How to Choose Right Bookkeeper for Your Accounting Firm

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How to Choose Right Bookkeeper for Your Accounting Firm

How to Choose Right Bookkeeper for Your Accounting Firm

Efficient bookkeeping isn't just fundamental for accounting firms to keep clients’ financials conforming to state and government laws and tax directions, but also a way to comprehend some of activities in a well-recorded manner so that financial conclusions can be settled without a hitch. Poor or inconsistent bookkeeping increases the headaches and keeps on being a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for business failure (which no client would be happy about)- but it’s also completely avoidable.

So it’s not at all a petty job, instead, it is something that needs great focus and expert hands at work. Accounting firms should reach out to their local or remote bookkeeper to offer professional bookkeeping services, holding existing client base as well as drawing new leads.

Why you need a Bookkeeper?

Let’s first understand what do you mean by bookkeeping? And, what it means for you and your business to have a right bookkeeper. As an accountant, managing your client’s day to day transactions is quite time-consuming and extensive task. Having a bookkeeper is like having an individual that can record and keep track of those financial activities and not be letting the client bother much about it.

There are a few things need to consider when choosing the right virtual bookkeeper to partner with your firm.

Check out some points below:

1. Trustworthy More than qualifications and skills, the most important thing is being reliable. A bookkeeper should be honest and transparent. Whether you hired an in-house or Virtual bookkeeper, they should be easy to reach via phone or email. Also, ask for references they can speak with to assist them in their decision-making process.

2. Good Communicator Make sure your bookkeeper is a good listener and explains things that makes sense to you. Many CPAs and Accounting firms always look for a right bookkeeper to perform day to day accounting tasks. Whether your bookkeeper is working from your office or remotely. Find out what method of communication works best for a client i.e. email, telephone, text messaging, Skype etc

3. Accounting Education background Having knowledge of accounting principles and specially tested capabilities are essential to be a bookkeeping proficient. Employers are resistant to hire a bookkeeper with lacks suitable qualification, as well as a lack of professional experience.

4. Make Sure to use current Technology There are many accounting software available in the market to maintain your financials online such as Xero, Quickbooks or Clearbooks; it is also very important that they are good with using the latest software. Using outmoded software is going to slow down your work. Use of these software makes work easier, accurate and easily reviewable between the bookkeepers, accountants and your clients effectively.

5. Choose the Right Company/Remote Staffing Agency If you don’t want to outsource your bookkeeping work. Not to worry about it. Remote staffing is the best solution for you. Remote staffing usually have access to a large number?of candidates and allow you to choose from, expediting the process. After selecting the candidate you can take personal interviews, technical skills evaluations, soft skills reviews, the same process just like you hire an employee as local staff.

sing cloud technology, utilizing a virtual team for your bookkeeping and accounting gives you access to a full team with years of experience that specializes in your exact business for less than the cost of a full time or part-time in-house employee. You can manage your remote staff using communication tools include face time as well; using Skype and similar apps for team meetings can bring a remote-based employee into the loop.

Summary If you are considering work together with a bookkeeper, make sure you refer above points when discussing your opportunity with bookkeeping partner.


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