Top 5 Tips to Earn Optimum CPE Credits

19 Jun 2018  |  1267
Top 5 Tips to Earn Optimum CPE Credits

Top 5 Tips to Earn Optimum CPE Credits

After having passed your CPA exam, getting CPE credits is a way to keep updated with your career growth in the profession. It inspires you to stay active in the Accounting and finance community and keep up with new advances and reporting necessities in the industry. CPE credits are required to meet your state board of accountancy’s necessities to renewal CPA license. A Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is required for CPAs to maintain their professional proficiency and provide quality accounting services.

Types of CPE Credit?

Group A: These credits are basically allied with domain related activities and are correlated to the area governed by extensive domains.

Group B: Credits are linked to knowledge sharing and professional development to improve your overall education, ability, specialized skills, or knowledge external of the credential’s precise domains. CPE is likely to meet your state board’s necessities for CPA license renewal, as well as for meeting confirmation prerequisites for any enrollment affiliations and other expert accreditations, such as the CMA or CFP®. Whether you’re a CPA professional or starting your career, you’ll appreciate the below tips for CPAs to pursuing education credits.

1. Attend live seminars, conferences, or Webinars.

Participates in Webinars, Seminars, and Podcasts can be the most convenient and best way to get CPE credit. Webinars can be live or recorded, but they are well suited for CPAs who enjoy the computing practice. Attending Seminars and conferences are also pathbreaking for CPAs who want to balance networking prospects parallel with learning. Thes live events usually facilitate self-study courses that are suitable for busy CPAs who desire to study during off-hours.

2. White Paper Reading

Reading white papers that are published on authentic websites are also one of the means to earn CPE credits. However, one has to write a short summary of contents that studied, with the details of the website. Another factor is that the website needs to be reachable without any restraint and also be having content approved by the governing bodies that enable CPE. Through such reading, only “Group A” credits can be earned.

3. Becoming an Education Volunteer

CPE Credit can also be earned through attending and volunteering public and government sector organizations. A volunteer needs to keep a signed letter of the particular organization which indicates the volunteers’ working hours performed related to the credential dominion. Appearing and volunteering seminars on contemporary topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber security or information systems can help you earn “Group A” or “B” CPA credits.

4. Attend a Vendor Presentation

Attending a presentation related to educational aspects and regarding cybersecurity methodology, information technology or practice is a way to earn CPE credits. There are numerous CPE enabled vendor presentations happening at many places either in networking events or online but it should be ensured that any pure sales presentation are not considered for CPE credit. The regulatory authority NASBA keeps track and manages each such presentation and its contents are usually moderated before being published. 

5. Security book or article publication

Publication of a self-written article such as security book  CPE credits are awarded on the consistent basis. If it is the first publication in a magazine or journal, please botrsure that article should be related to the credential domain. Keep in mind that “Group A” credits can be earned through this method. The best place to get CPE credits is the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). With filters including subject area, credit hours, the search tool provides a wide-ranging list of courses, with CPE finance training, NASBA is one national association that is capable of awarding CPE credit(s).

The good thing is there are many free options for earning CPE credits in NASBA’s list You have to fully recognize the requirements to escape having your credits banned. One of the easiest ways to earn CPE credits for free is to install some podcast apps on your smartphones or tablets and subscribe to several podcasts that are associated with your certification. CPE credits are open through a variety of organizations, including staffing and financial companies, educational institutes and industry associations.

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