Entigrity is Thrilled To Be Presenting at BDO Alliance 2023 USA Conference Evolve

25 Apr 2023  |  820
Entigrity is Thrilled To Be Presenting at BDO Alliance 2023 USA Conference Evolve

Entigrity is Thrilled To Be Presenting at BDO Alliance 2023 USA Conference Evolve

The BDO Alliance USA is hosting its annual conference, which is sold out and will take place from May 1-3 in Las Vegas. The conference is organized for independent accounting firms.

Why should you attend the conference?

The event provides attendees with the latest technology and best practices. It features diverse, dynamic speakers who will address timely topics to help attendees evolve their businesses by embracing adaptability and agility. The conference will help attendees navigate today's industry's top issues and opportunities.

"Growing your tax capacity through outsourcing"

One of the panel discussions at the conference will focus on "Growing your tax capacity through outsourcing" and will feature Shawn Parikh.

Shawn will share his knowledge and insights on how businesses can enhance their tax capabilities through outsourcing. He eagerly looks forward to meeting with firms interested in outsourcing their operations.

With his extensive experience in outsourcing and business strategy, Shawn is well-equipped to guide firms toward the most suitable outsourcing solutions.

His passion for the field is evident in their excitement to engage with attendees and share their knowledge and expertise.

Why Accounting firm owners should attend this panel discussion?

  • Learn about the benefits of outsourcing, the various options available, the challenges of outsourcing, and how to implement an outsourcing strategy successfully
  • Understand how outsourcing can help businesses stay competitive, increase efficiency, and reduce costs
  • Shawn Parikh, an expert in the tax and accounting outsourcing  industry, will provide valuable real-life insights and knowledge
  • The session promises to be informative and engaging, and attendees will gain valuable knowledge on leveraging outsourcing to enhance their tax capabilities and achieve business success

Click here to schedule a meeting with Shawn at the conference.

For more information on the 2023 BDO Alliance Conference, visit https://conference.bdoalliance.com/

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