• Patrick Ross
  • 13 Feb


Best Practices Of Working With Offshore Staff

The 2nd webinar in the series, “Transforming the #1 challenge of staffing into an opportunity” dives into the practicality of utilizing an offshore staff. As accountants aren’t completely aware of the abilities of offshore staff to do multiple tasks, many believe that they can do only accounting related tasks or just tax related tasks. This webinar will give you broader understanding in terms of how you can fully utilize offshore staff by delegating tasks related to not just bookkeeping, accounting or tax, but also administrative, support, CRM related and even marketing related tasks. We all form perceptions quickly, some myths about offshore staffing are believed to be real by many in our accounting industry, the presenters will bust all those myths giving you the required objectivity to take the best decisions for your firm.


If you’ve ever hired or you’re hiring or plan to hire an offshore staff, it’s critical that you learn about how you can fully utilize your offshore staff. Mike and Shawn will discuss with you the best practices of working with offshore staff and dive deep into the tasks they can and cannot perform. Moreover, a comparative analysis of what tasks an offshore staff and a local staff can perform will help you in your process of how you distribute and delegate tasks to both your local and offshore staff. These processes have helped 500+ clients of Entigrity in the accounting industry to achieve:

  • 30 to 60% growth in profitability

  • 50 to 300 hours of workload reduction for owners/partners

  • 250 to 500 hours of workload reduction for staff members

  • 20 to 30% of compounded annual growth in revenue over a period of 5 years


  • What are the best practices of working with offshore staff for higher productivity and maximum utilization?

  • In comparison with local staff what tasks can an offshore staff do and can’t do?

  • Busting the myths to find the reality of hiring and working with offshore staff.

  • Becoming highly profitable using a team of offshore staff for your accounting firm.

  • How you can have access to global talent pool and continuously use it to build capacity for incoming workload.

Patrick Ross

Patrick uniquely combines three vital traits: He sees the future of the profession clearly; he discovers or creates supremely practical ways to move the profession toward that future; and he generates tremendous enthusiasm for the move in everyone he meets. He is on a mission to help CPAs, Finance and Accounting Professionals thrive in these times of exponential change. He firmly believes that what got us here, won’t get us there as the Profession faces unprecedented changes and opportunities. Patrick's expertise helps businesses and firms navigate the turbulent waters of business with training, strategic planning, and other tools.
Patrick joined team Entigrity in 2015. He has his core expertise in the field of technology but holds very special place for accounting. He has been rigorously doing efforts to find out ways how accounting firms can make the most out of modern information technology.

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