• Patrick Ross
  • 13 Feb


The #1 challenge for the accounting industry is staffing. The Big 4 & larger firms leveraged offshore staffing to acquire and retain qualified and experienced professionals in emerging economies at a very cost effective pricing point. Yet, the small, mid-size & regional accounting firms couldn’t follow in their footsteps. This webinar delves deep into how technology has enabled remote working in the 21st century and its impact on accounting industry. Furthermore, we will deep dive into how you can gain access to a huge talent pool, how the hiring is similar to hiring any local employee and how it is not outsourcing. Moreover, we’ll cover benefits including how things work even after coming from different time-zones and how the operations can be as secure as it were from your own office.


  • Impact of Technology on Accounting Industry

  • Evolution of Offshore Staffing – Starting with the Big 4

  • Offshore Hiring for Small, Mid-size and Regional Accounting Firms

  • How Remote/Offshore Staffing has created Value?

  • Best Practices of Working with Offshore Staff

Patrick Ross

Patrick uniquely combines three vital traits: He sees the future of the profession clearly; he discovers or creates supremely practical ways to move the profession toward that future; and he generates tremendous enthusiasm for the move in everyone he meets. He is on a mission to help CPAs, Finance and Accounting Professionals thrive in these times of exponential change. He firmly believes that what got us here, won’t get us there as the Profession faces unprecedented changes and opportunities. Patrick's expertise helps businesses and firms navigate the turbulent waters of business with training, strategic planning, and other tools.
Patrick joined team Entigrity in 2015. He has his core expertise in the field of technology but holds very special place for accounting. He has been rigorously doing efforts to find out ways how accounting firms can make the most out of modern information technology.

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