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This is the eight episode of the conversation series when Mr. Smith speaks with a client and explains to him about the hiring and pricing model for offshore staffing.   

Mr. Accountant: What is your hiring and pricing model?

Mr. Smith: We have launched a new hiring and pricing model for offshoring staffing, where you can discover all of the roles and their pricing, making it easy for accounting firms to hire their offshore staff.

Mr. Accountant: How to sign up for this model?

Mr. Smith: Please go here to sign up for online registration. Fill in the essential information such as email, firm name, designation, address, and so on. Once you've decided on a hiring model, you'll need to enter your bank information (which is incredibly safe, and we don't save any of your bank's information) and then click the submit button.

Mr. Accountant: What is the Next Step?

Mr. Smith: After you sign up, our CRM Manager / Sourcing Specialist will contact you. He will describe the best practises used and request job description details. He will shortlist candidates for interviews based on the Job Description. You may interview and test the candidates to find the greatest fit for your company. In most cases, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to finish the interview process and start work.

Mr. Accountant: What is your billing cycle?

Mr. Smith: Our billing cycle is on a weekly basis. In general, for a week, i.e. (Monday to Friday), we send the invoice through email on Monday. On Tuesday, we charge your account. Billing Query is changed the same day in either the same week billing or the next week billing.

Mr. Accountant: What are fees associated with payment gateway?

Mr. Smith: We do not charge any additional fees for bank details; nevertheless, the payment gateway cost for credit cards is 3%.

Mr. Accountant: Well! Incase of outsourced tax preparation, when will the billing be done?

Mr. Smith: Billing is done on a weekly basis. Whatever returns are created and submitted by us from Monday to Friday (including weekends), they will be billed and emailed on the following Monday. It will be deducted from your account on Tuesday. If the identical return is received and there is no major difference, there will be no fee in the next week. However, if it alters the category of complexity mentioned above by preparing in the next week, an additional cost will be invoiced in the following week's billing cycle.

Mr. Accountant: What is your typical notice period?

Mr. Smith: The notice period is 9 weeks, however if you recruit a senior profile with more than 5 years of experience, such as an Account Manager or Tax Reviewer, the minimum commitment is 26 weeks (6 Months)

Mr. Accountant: What is the turnaround time to start outsource tax preparation?

Mr. Smith: After you sign-up, the services will begin within 2-3 days.

Mr. Accountant: What is the turnaround time for outsource tax preparation?

Mr. Smith: As the manager will be assigned to you, it will take 3 days, but depending on the intricacy of the return, the manager may be able to convey it to you sooner.

Mr. Accountant: How to keep track of the task assigned?

Mr. Smith: The allocated manager will work very closely with the firm's policy. They will connect to your remote server. As a result, you may check the progress of your tax preparer's, manager's, or staff's work whenever you like. If you don't have any processes in place, we can create a spreadsheet shared via a drive to keep track of everything.

Mr. Accountant: So in that case, how will we deliver review notes or pending information?

Mr. Smith: Our team will work as per your policy, so you may provide the review notes or email us the notes and other information directly.

Mr. Accountant: When can I anticipate my first interview after signing up and making a call?

Mr. Smith: In most cases, you should be able to interview the candidate within 24 to 72 hours (2 - 3 days)


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