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Your Account Manager is your GOTO Person

Flexible Hiring Options
  • Troubleshooting
  • Shift Timings Changes
  • Staff Feedback
  • Price Revision
  • Staff Management
  • Billing Queries
  • Staff Training
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  • We exclusively work with accounting firms and help them hire accountants, tax associates, tax seniors, auditors, admin support staff, managers, and all other positions starting $9/hour.

  • An account manager will be your go-to person. He would be there to help and guide clients in any situation. We would advise any Non-routine or Non-regular or policy matter shall only be dealt with through the Account Manager and shall never be communicated directly to remote staff.
  • He will help you with troubleshooting, pricing revisions, staff training, shift timings, leaves, and bonuses.

  • At Entigrity we don’t allow work from home. We can never risk client’s information at the cost of flexibility. Before you partner with anyone for offshore staffing please check their WFH policy and IT Policy.

  • As per our survey 6 out of 10 Failures are because of lack of integration. We have seen many times firms start with offshore staffing, but either give up on offshore staffing or they lose a good onshore employee on their journey towards building an offshore team.
  • Both situations are unfortunate and we have come across this often and largely because the onshore team starts feeling insecure as soon as firms start hiring offshore staff. We need to manage it with 4 C’s for a successful onshore and offshore team working towards a common goal that is “Firm’s Betterment & Well Being”
    1. 1. Change
    2. 2. Culture
    3. 3. Collaboration
    4. 4. Communication
  • And communication is the key, holds the other 3 together. We need to keep both teams on the same page.

  • We have staff that perfectly match your time zone. A good thing about this is that they start their day much before you start your day. So that they can easily work and also can give you the complete work done before you start the day.

  • India is a hub for the global economy, a hotbed of talent, second home to Big 4, second home to fortune 500 companies, tech giants, and the accounting Industry.
  • India is a hub for building global delivery centers. Not just big 4, but 200+ companies have offshore offices in India. This has led to the build of an ecosystem in India.
  • That's where we hire people and get the training done for them. Even if you hire locally, it could be a bad hire. Here you get a chance to test his capabilities, competencies, and also you get a chance for a replacement here. However, we can provide you a staff which is very capable.

  • As you know Offshore hiring is a long-term process, before reaching any conclusion give it some time and effort to adapt as per your system the same way as you will do if you hire anyone onshore.
  • Whenever accounting firms come to the conclusion without giving it the required time to adjust, they are on the high jump.
  • However, if you don't like a hire. We have a simple 2 months notice period, within this notice period, you can just close the contract. However, if you want a replacement, we can provide you.

  • Replacement is more than easy. 1 out of 10 candidates requires replacement as per our internal survey. So replacement is not something abnormal, you can make a hiring mistake, or it can be some situation changes from the firm or from the employee.
  • The good thing about replacement with Entigrity is every employee has a 3 month notice period. So in these 3 months, they have enough transition time for the new staff.
  • Secondly, you don't have to train them from scratch as you did on your on-shore staff. You will not be charged for the additional 3 months. We internally ask the outgoing staff to transfer duties and processes.
  • However, our standards are high, our 1st Year attrition rate is 6%, 2nd Year attrition rate is 7%, around 85% of our clients have staff who stay beyond 2 years. Our average retention is 5 Years.

  • Its low wage if compared to USA standards. However, purchasing power in India is fairly high, and the staff members who are working with us are from the middle-class and they can lead a decent lifestyle with this salary.
  • The cost of living is much lower in India. For Example like a cup of coffee will cost $5 in the USA, which costs $1 in India

  • We have a good sourcing specialist team and we only hire candidates with a minimum bachelor’s degree and at least 1 year of experience in accounting and Tax(US/UK/CA).
  • We don't hire complete freshers. We also do a reference check of their records.

  • There are no long-term commitments. There is only a 2-month notice period which we are required to pay to the employee. There are no hidden/extra charges.

  • Here is an E-Book on 100+ best practices for offshore staffing
    1. 1. Accounting and Bookkeeping:
      • Whether daily/monthly/quarterly or real-time/after the fact accounting & bookkeeping, offshore staff can help in everything.
    2. 2. Reporting/CFO Support:
      • All financial reporting/support task for management & CFO
    3. 3. Annual Write-ups:
      • Tax-based Annual write-ups - collecting all the bank statements/credit card statements/Invoices, etc.
    4. 4. Sales/Use tax:
      • Sales Report Preparation, Posting/Reconciling Sales Report with QB or Account System. Preparation & Review of Sales/ Use tax Computation.
    5. 5. Payroll:
      • Whether weekly/biweekly/monthly or real-time/after the fact payroll, offshore staff can help in everything including compliances.
    6. 6. Tax Preparation/Planning/Projection:
      • Arranging and sending client organizers. Following up with clients on tax documentation via Email-Phone.
    7. 7. Tax Resolutions:
      • IRS notice document management. IRS notice checklist of documents to be taken from clients and follow up of email for getting correct documents.
    8. 8. New Client On-boarding:
      • Sending the engagement proposal. Getting Engagement signed - following up. Incorporating Entity if required and getting the required documentation prepared and aligned.
    9. 9. Corporate Compliances:
      • Yearly MinutesShareholder. Yearly Minutes of Director. Waiver of Notice of Meetings. Yearly state filings/form submission
    10. 10. Administrative Task:
      • Internal Firm Accounting/Budgeting. Data Entry task for contact management/additions. Prospect Meeting research. Updating Client Database with new client information.
    11. 11. Audit/Review/Compilation/Agreed-upon Procedures:
      • In Nutshell all desktop-based work can be done by a staff member (70%). No fieldwork.

  • If you hire a full-time virtual assistant, it starts from $9/hour in the US, $12/hour in CA, and €7/hour in the UK. Senior profiles are difficult to find everywhere in the world. So they cost a Lil bit higher in India as well.

  • Yes, staff directly work under your control and management. They will be working on your processes. It is “your staff working from Entigrity’s Office”.

  • The task that can be offshored, so, E-Book Link. So typically when you first start with offshore staffing, you will integrate. We can do the exercise where you require your firm what tasks they can delegate.

  • When we started 8years back, we always wanted to work with every accounting firm. However, after 3-4 years, we realized that every accounting firm is not fit for us. The best way to know is to schedule a call.

  • We can divide it into Short term and Long term benefits. Sometimes firms sign up because of their tax season overflow, that's a short-term benefit.
  • However, offshore staffing is a way forward for your long term. It should be the core strategy for your firm, not just a one-time adventure.
  • Like any of your local staff, a remote staff from Entigrity also works under your management and fully reports to you. As they work from remote offshore offices of Entigrity, this
    1. 1. Saves your cost and efforts,
    2. 2. HR hassles, and several other compliance issues,
    3. 3. The firms that are working with us have a 25% partner-in time reduction and 18% on-shore staff workload reduction.
    4. 4. You can focus more on advisory services.