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Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing

The single biggest challenge faced by Small and Mid-Size CPA, Accounting & Tax firms today is finding and retaining qualified professional staff. We are proud to say, that today we have been helping numerous firms around the country to sail through this challenge and convert that into an opportunity to grow their firm.

Entigrity Remote Staffing only works with small and mid-size Accounting Firms. Today, we serve 300+ Accounting firms Nationwide, providing them with qualified and experienced accounting and tax professionals starting at $8/hour. You can Hire Virtual Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Preparer or Associates or any other staff position, having the required skills and knowledge for 75% less salaries than in-office staff.

Benefits of Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing brings a multitude of benefits for Accounting Firms; greatest of them all is saving considerable labor costs.

Flexible Hiring Model

  • 40 HOURS
  • 30 HOURS
  • 20 HOURS
  • 10 HOURS
  • 40/20 HOURS
  • 30/20 HOURS
  • 20/10 HOURS
  • 40 HOURS
  • 20 HOURS

Transparent & Easy Hiring

Our three step hiring process is transparent and simple.

* In case if we could not find you a suitable candidate as per your requirements, then we will refund the full amount.

What Our Clients Say

“Our team of Remote Staff hired from Entigrity has become an integral part of our organization. Each of the Remote Employees is technically sound; they caught up with our firm’s work in no time, practically without any training. Our communication, work flow as well as task management are quite smooth. I highly recommend them.”

Stacy A. Sand, CPA, PC, Sand Tax & Accounting

“Entigrity is indeed a company with great people and amazing ethics. My person is an expert at whatever I assign him and does fantastic work each day.”

JOSEPH FRAGNOLI, CPA, PC, Fragnoli & Company

“Until recently we considered staffing as a major concern, particularly during tax season. But Entigrity’s remote staffing not just took care of staff attrition, cost of hiring and seasonal need of efficient staffing but also gave us the liberty to work beyond any geographical boundaries. There is every reason for us to be happy as they had a qualified staff onboard in no time and without practically any investment in training”

Michael Eisenberg, Tax manager, Integrated Financial Services

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