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HQ in Houston, Texas

Global Office in Mississauga, Canada, London, UK

6 offices In India

600+ Accounting Firms

1300+ Global Team

Our Story

Global Leadership Team

Shawn Parikh

Founder & Chairman

Valay Parikh

Co-Founder & Vice President

Advisory Board

Marcey Rader

Board Member

Sia Kal

Board Member

Global Leadership Team

Mike Goossen, CPA

Vice President

Ted Rosedale

VP, Marketing & Sales

Chris Rivera

Director, Client Relations

Mukund Patel

Director, Client Relations

Abhi Parikh

Manager Customer Service

Sagar Pandhi

Manager Customer Service

Our Clients

500+ Accounting Firms

100+ Accounting Firms

50+ Accounting Firms

Who is it for?

  • Ambitious Firms who want to grow

  • Open Minded and Shares

  • Too much Workload, No Capacity, Turning away work

  • Willing to Change and Explore

  • Consider Offshore Staffing a Long Term Solution, ‘Not an Escape’

Who is it not for?

  • Firms with a track record of FTI (Failure to Implement)

  • Abstainer / Refuser / Non Participant

  • Heavily Paper Driven

  • More than 1000 people firm

  • Who Think Offshore Staffing Either Junk or Slam Dunk

What do We Do?

Offshoring Trend

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Client Case Study

  Before Offshore Staffing   3 Years After Offshore Staffing   Difference
Partners   4   4   -
Onshore Staff   16   15   1
Offshore Staff   -   7   7
Revenue   $4,100,713   $5,699,009   39%
Number of Clients   1450   1310   9.6%
Profit before Partner Salary   $1,218,322   $2,336,593   92%
Partners' 'IN Time' *   7728   6480   16%
Partners' Avg Work Week**   40.25   33.75   6.5 H/WEEK
Profit Time Measure***   $157   $360   130%

* Partner ‘IN time’ includes time spent on client work (charged or not charged), team management and firm administration
** 4 weeks of vacation excluded
*** Profit Time Measure is the measure of profitability per hour and also how well the firm operates without partners.

Annual Client Survey 2019

$61 M/YEAR

Adding to the Firms's Bottomline Every Year


Average Reduction in Partner 'IN time'


Improvement in Profit-Time Measure (Bil Rate $112 - $180)


Reduction in Onshore Staff Workload (from 44 to 36 hours per week)


Average Annual Revenue Growth of Firms


Average Annual Profit Growth of Firms

* This is an internal survey based on Entigrity’s clients
** The average is based on the clients who participated in the survey
*** We have relied in the numbers given by the clients and not verified them through any third party

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Offshoring Life Cycle Management for Accounting Firms

The goal is to show you how to utilize offshore staffing to make it a successful long-term plan for your accounting firm’s growth. The module is based on the practical experience of over 600 Accounting firms who’re working with us and have grown significantly by integrating offshore staffing as their long term growth strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please go here to sign up for online registration. Fill in the essential information such as email, firm name, designation, address, and so on. Once you've decided on a hiring model, you'll need to enter your bank information (which is incredibly safe, and we don't save any of your bank's information) and then click the submit button.

After you sign up, our CRM Manager / Sourcing Specialist will contact you. He will describe the best practises used and request job description details. He will shortlist candidates for interviews based on the Job Description. You may interview and test the candidates to find the greatest fit for your company. In most cases, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to finish the interview process and start work.

Our billing cycle is on a weekly basis. In general, for a week, i.e. (Monday to Friday), we send the invoice through email on Monday. On Tuesday, we charge your account. Billing Query is changed the same day in either the same week billing or the next week billing.

We do not charge any additional fees for bank details; nevertheless, the payment gateway cost for credit cards is 3%.

Billing is done on a weekly basis. Whatever returns are created and submitted by us from Monday to Friday (including weekends), they will be billed and emailed on the following Monday. It will be deducted from your account on Tuesday. If the identical return is received and there is no major difference, there will be no fee in the next week. However, if it alters the category of complexity mentioned above by preparing in the next week, an additional cost will be invoiced in the following week billing cycle.

The notice period is 9 weeks, however if you recruit a senior profile with more than 5 years of experience, such as an Account Manager or Tax Reviewer, the minimum commitment is 26 weeks (6 Months)