Session Description All You Need to Know About Offshoring for Accounting Firms

This session covers:

Prior to Offshoring

  • Offshoring Trends
  • Handling Onshore Team’s Concern
  • Do's and Don'ts.
  • Handling Client’s concern
  • Best Practices
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Choose Right Partner
  • Understanding Indian Ecosystem
  • How to Be Offshoring Ready

Post Offshoring

  • Scaling Offshoring
  • End Client facing Roles
  • Task & Roles to be offshore
  • Non-Technical Roles
  • Handling Phase Wise Growth
  • Working Models in Offshoring
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • DOO – The next generation of offshoring
  • Hiring Senior Talent

In the session accounting firm owners will also gain insights into the following:

  • Pitfalls associated with accounting offshoring
  • Practical insights and actionable advice for implementing accounting offshoring strategies
  • Implementing and Scaling Offshoring for your firm
  • Challenges faced by clients in accounting offshoring
  • Learnings and understandings derived from real-world examples
  • Our existing clients will participate and share their perspectives and experience

Once you attend the webinar and complete evaluation form we shall give you a certificate for your credits.

Key Takeways

  • KeysTo discuss the current trends and dynamics driving the growth of outsourcing and offshoring.
  • KeysTo explain best practices and key considerations for successful offshoring initiatives.
  • KeysTo gain insights into choosing the right offshoring partner and ensuring data security and privacy.
  • KeysTo explore strategies for scaling offshoring operations and handling phase-wise growth.
  • KeysTo identify challenges and effective solutions in hiring senior talent, managing client-facing roles, and incorporating non-technical roles in offshoring setups.
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Continuing Education CreditsThe webinar qualifies for

  • 1 General Credit for all Accountant
  • 1 CPD Credit for all ACCA
  • 1 CPD Credit of Business Mgmt & Org for CPA in Canada
  • 1 CPD Credit for all CA - Ireland
  • 1 CPE Credit of Business Mgmt & Org for CPA (US)
  • 1 CPD Credit for all CPA - Ireland
  • 1 CPD Credit for all CA - ICAEW
Subject Area
Subject Area Business Management & Organization
Course LevelBasic
Instructional Method
Instructional Method Group Internet Based


Shawn Parikh

CEO and Founder of Entigrity

Chris Rivera

Direct of Client relations

Vibhu Khanna

Sr Manager, Entigrity

Attended by
3500+ (Firms)
Firms working with Entigrity

Offshoring is here to stay, but the rules are changing…

Discover the latest trends and insights on offshoring for accounting firms and how to ensure your business is prepared for the future.

Get Ahead of the Game with Offshoring Trends 2023 & Beyond

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Webinar Reviews


Allen Stambaugh
Certified Public Accountant at Stambaugh Law Offices

I already met Shawn a few years back, and we discussed the possible synergies we could work on. At that time, our firm was also in a phase where we were considering the possibility of partnering with an offshoring staffing provider to delegate certain tasks. However, we were relatively inexperienced in implementing the offshore staffing. Out of curiosity and a desire to learn more, I recently attended a webinar that shed light on the broader possibilities that offshoring can offer. Thanks, Shawn and his team


Lee Weinstein
Founder LW Solutions and LWS Financial

I find it very insightful when they start discussing how to find the right offshoring partner, remote work, automation, cybersecurity, and collaboration. It's like a whole new world of possibilities for us to tap into the talent and take our firm to the next level.


Basil Agrocostea
Accountant and Advisor at Agro Accounting

The strategies they shared for scaling up offshore staffing were seriously invaluable. I mean, you can't put a price on that kind of knowledge! They totally emphasized the importance of data security and privacy. I've been running my own firm for a good ten years now, and one of my biggest concerns has always been how to protect my clients' data when working with offshore partners. The speakers, Vibhu and Tushar, laid out exactly what IT and data security policies any offshore partner should follow before considering working with clients like us.


Julian Tolliver
Partner, Valor CPAs

This webinar challenged conventional thinking and presented offshoring as a paradigm shift in the accounting industry. The presenters skillfully weaved together insights on business management, organization, talent management, and onboarding, showcasing the holistic impact of offshoring on a firm's operations.


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