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Taxtemp Staffing

TAXtemp Remote Staffing

Hiring and retaining top talent is a challenge for accounting firms, especially during tax seasons when the requirement of qualified & experienced accounting & tax professionals is in high demand and the right staff is difficult to find. Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the higher work load due to shortage of competent staff. In order to provide a feasible cost-effective solution for this problem, Entigrity has an innovative and path breaking solution in form of TAXTemp Staffing.

What is TAXtemp Staffing?

TAXtemp Staffing is the solution which gives you flexibility to temporarily scale up the number of remote staff according to requirements and have higher number of dedicated professionals at your disposal during tax seasons. On the other hand when the workload is lower the CPA & EA firms have the liberty to scale down the remote staff. TAXtemp staffing allows you to take up more projects when they are readily available and lower number of projects when they are hard to find, without worrying about paying higher salaries during the slag season. This would enable higher profitability and lower risks.

If required the same number of staff can be maintained/retained while scaling up the number of working hours per week as the tax season peaks and reduced hours when there is lesser workload.

It provides you the same level of flexibility and transparency in hiring remote staff. Also, most of the remote staff available are versatile and can perform almost every task as required by a CPA or EA firm.

Why TaxTemp?

On one hand TAXtemp Staffing contributes magnanimously in the higher profitability of your firm while on the other hand it reduces the inherent risk of having a bulkier workforce on your payroll. Moreover, the dedicated remote staff plays a crucial role in delivering high quality services in a timely manner at much lesser of the cost and no binding commitments. There is one direct result which is visible from the onset – “Higher Profitability”. Hence a perfect solution in form for seasonal staffing.

TexTemp Staffing

What Our Clients Say

“Entigrity is indeed a company with great people and amazing ethics. My person is an expert at whatever I assign him and does fantastic work each day.”

JOSEPH FRAGNOLI, CPA, PC, Fragnoli & Company

“Our team of Remote Staff hired from Entigrity has become an integral part of our organization. Each of the Remote Employees is technically sound; they caught up with our firm’s work in no time, practically without any training. Our communication, work flow as well as task management are quite smooth. I highly recommend them.”

Stacy A. Sand, CPA, PC, Sand Tax & Accounting

“After attending Entigrity’s webinar on remote staffing for accountants, I realized we could save thousands of Dollars every year through them and never heard negative about them. Honestly, since the day I have signed up I got quality people and of course at one fourth salaries, what else can you ask for. It’s really very easy, and things like how it will work or what clients will think or security concerns are just myths. Way to go!”

Shawn Thomas,, CPA, Babylon New York

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