How It Works

Working with offshore staff is as similar and simple as working with the local team. Think of your local in-office staff working away from the office, for example, working from home. There are only three things to look after.


Modern technology is the best friend for easing communication. There are numerous ways to send instructions and resolve queries. Best means of communication are:


Entigrity provides a secured email ID to the remote staff for regular emails, protected with 256 bit SSL encryption. You may also provide him with an email ID from your domain.


There are numerous famous and convenient software for online chat that can exchange live messages.


Just pick your phone and call. Each remote staff has been assigned a US phone number to get in touch at your convenience.

Audio-video Call

There are several tools for online audio and video calls that are used for live video conferencing and meetings. These can help you have your queries resolved in real-time



The remote staff logs into the Firm’s computer by secure login ID and password and logs out after he is done. The data stays inside your office even though the staff works remotely.


Remote staff can securely log in and finish the work without downloading and repeatedly uploading when files are already uploaded on cloud-based services.

Share File

Send the files to your remote staff through emails or FTP. He will finish the work and send the task back when he is finished.

We maintain maximum levels of information security to protect client data confidentiality. We are an ISO 27001 certified company. Our non-disclosure contract for data legally binds us towards protecting the data.

Supervision & Monitoring

Time Sheets

Remote Staff shares their daily timesheet with their supervisors at the accounting firm. Entigrity has its in-house timesheet software; however, the remote staff can also fill the timesheet given by the firm for reporting.

Task Reporting

Task progress is directly communicated with the Remote Staff as they work under the firm’s control.

Review Meeting

Periodic review meetings through live chats or conference calls could help you review the assigned tasks and the corresponding progress. It also helps give new instructions and resolve all the queries.

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