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Remote Staffing Vs OutSourcing

Remote Staffing

Say No to Outsourcing

Decision of Outsourcing stems from the fact that generally those tasks are outsourced which are either Non-Core or just one-time jobs

Accounting firms can outsource their website development or their social media management but cannot afford to outsource Accounting or Tax Preparation of their clients. These are their core operations that require approach, protocols and quality controls of their own firms while performing them.

For accounting firms, Outsourcing core business operations might result in Poor quality of work product and client deliverables.



Accounting firms often misunderstand remote staffing with outsourcing. Remote Staffing is hiring staff that works remotely (i.e. our office in India) outsourcing means hiring a vendors does portion of jobs

Remote Staff is your own staff whom you interview and hire instead of having an relationship manager assigned by the outsourcing vendor.

You never really get to know who is working for you for the tasks outsourced, but you can supervise your remote staff’s tasks at will.

The remote staff works dedicatedly works for your firm. He works strictly under your firm’s protocol. No such privilege in outsourcing.

Remote Staff sends you daily time sheets to have the time-task monitored and reports reviewed regularly.

An outsourcing vendor can never gain experience according to your firm’s functions. He can not learn as much with time spent working for you.

Regular monitoring and supervision makes your remote staff efficient with time. It adds value to the great quality work delivered.

While outsourcing is just one time adventure, a remote staff saves about 75% cost to firm. In longer terms the investment on remote staff proves to be worthy.

You have a flexible hiring model to hire as required. You can even scale up and down the number of remote staff without long term commitment.

What Our Clients Say

“Today I can say that we have 4 people remote that is completed integrated with local team. We had earlier outsourced our work but that didn’t turn out well. Overall Entigrity has addressed to every challenge that could come our way. I have even visited their offices personally and I was amazed to see the security controls that you have there. It felt great that our client information are handled so carefully and professionally. Highly recommended!”
ROn St Clair - Remote Staffing client Ron St Clair, President, Firpta Solutions

“I am pro technology and appreciate how modern Information Technology eases the accounting practice. I have had a positive experience with the first remote staff that I hired from Entigrity and after a successful deployment I went on to grow my team and my practice grew too. Way to go!”

Duane Bishoff, President, Bishoff + Associates CPA

“Our initial stint with outsourcing did not go well and I was apprehensive about remote staffing too. Only thought to give Entigrity remote staffing a chance and it was completely worthy. I was pleasantly surprised with the interviewing and hiring process, setup and maintaining client relationship. My staff is very committed and works totally under my control”

Damon GambleDamon Gamble, President, Gamble & Associates

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