any of the communication tools like Zoom, Slack, Blue Jeans, Skype, Google Meet, Teams, etc. as per your convenience.

In exceptional cases they make themselves available but working in a complete night shift invites a lot of health issues and impact quality and productivity of staff. Also, people working in complete night shift tends to leave their job frequently.

Yes, they can join meeting like regular staff members. Also, you should always treat them just 'like your own staff'

An offshore staff member for accounting roles are not typically client-facing roles so if you want to go with communication with your clients is then you should hire a virtual assistant or customer service executive that can help you to communicate with your client. Communication is key in any sort of relationship. Since we are working miles away, It is very important that we evaluate candidates with the right communication skill because we will be interacting with them daily or frequently. There are different communication skill sets required in Accounting and Non-accounting roles. Here is a short video that will give you more insights on how to identify the right candidate for accounting and non-accounting roles

Senior positions are very high in demand and the onboarding period is 4-8 weeks.

Yes, you'll be charged as per 40 hours/week.

The benefit of hiring a full-time employee for the entire year is that you get to keep the same staff that has been trained by your processes and has the experience to work in your firm. It is possible that you will not have enough work to assign to your offshore staff at times, but if an unexpected task arises, you will always have a staff accessible to begin work immediately. Watch this video of one of our client Kim dollin from Somerset.

We charge same hourly rate, no extra charges!

They’re provided with the complete desktop with dual monitors, headphones, high speed internet and relevant software’s as per the needs

We have a reliable sourcing team that seek out candidates with at a minimum a bachelor’s degree and at least 1 year of experience in accounting and Tax(US/UK/CA). We don't hire interns or graduates and all candidates are put through a thorough reference check of their records.

As you know Offshore hiring is a long-term process, before reaching any conclusion give it some time and effort to adapt as per your system the same way as you will do if you hire anyone onshore. Whenever accounting firms come to the conclusion without giving it the required time to adjust, they are on the high jump. However, if you don't like to hire. We have a simple 2 months notice period, within this notice period, you can just close the contract. However, if you want a replacement, we can provide you.

There are no long-term commitments. There is only a 2-month notice period which we are required to pay to the employee. There are no hidden/extra charges.

Absolutely Yes. For the past 8 years, Entigrity has staffed 600+ accounting and tax professionals for CPA & tax firms here in America having knowledge of QBO/QBD, Xero, Drake, Lacerte, Ultratax, Pro series, CCH Axcess,, Jetpack, Gusto, or any other software.

You can switch between 2 positions but that will be a separate agreement, If you want to switch you have to put a notice as well.

Yes. Soon after the agreement sign-up, we provide the client with resumes of such candidates who match the criteria specified by him. We arrange for the video interviews at the client’s preferred time (and online tests if required). This process is transparent and conducted to let our client choose the best person according to requirements.

No, absolutely Not! Just pay by the hour i.e. No. of Hours you hired x Hourly Rate.

"We provide staff for Accounting as well as Non-Accounting positions as listed below:

If staff avails any leaves, the client is not being charged unless they have granted paid leaves or vacation to their staff. Also, we discourage our staff from taking any leaves during the tax season unless unavoidable. ( Add picture )

Yes, we can provide you staff with full overlap. However that would cost $1 or $1.5 extra, because they will work mid-night and we have to provide them night allowances.

Staffing, whether local or offshore will always have little challenges, on leaves, work accomplishments, staff management, training, staff learning and role, productivity, etc. Since the last 3 years, we have seen a significant increase in client satisfaction as we introduce the role of “Account Manager”. Although offshore staff would be directly working with you and would work under your control and management. However, an Account Manager is like your HR offshore for your offshore staff or team. Account Manager endeavor would be to provide you with unbiased advice in the best interest of the firm and make building and managing the Offshore team a successful and happy experience.

There are less chances of it happening, because a candidate is selected only after a personal interview and checking eligibility by the client themselves. However, in a rare scenario, if you don’t wish to continue working with the staff already working for you, we will replace him/her. This process may take a maximum of 30 days.

Our hourly rates start at $10/hour and vary as per positions and hiring models.

It will be a weekly billing cycle.

It will be auto debit from the card/bank details you’ll provide during the sign up process.

You can hire any staff for 20 hours/week and 40 hours/week.

Yes, we also provide seasonal tax staff for 20 hours/week and 40 hours/week.

No there is no minimum commitment period for a particular staff. Although there is a minimum contract of 3 months association (with Entigrity) in case of temporary and 6 months for a permanent hiring option, however, in a very unlikely event of a client not willing to continue work with selected staff, then we replace him at a notice period of maximum 30 days. This does not involve any fees.

Normal shift/work timing for full-time staff is 3 AM to 1 PM irrespective of time zone (inclusive of 30 minutes of meal break and 15 min for coffee break). This allows for 3-4 hours of overlap between your office timings and the staff working for you. Please note that since they start work at 3 AM, so you may assign work in the evening and meanwhile you come to the office in the morning, most of the work is done. However, these timings can be made flexible and matched according to your office hours, but that might cost you extra, as such staff needs to be paid midnight allowances and other facilities.

It takes anywhere between 7 – 30 days to get staff on board and start working for you, this time variance depends on the availability and the skillset required in a candidate as specified by a client.

NO, we proceed with the interviews after signup, here you interview and test the candidate to check for his/her experience and qualifications before finally hiring. This can take at most 30 days. After this time, in an unlikely case if you do not find any suitable candidates you can inform us and ask to cancel the agreement.

Yes. Soon after the agreement signup, we provide the client with resumes of such candidates who match the criteria specified by him. At the client’s preferred time we arrange for the video interviews (and online tests if required). This whole process is transparent and conducted in order to let our client choose the best person according to requirements.

"Our internal HR and hiring process is very rigorous so that we qualify as best at the expectation of our clients. We carefully screen the resumes of the applicants and conduct background/reference checks upon the shortlisted candidates. This is followed by Technical and HR rounds of interviews. There are other aptitude tests too which include typing speed & accuracy, English speaking & writing skills, and technical test in relevant fields. This is how we create our own candidate pool before we share the resumes with potential clients. Apart from that, we have a signed agreement with each candidate which assures long term association with us as well as a pledge to keep office data confidential."

The attrition rate at Entigrity has been below 10%. Our HR policies are robust, ensuring the least gaps. Whenever a new employee joins, he signs a contract for a minimum of 3 years of association. In special circumstances, sometimes we do allow to leave earlier than that. Also, Entigrity is one of the preferred local employers because of the multiple facilities we provide, including cab, medical insurance, meals at the office, regular recreations, and several other benefits to prolong the employer-employee association.

We pre-screen the candidate with a background check and test their accounting & communication skills before onroling them.

That is done for our internal assessment through third party private agencies. We then get a clearance certificate from them which allows us to proceed with our screening process

The tax season rush isn't usually the best judge for assessing offshore staffing's long-term benefits, especially if you've only recently begun this year's tax season. Accounting companies are increasingly bringing in additional offshore staff to help with capacity challenges.Read this blogto learn why you should retain your offshore workforce beyond tax season.

Our Account Manager and Resourcing specialist will get in touch with you And navigate you for the hiring new staff member. They will send you a resumes and move forward, click here to watch a complete video how you can start your journey with options starfing

User guide to have a successful relationship with having offshore staff. This video will give you the idea about how to onboard new offshore staff.

Tips on What Experience Brackets and Hiring roles are available, Watch this video it will also help you understanding how interview process should be, to hire right offshore staff

You should plan temp hiring in advance, Temporay tax staffing will create a capacity, 1-2 weeks of onboarding time is required, Senior profile are not easy to hire and why temp staff should be retained post season. Watch this video to understand the process how you can grow your firm during busy tax season

This video will help you understanding whether you are offshoring ready or not by technologies, whether proper agreements are in place or not, Talent and process, why company's credibility is important, why we should consider Data security while offshoring and why should we avoid Mom and Pop Shops

Interview Steps 1.Sharing Resumes 2.Schedule intrerview, 3.Interview and Testing 4.Selection and staff confirmation and 5.Onboarding of staff, How you differentiate candidates with same skill sets. This video will also highlight other considerations.

Interviewing people whether onshore and offshore is pretty similar but when you specifically interview offshore staff for your accounting firm. There are some differences that you should keep in mind. Watch this video and check out the 6 quick tips for Interviewing offshoring Staff

"This helps build and reinforce trust between onshore and offshore teams. Watch this videoto learn more."

Proper evaluation of communication skills is ideal for hiring accounting and non-accounting staff. Watch this video to get some tips around this.

To understand how junior roles are more important than senior roles and challenges associated with hiring senior staff watch this video.

If you are new to offshoring, gradually hire one staff member at a time because that will help you understand the onboarding challenges, processes that need to be implemented, typical onboarding time, by when the staff can start working independently, training requirements, work evaluation and the right expectations. Watch this video to learn more.

There are 4 C's of security measures 1. Certification, 2. Compliance and procedures, 3. Commitment, and 4.Credibility. Watch this video of Mike Goossen where is he explained how the data security and confidentiality at Entigrity offshore staffing look like

"This has been the number one concern what will my client think about offshoring However pandemic has really changed the perceptions around offshoring. Now more and more accounting firms are open to offshoring. This basically means more and more Clients are now open to offshoring Building of showing team is as new normal accounting firm. However, we have written a detailed blog to understand and address your client’s concerns. Here is the link for this blog also watch this video for more."

The best practices After hiring offshore staff, how to manage offshore staff, workflow, how you can integrate them, and build a team. There are recommendations too for efficient utilisation of offshore resources watch this video to know the tips to build and manager offshore teams for your accounting firms

How tax staffing impacts quality and efficiency. This video covers multiple reasons why we should retain staff beyond tax season and what could be challenges if we do not retain them.

Offshoring brings multi dimensional impact on accounting firms and it help you build capacity, reduce workload, get work life balance and empowers onshore team to build deeper connections with the clients Watch this video for more

In this video you will get to know about some considerations if you are planning to hire non-accounting roles and how it can benefit you forward.

The idea for hiring a virtual assistant, executive assistant or customer service associate. Accounting firms especially post pandemic started offshoring for their Admin and Virtual assistant functions along with tax, account and audit to resolve their capacity issues when local staffing is becoming a challenge for them watch this video for more.

This video will give you insights on key factors playing an important role while offshoring. Tiffany has shared her experience with Entigrity and Offshore Staffing. This is a Journey on how resistance turned into a recommendation.

"The local team can be able to concentrate on projects if you've hired an awesome offshore team to help you know supplement help with the back office on these projects so if you do if you don't onboard them and incorporate this into your day-to-day operations it just simply won't work So the first is the vision must be conveyed and it has to start at the top. You have to let the onshore team know this is a growth strategy this is not cost cutting measures in order for the firms to obtain their vision watch this video to find out the 8 actionable recommendations ob Integration"

"The Buddy System '', wherein you partner onshore and offshore resources as buddies. You will get insights on why this is important, how to do it and what needs to be done. Watch this video for more

This video highlights why you should have at least 4-5 hours of overlap, and how this will help the onshore team to collaborate

We always want to “make more doing less”, this video will give you 7 steps on how to get started with subscription based pricing, what factors you need to consider while implementing Subscription Based Pricing and why?

If you are a VCFO / CAAS firm, there are a number of tasks that can be done offshore. This video will give you ideas on what can be done offshore and what should be kept onshore. This will also give you insights on why this transformation is important.

This video is highlighting how offshoring is key factors for scaling up your CAAS + VCFO services, why you should hire offshore staff and what structure should be in place.

"Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: • Jody Grunden explains how he transitioned his CPA firm into a completely virtual workplace in 2013 • How working remotely allowed Jody to hire top talent and have more success within his firm • The positive influence of diversity within a team"

This video will speak about what type of client you want and should have, what should be the engagement value, Also it talks about considerations that help you add CFO services in your firm. Jody speaks about his experience and structure he has.

MRR in the context of Accounting firms. The benefits of MRR for Accounting Firms is very important and how to implement the MRR Model for Your accounting Firms if you want to learn about these please watch this video

The old business model at least with small accounting firm has been to work with thousand two thousand clients where wherein in case of client accounting advisory plus virtual cfo serivces which is a full suite services that you would be providing to your clients you can build a million dollar practice with just 30 or 40 odd clients and that practice would be very profitable at an engagement level the profitability would be more than 70 percent at a firm level watch this video to know more about VCFO and CAAS services and how offshoring can really help to grow your accounting firms using it.

This video will walk you through the Philosophy and policies we have in place to run the operation. This will cover public holidays (India), Leave Process, Confidentiality, security protocols , IT Policies, Insurance policy, Cyber security insurance and many more.

Entigrity was started in year 2014.

The purpose with which we started was to democratize offshore staffing for accounting firms. We saw that observation that larger accounting firms are having a deeper pocket That's why they are able to build up their own officers, But small and midsize firms were not able to do this. We thought that We can solve this problem by becoming that Bridge Through which this form can build their own Offshore teams. Now we are proudly happy that we are able to help so many accounting firm Across Global build their offshore team.

We have six offices in India and our main headquarter is in Houston Texas

"Over the last 8 years we have been working on more than 600+ accounting firms from all over the globe."

We have a YouTube channel where we have more than a dozen video testimonial of our client so you can check our YouTube channel for more information Feel free to reach out those client and ask them how was their experience and what they feel about Entigrity Here is a link to our youtube channel

India is a hub for knowledge-driven industries, companies like Fortune 500 have their offices in India, Lot of large firms have their multi presence in India. India is the second home of tech behemoths, Fortune 500 companies, and accounting tech behemoths. The most widely used language in India, owing to British influence and a knowledge-based economy. Some of the common examples of big-shot Indian CEOs in top multinationals. India offers a large talent pool for easy scale up, though industry readiness remains a concern. Read this blog to know the prime 5 reasons why India has maintained its leadership position despite constant challenges from emerging destinations

India was never ready for such kind of growth in the offshoring accounting industry. Post pandemic things have changed so much for India, suddenly demand from accounting firms globally is increasing at a tremendous rate. The market has tripled. And the good thing is a lot of Institute that provides CPA, EA, CMA training have come up. And have started providing that education. CPA today is truly a Global designation. On one hand, the demand is definitely increasing tremendously And on the other hand ecosystem is also building up

The quality of education in India is far superior to any other country in the world and that can be demonstrated by the fact that most of the Tech CEOs and fortune 500 companies CEOs have Indian origin. The Chartered Accountancy in India Is is very equivalent to CPA in US or CPA in Canada Which is very difficult in the people who have will have cleared that is less than 10% every year.

More and more students are opt-in for CPAs, EAs and CMAs. There are coaching institutes and there is study material available to do a CPA, EA, or CMA from India You don't need to travel to us to become a CPA, CA, CMA, or Canadian CPA. You can do this degree directly from India. This means a lot of quality talent is coming up as the ecosystem is the building up

Here is the list of leaves for year 2022
  • New Year 01-01-2022
  • Makar Sankranti 01-14-2022
  • Makar Sankranti Day-2 01-15-2022
  • Independence Day 07-04-2022
  • Raksha Bandhan 08-11-2022
  • Additional Day 08-12-2022
  • Janmashtami 08-19-2022
  • Diwali 10-24-2022
  • New Year 10-25-2022
  • Christmas 12-25-2022

Yes, we take care of their pay, benefits and insurances.

There are several activities that Entigrity is doing with their team members so we celebrate each festival with our team members. We do have team outings where our staff members will go for hiking parties and team outings. Basically playing games Cricket, basketball football, tennis, and many more games. We do have a tournament called EPL Entigrity Premier League where all the Entigritians play cricket, Entigrity Badminton tournament, Entigrity Volleyball Tournament, etc. Click here to find out more cultural activities that we are doing at Entigrity

The client cannot give bonuses directly to the staff member, It has to be routed through Entigrity as per the agreement. However, Entigrity distributes 100% of their bonuses to the staff member. Entigrity doesn't retain anything out of the special bonus that client gives to their staff members as per the agreement over and above the price.

Yes, Entegrity connects with the accounting community on a deeper level. We also organized conferences, webinars, masterminds, and many virtual event, Click here to find how entigrity engages with accounting community.

Yes, We do have live webinars at least one webinar per week, where we educate our clients that how they can implement offshore staffing and grow their accounting firms, In this webinar, you can get one free CPE credit. We are running our own CPE accredited webinar series for our clients’ “Offshore Staffing Challenges and Beyond.” This webinar is not a regular webinar, it would be an interactive free-flowing discussion around concerns and opportunities with offshore staffing. Exclusively for our existing client's accounting firms.

Yes Entgirity do Virtual Conferences per month.

Yes, Entigrity work with accounting influencers so we do monthly virtual events with them. Click here to see which influencers are working with us

"BKOT (Build a Kick-Ass Offshore Team) is a podcast that we do every month and have produced more than 45+ Episodes. Here we connect with influencers and thought leaders within the accounting community whose target audience is of the same. We value these influencers and spokespersons endorsing us and has established our credibility with our clients. The idea is to get exposure to our audience and able to establish your brand. Enable potential clients to be educated about the resources in combating the #1 challenge of finding quality staff."

If you CPA or Accounting Influencer, We recently launched a video series called Accounting Showcase. It’s a series covering success stories of the everyday accountant and their journey. Sharing their background and how they built their firm. Again more of a conversation here including topics like -

No we never charge for any of our virtual events.

Yeah sure, you can get an office. Your account manager will give you the complete office tour

At Entigrity we don’t allow work from home. We can never risk a client’s information at the cost of flexibility. Before you partner with anyone for offshore staffing please check their WFH policy and IT Policy.

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified organization for data security and confidentiality. ISO 27001 is Information Security Management Standard. Also, we are GDPR compliant and also approved by the IRS for continuing education. And you are more than welcome to visit our offices in India or easier way, you can take a video tour

Theoretically Yes, however, your risk needs to be measured in relative terms i.e. Offshore staffing is a cost-effective and easy solution to local staffing challenges, so now you need to analyze if offshore staffing increasing risk? Here is the table ( click here )

Well let me tell you, we are a US company and we provide you our contract of protecting your data, privacy & confidentiality in writing. So in case that happens, you have stronger recourse against us (although this has never happened in the history of 8 years of our business)

It can’t happen because mobile phones aren’t allowed in the work area, they have to be kept in a locker before entering the workplace. Also, all entries and exits are key cards enabled and the entire facility is under CCTV camera surveillance that is monitored 24x7

The IT setup is very simple, safe, and secure. Your data isn’t going to move at all. We’ll set up offshore login and your offshore staff will log in to your workstation to do the work and log off when done. No back and forth data transfer are involved, so technically your data never leaves your office.

I know direct control and reporting are of utmost importance and that’s why Entigrity provides you with staff that works dedicatedly with you. Let’s say you hire staff part-time for 20 hours/week. Your staff will work only for you during the designated hours and will report directly to you and follow your firm’s policies and protocols. He is your employee by all means. He just works from our secured facilities in India.

We provide feature phones, and in case of two-step authentication required, we provide smartphones but only on approval of the client. However, in any case, personal phones are not allowed.

To begin with, the whole office is paperless. We do not allow pen-paper-any stationery, digital computer printers, personal mobile phones, portable storage devices into the work area. The USB ports are disabled for data transfers. No staff has access to personal emails, social media, or any such means that can facilitate transferring sensitive data. The emails, folder systems, and internal servers at the office are continuously monitored by the in-house IT department for inconsistency. There are no printers connected to our internal network, hence, we eliminate the chances of taking data out of the office by any means either electronic or printed. It is like your own office where the data never leaves the premises.

Before we hire someone, we carry out background checks and go through the references of previous employers about the person’s conduct at the past organization if any. While joining the organization, every employee has to sign an undertaking that states that he/she will respect the privacy of the client data being handled. Additionally, he is legally bound to do so, and there could be legal actions against an employee if inconsistencies are discovered from his/her end. So far, none of our employees have disappointed us in this regard.

Yes, our entire premises are covered under security cameras both from exterior and interiors. In fact, every cabin inside the office has 2 cameras fixed for better visibility of the happenings and monitoring against any untoward incidents. These cameras are operational on a 24X7 basis.

Of course! We would be more than glad to be your hosts and welcome you with our hospitality. We believe it is always better to see to believe. By visiting us, you not just see the whole infrastructure and security setup, but also get to know how things actually work at our office. Few of our clients have visited us in the past, and have had happy memories. You can view our online reviews for references.

ISO 27001:2013 is an internationally recognized Information Security Standard published by the International Organization for Standardization. This certification is awarded to the exclusive organizations that comply with the information security guidelines of ISO and strictly abide by it at all times. Entigrity is one such organization with this certification.

At the time of signing up the contract, we provide our commitment to safekeeping client data in a written undertaking. We take every measure to honor it. In case, we fail (we haven’t yet so far) at some level or a violation still occurs, a client is entitled to proceed legally. However, there has never been such an incident where a client found a breach in data security, which in itself speaks volumes about the level of commitment we show towards the protection of confidentiality that we are trusted with.

We typically have people with relevant experience, But when there are limited experience or no experience. Make sure you provide proper training and give them time to make mistakes. As long as they are self-reviewing and not repeating the mistakes. We think You will get there in 1-3 weeks. But you will get the result within 7 to 8 weeks that you are looking for.

India is a hub for the global economy, a hotbed of talent, second home to Big 4, second home to fortune 500 companies, tech giants, and the accounting Industry. India is a hub for building global delivery centers. Not just the big 4, but 200+ companies have offshore offices in India. This has led to the build of an ecosystem in India. That's where we hire people and get the training done for them. Even if you hire locally, it could be a bad hire. Here you get a chance to test his capabilities, competencies, and also you get a chance for a replacement here. However, we can provide you a staff which is very capable.

"As per our survey 6 out of 10 Failures are because of lack of integration. We have seen many times that firms start with offshore staffing, but either give up on offshore staffing or they lose a good onshore employee on their journey towards building an offshore team.
Both situations are unfortunate and we have come across this often and largely because the onshore team starts feeling insecure as soon as firms start hiring offshore staff. We need to manage it with 4 C’s for a successful onshore and offshore team working towards a common goal that is “Firm’s Betterment & Well Being”
  • Change
  • Culture
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
And communication is the key, holding the other 3 together. We need to keep both teams on the same page."

Yes, staff directly work under your control and management. They will be working on your processes. It is “your staff working from Entigrity’s Office”.

Each and every offshore staff that works for you have prior work experience in US accounting and tax and have a minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Of course, with Entigrity offshore staffing, you can hire tax staff starting at $10/hour, you can hire them part-time, and permanent.

As we have worked with 600+ accounting firms here is a link to many of those success story videos. Feel free to reach out to any of them.

Yes, they are. Why don’t you go and visit our India office? Well just check our youtube channel and see how much fun they have while they work for you. Low-cost arbitrage is the reason you hire staff offshore from India because the cost of living is cheap and that’s where you save a lot of money.

A staff fills timesheets on a daily basis for indicating his/the completion of her task status, and the time taken to for attempting them. Entigrity has its online timesheet as a standard, which employees generally fill in, and send to their respective employers. However, if a firm has its own timesheet format, and wants its employees to make entries into that, we approve it. By reviewing these timesheets, you can transparently monitor the performance and output of your staff.

Yes, English is a very widely spoken language in India. In fact, it is the second most widely used language of a large number of Indian professionals. The English language never plays a barrier in communication as we only hire employees who are fluent in English. However, the accent of Indians is quite neutral, yet a lot different than that of Americans. So, it is advisable to speak at a little slower rate and give staff a chance to get used to how you communicate with them for lucid understanding.

Our offshore staff works from our secure offshore offices in India. Our 2 offices are in the city of Ahmedabad, and 1 in the city of Mumbai. We follow a strict no work-from-home policy for the safekeeping of client data and information.

No, there is no extra fee for setup. At the time of signup and requirement statement, you can tell us the list of software (including versions) you use at work. We would have it installed at our workstations accordingly. At your end, you might need to set a offshore sharing ID and password, which your offshore employee will use to logging in and logging out of your system in order to work. If you need any help in setup, our IT team will help you promptly.

Every employee is provided with a Twin-Screen computer with the latest operating system, software, and high-speed internet connection for general tasks. The workstations also include a web camera and a microphone for video conferencing. Apart from that, every employee is has a separate US contact number where you can speak using your telephone/mobile phones. We also provide them with email addresses. If you need any other means of communication, you may specify that to us, and we can try to arrange it. However, the internet at every computer is under limited usage and does not allow personal email access, social networking, and other websites so that sensitive data shared with employees is always safe and secure inside our premises.

"There are a number of convenient methods to communicate with your offshore staff.
Telephone: Every employee has a dedicated USA telephone number to connect with.
Email: You can send emails for instructions, and ask for daily reporting on email.
Video conference: Every employee’s workstation comprises a webcam, microphone, and necessary software for speaking over video; you can choose any application such as Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. for live video call as well as chat over instant text messaging software."

Typically it does not happen, however, we want to be flexible because when we hire someone we take the commitment that you need to work on this shift timing, when they say okay, then only he gets signed up. Staff can accomplish your shift timing on occasion situations or deadlines as any staff would do. However, changing permanently would not be the right thing.

Yes, you can provide your offshore staff an email ID on your firm’s domain. Generally, each staff is assigned his/her own email through Entigrity’s own domain, yet there are a lot of clients who wish to have their staff use email IDs personalized according to their firm’s needs. We allow it after risk assessment.

"There are three methods that offshore staff can use to access documents/information/data at the client’s end:
1. Offshore access: Set us a workstation with necessary software and documents; allow offshore access with username and password where staff can log in, work, and log out after he is done completing assigned work.
2. Cloud/server access: Have the documents uploaded on the cloud or server where staff can access, work, and save the work done after completion.
3. File Transfer: Send the documents to the offshore staff through email or online transfer applications. The client will work upon that and send the file back for your review. You can use any of the three methods to let your staff access a particular file (document/information/data) and give you back the completed work."

There are multiple ways and our account manager will be the right person to help you and give you guidance on this. However, you treat them as your own staff, make them feel comfortable about this relationship, and provide them with the right confidence.

Yes, to provide the best quality service to our clients it is important to have well-trained staff. We have a state-of-the-art (in-house) training facility with dedicated trainers. We have 35 different training modules, including English communication, Soft skills, American culture, software, the technology used in the American accounting industry, etc. We continuously keep upgrading these training modules according to the latest industry trends.

Of course, You do need to invest your time while you are working with offshore staff because it's not about positive always you have to invest your time you have to teach them, you have to train them that how they can work on the particular tasks. You can build processes around the training so that you can use that similar process to other staff so when you are hiring and other staff you don't have to repeat yourself you can just show them recording ( processes ) that can help you to train of so staff very quickly.

Typically training and hand-holding for staff members that we call as the time when they ramp up would be 6-8 weeks from the date of they start working with you. So that's where you would require them to provide hand-holding and training. A team member from your onshore would be closely working with Offshore staff. There would be no training required on technicality training because when you hire staff with the relevant experience they will have that experience.

Not everything you do in response to the crisis will be worth continuing, of course. Some of your ad hoc structures and workflows will probably best be dismantled — but after four, or six, or eight months, the temporary often begins to seem like the permanent, and five or six years later, staff will ask, “Why do we still do it this way?” and no one will remember that it was born out of desperation, and was never meant to be perpetuated. However, Judge your stop-gap measures not just on how they perform now, but on their potential to make your firm better in the long term. Offshore Staffing is one such long-term solution.

Your firm will undoubtedly be implementing a host of temporary measures in the face of the pandemic: new workflows, new management, and reporting structures, new workarounds, new deliverable pathways, and so on. In many cases, these will violate old rules or partner shibboleths, but you’ll accept them in order to keep things moving. offshore work is a great example: Many firms dragged their heels on this before March, and have only grudgingly accepted it now — but, like many of the other expedients you adopt, it is absolutely worth continuing once things return to normal.

We typically don't allow work from home. All our staff work from a secured office. We have our offices in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Mumbai. However, during these exceptional situations of pandemics, there were waves in India when the government imposes lockdowns. In that case, with the client’s approval, we give work from home. And we take extra precautions on privacy and data security. Below is the list of security parameters we take for each staff if they have to work from home:-
  • All our systems that are used as work from home are Quick Heal Secured. (They are not allowed to use personal laptops/computers)
  • No access to USB Drives or any other external drives. (disabled USB Ports)
  • There is no printer access given in their system.
  • Restriction on browsing & opening of certain websites or any inappropriate content.
  • Anti-Malware/Spyware/Virus protection already installed.
  • All the PCs are centrally controlled by our Domain Administrator/IT Department.
  • Login to these computers is only through Sonic Firewall! (It’s secured VPN)
  • Each of your offshore staff is covered under a comprehensive confidentiality agreement and they have a fiduciary responsibility towards this especially when our client needs us the most.
  • 8 years of work history, not a single Information security breach has happened. That is because of our stronger work ethics and values that we have towards our relationship with our clients.

We always say that most clients want great service and a wonderful experience for a fair price. However, there is no harm in trying and experimenting with few clients. We are successfully working with 600+ accounting firms and that’s more than a testimony. And more than clients it’s what you think is important.

Well they have been more open to offshore hiring for sure but still they have concerns like what would my team think about this? What would my client think? Sometimes we feel that pandemic has still not changed, the stigma around offshore hiring for accounting firms. It's true that the firms that invested in offshore hiring have largely remained immune to the slowdown caused by the pandemic. However, there are a large number of CPAs and Accountants out there who are still skeptical about it. However, feel free to schedule a call to learn more about this.

An account manager will be your go-to person. He would be there to help and guide clients in any situation. We would advise any Non-routine or Non-regular or policy matter shall only be dealt with through the Account Manager and shall never be communicated directly to offshore staff. He will help you with troubleshooting, pricing revisions, staff training, shift timings, leaves, and bonuses.

Your offshore staff reports directly to you, however you want. We understand that you can’t afford to lose control. In outsourcing, you’ve to follow vendor’s policies but in offshore staffing, you have 100% control as the staff follows your firm’s policies, protocols, and workflow. If you or any of your colleagues wish to learn more, let’s have a quick chat and discuss future possibilities.

Here is an E-Book on 100+ best practices for offshore staffing
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Whether daily/monthly/quarterly or real-time/after the fact accounting & bookkeeping, offshore staff can help in everything.
  • Reporting/CFO Support: All financial reporting/support task for management & CFO
  • Annual Write-ups: Tax-based Annual write-ups - collecting all the bank statements/credit card statements/Invoices, etc.
  • Sales/Use tax: Sales Report Preparation, Posting/Reconciling Sales Report with QB or Account System. Preparation & Review of Sales/ Use tax Computation.
  • Payroll: Whether weekly/biweekly/monthly or real-time/after the fact payroll, offshore staff can help in everything including compliances.
  • Tax Preparation/Planning/Projection: Arranging and sending client organizers. Following up with clients on tax documentation via Email-Phone.
  • Tax Resolutions: IRS notice document management. IRS notice checklist of documents to be taken from clients and follow up of email for getting correct documents.
  • New Client On-boarding: Sending the engagement proposal. Getting Engagement signed - following up. Incorporating Entity if required and getting the required documentation prepared and aligned.
  • Corporate Compliances: Yearly MinutesShareholder. Yearly Minutes of Director. Waiver of Notice of Meetings. Yearly state filings/form submission
  • Administrative Task: Internal Firm Accounting/Budgeting. Data Entry task for contact management/additions. Prospect Meeting research. Updating Client Database with new client information.
  • Audit/Review/Compilation/Agreed-upon Procedures: In Nutshell all desktop-based work can be done by a staff member (70%). No fieldwork.

We have 100% confidence in our recruitment process. It rarely happens. Even if you don’t like anyone after taking interviews and tests. There is no cost to it. You will be billed only when the staff you hire starts working for you.

The task that can be offshored, so, E-Book So typically when you first start with offshore staffing, you will integrate. We can do the exercise where you require your firm what tasks they can delegate.

Let me put it this way - You cannot simply outsource your Core Business function. Outsourcing entails creating a hiring vendor for ‘team on-demand that works on an ad-hoc basis.
As far as offshore staffing is concerned, you are hiring a dedicated staff that works and directly reports to you like local staff, and if everything is set up nicely, you can expand and your offshore team can be of great support to your local A-team.
Better still, they might also perform some core business functions if you don’t have enough capable people on site.Watch the video of one of our clients, Adam Hale, CPA the founding partner of a 100% virtual accounting firm, and how they have transformed by successfully building a team of offshore staff.

We do not endorse whether offshore staffing is better or outsourcing. Both of these things have their own benefits. However, we do not recommend outsourcing for accounting and related tasks. Outsourcing can be used for non-core business operations that are not repetitive in nature. If the same is done for the core operations, it may lead to poor quality work delivery, and consequently, can lose credibility in the business group. On the other hand, when your own staff is working at your tasks, you can supervise him/her, leaving a lesser chance of fatal errors. It is not possible when you outsource as there you are just assigned an account manager personally might not know who is working on the assigned task. Your staff also learns on the job and with experience only gets better, which is ultimately great for your firm in the longer run.

We can be biased here but we would recommend you to read this article of Breakaway Bookkeeping and Advising, an accounting firm in Tualatin, Oregon integrated offshore staffing in their practice and they were so ahead of time that today what they did, sound so much relevant and essential.

People usually misunderstand offshore staffing with outsourcing, whereas they are two different things. Outsourcing is good to carry out non-core, or one time services, while it could give inconsistent results in core business operations. On the other hand, having an offshore staff saves from this risk as the work is always carried out in your supervision, which is a rarity in outsourced services.

No, we are not an outsourcing company. Instead, we are a staffing agency based in the USA, and we provide offshore staffing solutions to all sizes of Accounting and Tax firms nationwide.

Everyone from baby boomers to GenXers encompasses our clientele of 600+ accounting firms spanning across small, mid-size and regional accounting firms. Some of them were ahead of the curve while some just joined us recently. On average, every accounting firm that has hired an offshore staff and worked with us for over a year has seen a 20% to 35% rise in profitability.

The staff who work for us can live a decent life on this salary, as the purchasing power in India is high and the cost of living is lower as compared to the US. A cup of coffee, for example, costs $5 in the United States but only $1 in India.

We exclusively work with accounting firms and help them hire accounting positions i.e. bookkeeper, accountant, tax associates, auditors etc. and non-accounting positions i.e. admin support staff, managers etc. starting at just $10/hour.

Well working remotely whether from ‘Boston or Bangalore’, ‘Miami or Mumbai’, ‘New York or New Delhi’, is all the same, as long as your staff has the right skill set, attitude, and speaks the same language. With Offshore staffing, it’s not just about hiring staff @ $10/hour but as I said it’s one such solution that may start as a stop-gap arrangement but also a potential long-term solution. It can help to build capacity, gain a competitive advantage, and also reduce your workload.

“I would recommend you to watch the Interview of Phil Whitman, CPA, an Accounting Industry Expert who has advised 100s of CPA firms across North America. Learn why he is so optimistic about Entigrity Offshore Staffing and urges accounting firms to start thinking in this direction. - Watch Video"

If you hire a full-time offshore staff, it starts from $10/hour in the US, $12/hour in CA, and £7/hour in the UK. Senior profiles are difficult to find everywhere in the world. So they cost a Lil bit higher in India as well.

When we started 8 years back, we always wanted to work with every accounting firm. However, after 3-4 years, we realized that every accounting firm is not fit for us. The best way to know is to schedule a call.

Yes, if you specifically want somebody with knowledge of particular software or platform, we could filter and find one out for you. Generally, every person we hire is evaluated in 3 ways regarding his expertise and knowledge:

Technical knowledge: Analyzing what work he is going to do whether accounting, tax, financial reporting, payroll, data entry or billing entries, etc. and also what has been his technical experience on his past assignments in previous employment.

Software knowledge: unless there is a specific request from a client about the experience in particular software we do not put that filter in providing you the final resumes. Software knowledge can be acquired if you have relevant technical knowledge.

For example, if you know to operate a computer, you can easily grasp and learn the functionality of another system, it doesn’t matter if it is a Windows computer or an Apple computer.

In the past, he might have worked on different software and probably you use different software. Now he could just migrate onto another platform with little training.

Knowledge of the protocols and processes of the firm: When a offshore staff starts working for you he only starts to get familiar with the company’s work culture and procedures, as these things could be learned only at a job. This is a common phrase with any kind of staff.

So, keeping in mind the above points, when we put this filter, the number of people who are going to your universe will reduce.

Yes, we usually hire only those candidates who have relevant experience of US GAAP, IRS, and other regulations. All the staff at Entigrity are trained in US accounting, tax code, and preparation of returns in the US context. Local experience in Indian accounting, tax, or financial industry is not counted. However, we let the clients interview and test each candidate and be assured to have the best person working for them

Yes, in order to provide the best quality service to our clients it is important to have well-trained staff. We have a state of the art (in house) training facility with dedicated trainers. We have 35 different modules of training which include English communication, Soft skills, American culture, software, and technology used in the American accounting industry, etc. We continuously keep upgrading these training modules according to the latest industry trends.

When you hire a offshore staff you will have to identify the requirements at your end. However, just like any local employee, a offshore staff can perform most of the tasks related to:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Monthly accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Financial Statements (review, audits, compilation tasks)
  • Billing – Bill Payments, Billing Collection, Follow ups and other administrative tasks
  • Other Office Admin tasks In a nutshell, a offshore staff performs most of the tasks that are done in a public accounting firm. Here's the E-Book. Have a look

Entigrity’s offshore staff are available for about a third of the conventional salary paid to local staff. Besides, it does not require infrastructure development at your office due to offshore working. There are no-cost recruitment or training cost involved. There is no liability of compliances, Medicare, or other benefits. Also, it is not required to pay bonuses or overtime charges. Hence overall, counting various direct or indirect benefits due to offshore staffing, 75% saving on labor cost is just a conservative number.

Offshore staff is an employee who works for your firm under your management but from a location that is physically out of your office. This could be from anywhere, employee’s home, a coffee shop in a neighborhood, a different city, or even from an overseas location. Entigrity’s offshore Staff actually works from our offices located in India.

We can divide it into Short term and Long term benefits. Sometimes firms sign up because of their tax season overflow, that's a short-term benefit. However, offshore staffing is a way forward for your long term. It should be the core strategy of your firm, not just a one-time adventure. Like any of your local staff, a offshore staff from Entigrity also works under your management and fully reports to you. As they work from offshore offices of Entigrity, this

  1. Saves your cost and efforts
  2. HR hassles, and several other compliance issues
  3. The firms that are working with us have a 25% partner-in-time reduction and 18% on-shore staff workload reduction
  4. You can focus more on advisory services


Yes. But first, you need to identify the requirements which also includes realizing whether you have enough workload to keep the team occupied. We usually recommend taking a baby step and hiring 1 or 2 staff and if the requirement grows you are free to scale up the team size whenever you want.

It's not difficult to find a suitable replacement. According to our internal study, only one in every 10 candidates needs replacing. As a result, replacement is not frequent and may occur due to a hiring error or changes in circumstances at the firm or among the staff.

Entigrity's replacement process has a lot of benefits. To begin, each employee must serve a three-month notice period so that the new staff has enough time to adjust over those three months. Second, unlike on-shore workers, you won't have to start from scratch with them.

Third, because we require departing employees to handover their tasks and responsibilities to the new one, the extra three months will not be charged to your account.

But, we have high standards; as our first-year attrition rate is 6%, while the second-year it’s 7%. Around 85% of our clients' staff stay for more than 2 years. Our average retention is 5 years.

Before the pandemic, our attrition rate was 6-7 percent, but the epidemic has radically changed things and expanded opportunities in India, therefore our attrition rate has gone up to 10-11 percent. However, we have a number of measures in place to help us in retaining our employees.

"What would my clients think?" had been a major concern. However, the pandemic has significantly changed people's opinion of offshore. As a result, accounting companies are more willing to establish an offshore team. Here is the link to a blog that will help you understand and resolve your client's concerns.

Candidates for interview will have at least a bachelor's degree in accounting and 1-5 years of relevant work experience in India with any US/Canada/UK based firms. We have already pre-screened them for technical competence and experience. However, during the interview, you can put them to the test according to your standards in order to hire the ideal applicant.

Yes, of course, we will provide you with some references still if you want some extra references feel free to book a call with Chris here is a link to schedule a call with Chris for more.

Yes, an Account Manager will be assigned to you, whom you will meet during the interview process. He or she will be your point of contact.

An offshore staff must be considered and treated like your own staff who works directly under your protocols and management. Provided you follow a couple of best practices, they will be a long term solution for your practice that not just saves cost but also gives you freedom from recruitment and retention challenges. Watch this video

This means identifying the firm's most critical need. Then, from among the various roles, look for the essential skillsets and choose the most relevant profile for your needs. It's usually a good idea to hire different people for different roles.

The tax season rush isn't usually the best judge for assessing offshore staffing's long-term benefits, especially if you've only recently begun this year's tax season. Accounting companies are increasingly bringing in additional offshore staff to help with capacity challenges. Read this blog to learn why you should retain your offshore workforce beyond tax season.

Accounting firms are actively recruiting extra offshore staff to address their staffing concerns. Even the small firms have begun to build their offshore teams in order to reduce cost. Clients are also accepting offshore accounting, as working remotely has become the norm. To assist the onshore staff, most firms hire a pre-managed team of trained accounting, audit, and tax professionals. To know more visit this blog.

Selecting the right offshoring partner is one of the most difficult challenges faced by firms today. So, begin by establishing your objectives and expectations from your offshore partner. Defining your needs will go a long way and help you in choosing the right offshore partner. It's no secret that the accounting industry's biggest challenge is finding and retaining qualified employees and hiring offshore staff is one of the most viable solutions. Using an offshore team offers several benefits, one being cost reduction. Learn how to choose the best offshore partner in this blog. Read this blog to learn more.

By building an offshore team, firms can operate efficiently with more staff, while spending less than they would if they hired local employees. It is possible to save 70% on the cost of hiring accountants. As a result, offshore can help you in cost savings.

The most pressing concern for the CPA firms is staffing. Building a team is even more difficult. Offshore staffing from Entigrity is a remedy to all of these issues. To learn more Watch this video.

See why Entigrity is the best offshore staffing partner for CPA firms inthis video. And also, how we can help you in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars while building an offshore team.

Proponents of offshoring believe it reduces costs and has the potential to save thousands of jobs by reviving and preventing the failure of struggling businesses. Critics claim that offshoring is nothing more than the blatant transfer of American jobs to other countries. Who is right? Despite valid concerns on both sides, analysis shows that the long-term effect on the US economy is incredibly positive and unavoidable. Businesses with access to offshore workers can expand their operations and strengthen their sustainability. As a result, offshore has recently gained traction. Watch this webinar for more information.

Offshore staffing can benefit your business in a variety of ways, including cost reduction. As a result, building a team with a trusted offshore partner can assist your company in a variety of ways. Listen to this podcast right now to discover more!

It doesn’t matter if your team is based in 'Boston or Bangalore,' 'Miami or Mumbai,' 'New York or New Delhi,' as long as they have the same skill sets and can speak in the same language.' Many firms have gone so far as to build offshore teams in India, reaping the benefits of the "Global Talent Pool." However, many firms are still grappling with the mindset issue. In the previous 15 months, Entigrity has grown by nearly 90%, showing that we have accomplished the most in the last seven years. Read this blog for more. Read this blog for more.

One of our clients, Agro Accounting CPA in New York, started their offshoring journey with Entigrity two years ago. He says, “We were (very) sceptical and fearful to say the least. However, after speaking with Chris and getting a virtual tour of the facility, we decided to move forward and give it a shot (fingers crossed)”. Read this blog to learn more.

Yes, You can come personally to visit our office. Click here to get the google map address.

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. It establishes the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). The best-practice approach of the ISMS standard aids organisations in managing their information security by addressing people, processes, and technology. This accreditation is accepted across the world.

Yes, Entigrity is ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation.