Our Responsibilities towards our team

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Life at entigrity

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Clients

Right Talent

  • We understand the requirement of the accounting firms and then draft the JD based on the requirement. We find the ideal candidate options to share with you. Once you finalize on the candidate you want to interview and work with, we schedule the interview and help in on-boarding of the offshore staff.

Transparent Approach

  • Right from the point when we start communicating, we provide a clear and transparent picture of all the processes, pricing, and the talent that we are going to provide. There is not a single blind spot in any of the communication and processes.

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated Account Manager (AM) and Sr. Account Manager (Sr. AM) would be their to help and guide client in any situation. Although you Shall directly communicate with your remote staff, and remote staff directly reports to you. We would advice any Non-Routine or Non-Regular or Policy Matter shall only be dealt with through AM or Sr. AM and shall never be communicated directly to remote staff.
  • As we are organization with several hundred employee working under common umbrella and certain common policies, we need keep uniformity on certain policies that govern all the employees. However we will accommodative to most of the request that comes through from your side wherever possible.

Multi-Layered Approached on Client Data Security & Privacy

Flexible Hiring Options
  • All the terms of our agreement, including but not limited to monthly fees, notice period, minimum agreement period, non- solicitation etc shall always remain confidential and shall never be communicated to any of the remote staff of the company.
  • We have strict communication protocols and process In order to protect client privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • All the Personal details of the employee or it's relative like. Personal Contact Details, family and Relative Detail, Personal or family ID Proof or Bank Account Details, Personal email id's, Salary, Bonus or any terms of employment, or any information which is beyond the scope of agreements, Shall never be made available to firm or shall never be given to the firm. Firm is never entitled to ask or to get known any of such information.

Other Policies and Certifications

Flexible Hiring Options

Cyber Security Insurance Policy

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E & O Insurance Policy

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Flexible Hiring Options

ISO 27001

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Compliance - Security Protocols

  • No Mobile Phone in the work area
  • Paperless work area
  • NO Pens Or Printers in work area
  • Disabled USB
  • Restricted Access to Internet
  • NO External Devices
  • No Personal Email or Social media
  • Firewall Protection - Bonk Level Security
  • Multi factor Authentication facilitated
  • Key card based access
  • 24x7 CCTV Surveillance

Our Responsibilities towards Society

Flexible Hiring Options Flexible Hiring Options
  • We are a purpose led company where one of our core focus area is to hove positive impact on the society and community around us.
  • We are principally engaged in two initiatives One being Food Kit Distribution and second is Children Education.
  • We started our Food kit Distribution Initiative in Feb 2019. Since Pandemic we have multiplied our efforts and we are distributing 250 food kits week to underprivileged & less fortunate.
  • We ore proud to Say by December 2020 we have distributed more than 10000+ food kits and we are still Continuing Our efforts. In the area Of children education we hove taken a pledge that for every remote staff getting hired we will adopt education Of 1 Child.
  • We Started this last year in May 2019 and so far we are Supporting 300+ underprivileged children in their fees and education. We would like to thank all our clients for their support in our initiative like this.

Positions we offer


  • An account manager will be your go-to person. He would be there to help and guide you in any situation. We would advise any Non-routine or Non-regular or policy matter shall only be dealt with through the Account Manager and shall never be communicated directly to remote staff.
  • He will help you with troubleshooting, pricing revisions, staff training, shift timings, leaves, and bonuses.

  • At Entigrity we donโ€™t allow work from home. We can never risk clientโ€™s information at the cost of flexibility. Before you partner with anyone for offshore staffing please check their WFH policy and IT Policy.

  • We have staff that perfectly match your time zone. A good thing about this is that they start their day much before you start your day. So that they can easily work and also can give you the complete work done before you start the day.

  • India is a hub for the global economy, a hotbed of talent, second home to Big 4, second home to fortune 500 companies, tech giants, and the accounting Industry.
  • India is a hub for building global delivery centers. Not just big 4, but 200+ companies have offshore offices in India. This has led to the build of an ecosystem in India.
  • That's where we hire people and get the training done for them. Even if you hire locally, it could be a bad hire. Here you get a chance to test his capabilities, competencies, and also you get a chance for a replacement here. However, we can provide you a staff which is very capable.

  • There are no long-term commitments. There is only a 2-month notice period which we are required to pay to the employee. There are no hidden/extra charges.

  • The task that can be offshored, so, E-Book Link. So typically when you first start with offshore staffing, you will integrate. We can do the exercise where you require your firm what tasks they can delegate.

  • We can divide it into Short term and Long term benefits. Sometimes firms sign up because of their tax season overflow, that's a short-term benefit.
  • However, offshore staffing is a way forward for your long term. It should be the core strategy for your firm, not just a one-time adventure.
  • Like any of your local staff, a remote staff from Entigrity also works under your management and fully reports to you. As they work from remote offshore offices of Entigrity, this
    1. 1. Saves your cost and efforts,
    2. 2. HR hassles, and several other compliance issues,
    3. 3. The firms that are working with us have a 25% partner-in time reduction and 18% on-shore staff workload reduction.
    4. 4. You can focus more on advisory services.