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Why Entigrity

Information Security

Unique Solution

Deep Domain Expertise

Information Security and Quality Management


Being an ISO 27001 certified organization Entigrity maintains high standard of Information Security Management System. We have policies and framework imbibed in our culture and practice to identify and effectively manage security and information risks ensuring fulfillment of its commercial, contractual and legal obligations.

As part of employment contract every staff at Entigrity signs a non-disclosure agreement that binds them morally and legally to safeguard the confidentiality of company data

We also sign a confidentiality protection agreement with every client wherein we agree to maintain data security as a legal commitment

We can proudly boast that so far there have been zero security breaches at Entigrity. We however continuously keep upgrading and evolving the systems for optimum protection

As part of our practices we have stringent policies and framework in pace:

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ENTIGRITY is an ISO 9001 certified organization. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized and most widely used standard for Quality Management System. Entigrity strives to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations. We have outlined ways to achieve consistent performance and provide best service. We constantly monitor and conduct regular audits of works by internal experts for quality check as per requirements. Our dedicated account managers stay in constant customer touch to listen and act according to eliminate any errors.

Unique Solution

Get the Right Candidate

Hire qualified and experienced professionals after interviewing personally

Flexible Hiring Options

Permanent – Temporary – Seasonal Staff as per firm’s requirement.

Direct & Full Control Over Staff

Staff reporting and working under firm’s control. Submits daily time-task sheets

No Outsourcing

The staff works under your supervision guaranteeing quality of work according to firm’s standards.

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Deep Domain Expertise

We work exclusively with accounting firms. We do not involve with businesses directly and maintain high ethics of client relationship.

Our Credentials

What Our Clients Say

“Entigrity is a great agency, so is their Remote Staff. My resource is not just productive but very communicative too. I get daily updates and as soon as there is a concern or issue, he informs me. In addition, I really appreciate that besides our account manager the key management guys too call me to check if everything was running smooth.”

Erich ZielonkaERICH ZIELONKA, CPA, LBO Accountancy

“I am very pleased with my remote team that I from Entigrity. Earlier my practice used to manage me, now I manage my practice. It is only a myth that only tech savvy accounting firms can use remote staffing; instead, smaller firms like ours which are not completely paperless can also take the same benefits”

CPA JACK OWENS, President, J.E.Owens & Company

“Hiring Remote Staff through Entigrity was one positive change that we brought in our firm 2 years ago. Thanks to them for such a wonderful solution and fueling our firm’s growth. I could hire somebody at 75% less salary and need not worry about compliance, payroll taxes, benefits and dozens of other hassles were some evident and most appealing reasons for me. Great solution!”

Jim Goldman, President, Goldman & Company

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