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This webinar, presented by Entigrity’s chief mentor and speaker, CPA Mike Goossen is an attempt to thoroughly provide insights into how remote staffing is just like hiring a local staff and what other benefits it provides to Accounting Firms, CPA, EAs & Tax Professionals.

This webinar, presented by Entigrity’s chief mentor and speaker, CPA Mike Goossen is an attempt to thoroughly provide insights into how remote staffing is just like hiring a local staff and what other benefits it provides to Accounting Firms, CPA, EAs & Tax Professionals.

This webinar primarily highlights the following key points:

  • Staffing Challenges
  • The Big 4 Approach
  • Entigrity Remote Staffing
  • Benefits of Entigrity Remote Staff
  • Hiring a Remote Staff
  • Remote Staffing – A Long Term Solution

According to AICPA’s PCPS Survey of last 5 years , it is quoted that “Finding and Retaining Qualified and Experienced” Staff is the top challenge that small and mid-size accounting firms are facing. For over the past decade, the big 4 and larger accounting firms have hired several thousands of employees and built offices in multiple cities. That helped them save enormous on labor cost and also helped them overcome staffing challenges and bring global talents onboard. Sadly, smaller firms can’t take the same approach for number of reasons, out of which cost of overseas expansion is chief. Today to hire 3 or 5 team members you can’t go offshore to set up your team.

Instead, we work as a bridge for you.

Entigrity remote staffing emerges as the unique and perfect solution for small and mid-sized accounting firms where they could hire qualified and experienced staff with required software knowledge and save 75% on labor cost. Entigrity exclusively works with Accountants and is run by accountants. Thus we have big domain expertise of working with accounting community.

Talking of Benefits, hiring remote staff from Entigrity can help you save 75% on labor cost where pay rates start at $9/hour. We do not have any hidden recruitment fee or any additional hiring cost. You don't have to worry about paying no payroll taxes, no benefits cost, no health insurance or no infrastructure. It provides access to large talent pool, reduces employee attrition and improves productivity at lower costs. Our Hiring Options are designed keeping in mind sporadic nature of the workflow, seasonality & size of accounting firms. The hiring options are so flexible that it will accommodate the needs of all the firms of all size may it be solo practitioner or a firm with 30 to 50 employees. You can hire permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time and temp to permanent/seasonal depending upon your staffing needs . Staff can be available on a weekly hiring option of 40/30/20/10 hours/week. If a full time staff is hired, that staff would exclusively work for you like your local staff.

Hiring a Remote Staff, Onboarding and Working is very similar to local staffing, so that you can hire the person as per your hiring needs; you can Interview and Test before you hire the person . The Remote staff directly reports to you or your team; works under your control and management. Typically in a small firms, staff is required to Multitask – same way your remote staff can also multi-task and we staff for all positions. Only Difference is that Remote Staff work from our office in India and we process their payroll. That’s why we call it extension of your office. Like local staffing hiring remote staff process is very transparent and simple. You let us know your requirements – we than provide you with set of resumes as per your requirements, you can conduct a video interview and test that candidates and then select the one that meets your requirement. Remote staffing is a long term solution to the fundamental challenge of staffing that smaller firms are facing. Problem are, first, not able to find suitable staff; secondly, the one which are suitable are very expensive. Still you recruit them and train them and eventually what happens is that move on into industry, Big 4 or larger firms, because they don’t find growth in local firms. Outgoing staff leaves a huge void behind after leaving which is finding, screening, and shortlisting, interviewing and then selecting the new staff, which is huge cost in terms of money and hours spent after bring him for work. Plus still you will have to the train the new employee and it may happen that he might not able to settle.

Remote staffing is a long term solutions and not a one-time flier or adventure to reduce cost. So view it from that perspective. So you may require staff to training initially on the way you do your things and how to cook your recipe. We will definitely hire somebody with required experience and skills but just like local staff some amount of handholding is required. And if it works out for you than it may be a great solutions for you. Have a look into the video and please feel free to express your views about how it helped you or what more would you like to know. Please subscribe to our newsletters to get regular updates about Entigrity Remote Staffing.

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Mike is a CPA and has over 30 years of experience in thought leadership and mentoring. His experience and constant efforts in solving prevalent issues of accounting industry is his biggest stand out point. He has been instrumental in mentoring scores of entrepreneurial accounting and finance professionals to get up on their feet and convert their practices into successful ones. He has authored a book called 'Principles of High Performance Leadership'

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