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What are the Next Steps

(Duration 1 Week)

Pre-recruitment Assessment Test

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HR & Manager Round of Interview

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Hiring the Candidate

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Benefits at Entigrity

Additional Night Allowance

Scholarship for CPA & EA

Medical Insurance for family

Daily Cab Drop off

18 + 10 Paid Leaves/Holidays

Saturday & Sunday Off

Package Offered

  • Chartered Accountants - 5.5 to 7.5 lacs
  • CPA/EA Pursuing & Semi Qualified CPA/EA - 4.5 to 6 lacs
  • Qualified CPA/EA - 6 to 10 lacs
  • Bachelors or Masters (Preference only if some prior experience in Accounting/Tax) - 3.5 to 4.0 lacs
  • MBA or CMA - 4.0 to 5.0 lacs

Actual Package shall be offered based on discussion and negotiation during the Interview process. (Based on your experience and skill set)

Usually, if you have experience in other industries, you are required to start afresh, but we can definitely discuss this with you during Interviews and finalize the package if there is an overlap in your experience that can help you in this role.

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Session Outlines

Career Opportunities in KPO

KPO, or knowledge process outsourcing, is a type of outsourcing in which qualified individuals working for a different firm or a division of the same organisation handle tasks involving knowledge or information. To reduce costs, the work is frequently carried out outside of the country in offshore sites. One of India's fastest-growing sectors is KPO, which has experienced rapid expansion in large part due to cost savings, the availability of highly skilled staff, operational efficiency, superior quality, the expansion of previous connections, and rapid domestic market expansion.

One can work for a KPO company in the areas of research and development, advanced web applications, financial consultancy and services, business and technical analysis, business and market research, legal services, training and consultancy, data analytics, etc. after completing a relevant course in the field. One can also look at chances abroad after acquiring sufficient experience in India.

Career Opportunities in Entigrity

Entigrity is an industry leader in offshore accounting and is the preferred offshoring partner of more than 600+ accounting firms across the United States, Canada and UK. With nine offices across India, it offers career opportunities for a variety of accounting and non-accounting roles. We offer a variety of roles in business, administrative, taxation, accounting and other departments. You can check out our website to learn more.

Entigrity Ascent - Direct Hire Program

Designed to hire prospective candidates, who have relevant qualifications and experience and are willing to grow their career in the Accounting KPO industry. Candidates will go through a 3-step selection process before being hired.

Step-1: Pre-recruitment Assessment Test

Test would evaluate your skill set in following areas:

  • English Oral Communication - 10 Minutes
  • English Reading Comprehension - 10 Minutes
  • English Written Test - 10 Minutes
  • Data Interpretation - 10 Minutes
  • Ratio Analysis & Finance - 20 Minutes
  • Accounting - 10 Minutes

Candidates will be informed only if they qualify for Step-2.

Step 2: Manager & HR round of interview

Interview with the HR team and then subsequently with the relevant managers to evaluate your personality and broad understanding of the field. This is a regular part of the hiring process and will help us understand you better.

Step 3: Hiring the Candidate

After you have gone through our rigorous selection process, we will provide you with an offer letter for the relevant domain and position. You can start working with us immediately, or we can allow a 30-day notice period for candidates who are still working in their current jobs.

Key Takeaways

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • About Accounting in the KPO Industry
  • Opportunities in the KPO Industry
  • Pros and Cons of the KPO Industry
  • Key things to consider before opting in for this Industry.
  • How to find the best jobs that meet your criteria.
  • Long Term Growth Prospects of this Industry.
  • About Entigrity Ascent - Free Training Program on US Accounting & Tax.
  • How to get a guaranteed job in the KPO industry


Shawn Parikh

CEO and Founder of Entigrity

Leena Parikh

Director, L & D, Entigrity

Vibhu Khanna

Sr Manager, Entigrity



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People Hired by Entigrity



Past Sessions

Entigrity Session with Miles on Accounting Outsourcing Industry

Entigrity Gateway to Growth Session 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Your job timings depend on the client's requirements. However, these are some standard timings.

  • 1) Male: 16:30 pm to 01:30 am
  • 17:30 pm to 02:30 am
  • 2) Female: 14:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • 15:30 pm to 12:30 am

We are planning to change our shift timings, and our new shift timings from 1st May 2023 will be as below:

  • 1) Male: 14:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • 15:30 pm to 12:30 am
  • 2) Female: 13:30 pm to 10:30 pm

However, we are flexible with timings for senior profiles.

Answer: For freshers, it's 2 months, and for experienced professionals, it will be 3 months notice period as the handover duration varies from profile to profile. If you cannot provide this notice period, the company will claim 2 months of salary.

Answer: For freshers, we have a 2 years minimum employment period. If you leave the company before that minimum period, the company can claim two months of salary. For employees with 2 years of work experience, the minimum employment period is 1 year. There is no minimum employment period for people with more than 2 years of work experience.

Answer: We are not hiring professionals with the qualifications mentioned above.

Answer: Professionals with the below qualification or experience can apply for jobs.

  • - Qualified CA
  • - Semi-Qualified CA. (Minimum 2 years of Articleship)
  • - CPA
  • - ACCA
  • - EA (Enrolled Agent)
  • - CPA Pursuing – Minimum 1 Paper cleared.
  • - EA Pursuing – Minimum 1 Paper cleared.
  • - Professionals with 1+ years of US Domain Experience
  • - Professionals with 2+ years of CA firm Experience
  • - Professionals with 1+ years of experience in AU/UK/CA KPO.

Professionals with the below qualification and experience should not apply

  • -
  • -
  • - CMA/CS
  • - CA Pursuing
  • - ACCA Pursuing
  • - Semi-Qualified CA (With less than 2 years of Articleship)
  • - Candidates with Indian domain Experience.
Answer: We provide leave for 3-4 days for each paper.
Answer: We don't hire CA-pursuing candidates because we cannot provide such candidates with the requisite amount of leaves required for the exam preparation.

Answer: We provide leave for 3-4 days for each paper.

  • Male: Shift Ending after 12:00
  • Female: Shift Ending after 10:30

There has yet to be a pickup facility available.

Answer: Yes, we do provide WFH or Hybrid working modules. But this applies only to professionals with 5+ years of experience in the US domain, which also requires approval from the client side.

Answer: Yes, We do ask for a security cheque/check. Security check is requested for basically two reasons. 1. We are investing huge amounts in training each candidate if the candidate leaves the company before the agreed period. Hence, we require a check for security. 2. We are working on client data which is highly confidential; for security reasons, we ask for a check/cheque.

Answer: Yes, After 3 months, you can apply again.

Our packages vary depending on the branch chosen by the candidate. The package for the Ahemdabad branch is 5 lacs, and for all other branches, it is 4.5 lacs.

We’re looking for candidates with adaptability, coachability, flexibility, and excellent communication skills. We need you to be flexible with timings, and if you face any challenges with communication skills, we recommend you work on developing them and then apply for the program.

Yes. You can apply for this program if you have prior experience in the USA and BPO industry.

Provided that your experience is within the US Accounting Industry, you would not be judged as a fresher. Suppose your experience is in any other part of the accounting industry rather than USA-specific. We will then decide on the package individually, considering your talent and other skills.

No. You can apply for the pre-recruitment test, and we may hire you directly.

If you do not possess any practical experience in the KPO industry, you will be considered a fresher for us. While we respect your previous experience, you will be offered the same starting package as the other chosen candidates from the training program.

Yes, there will be weekends off. However, you may be required to work on weekends depending on the client’s requirements. Compensation for that will be adjusted accordingly in the bonus amount on completion of the project.

  • A. Ahmedabad (H.O)
  • B. Vadodara
  • C. Kochi
  • D. Rajkot
  • E. Indore
  • F. Jaipur
  • A. Surat
  • B. Lucknow
  • C. Chandigarh
  • D. Raipur
  • E. Ranchi
  • F. Nagpur
  • G. Nashik
  • H. Coimbatore
  • I. Vijayawada
  • J. Ajmer
  • K. Bhuvneshwar
  • l. Hyderabad (Only for US Domain experienced professionals)
  • M. Bengaluru (Only for US Domain experienced professionals)
  • N. Kolkata (Only for US Domain experienced professionals)
Answer: Initially, recruited candidates have to come to our Ahmedabad branch for a training period of 3 to 6 months (Depending on your experience and Location), post which you will be transferred to the branch.
Answer: Yes, we provide relocation allowance to the recruited candidates.
  • 10,000p.m for Associates to TL position.
  • 15,000p.m. for Assistant Manager or above positions.
Answer: Yes, we provide 15 days of (accommodation free of cost ).

However, on candidates' requests, we can arrange their accommodation in a Dual Sharing room for the complete training period. In this case, there will be no additional relocation allowance.

Answer: Yes, we provide 100% scholarships for CPA and EA. (Coaching, examination, evaluation, and all other relevant fees)
Answer: Yes, training is needed. We agree that by completing your course, you have gained knowledge of Indian accounting/tax/audit. This will help you learn the US account/tax/audit concept. However, relevant domain training in US concepts is needed. Your experience working in India will help you learn more quickly than other candidates.
Answer: Training modules are divided into two main divisions. Non- Technical & Technical Training.
  • Non-Technical Training:
    • US Industry Training
    • Communication Training
  • Technical Training (Any one Domain Account/Tax/Audit)
    • Theoretical Concepts Training.
    • Practical Understanding
    • Software training

Answer: Once you complete the training and clear all the tests, you will get a certificate from Entigrity.

We will have morning and evening batches for an hour and a half to two hours sessions. Hence, candidates currently doing full-time jobs can pick the slot most convenient for them without disturbing their current job.

Just in case you leave the training in between or cannot clear the test in both attempts (If you fail the first time, you can reappear within 1 week again) or for any reason if you don't join Entigrity, we shall encash the Rs. 40,000 cheque that we take from candidates at the time of joining.

Because we are providing free training and a guaranteed job, we want to ensure only serious people join this program who are sure of going ahead in this industry. In case, if they leave the training or do not join Entigrity so, for security reasons, we are taking cheque.

Just in case you leave the training in between or cannot clear the test in both attempts (If you fail the first time, you can reappear within 1 week again) or for any reason if you don't join Entigrity, we shall encash the cheque that we take from candidates at the time of joining.

We will start training in the 1st and 2nd week of September once the hiring process is completed. We will update the candidates in advance with the time and date. We will have morning & evening batches.

As such, you must be regular in training to understand the concept, the flow, and the process. However, for any reason, if you miss a couple of days, we will share the recording of the session via email.

The format of the training will be blended. It would be in a live and on-demand format.

No. There is no compensation during the training program. However, the whole training cost is borne by the Entigrity.

You will get to work on the practical tasks given by the client. But you will not be working with clients during the training period.

Answer: Pre-screening test consists of the below modules-
  • English Oral Communication - 10 Minutes
  • English Reading Comprehension - 10 Minutes
  • English Written Test - 10 Minutes
  • Data Interpretation - 10 Minutes
  • Ratio Analysis - 10 Minutes
  • Finance - 10 Minutes
  • Accounting - 10 Minutes
Answer: No. This test will require using Excel and word documents. For best results, we request you give from a laptop or desktop.
Answer: Pre-screening test has to be completed in 70 mins.
We will take a test that will consist of MCQ, subjective questions, case studies, and actual practical tasks.
You will get two chances to clear the post-training test. If you fail the first time, you can reappear within 1 week again.
The test would not be very hard. It would be of an average level if you had attended training, sincerely you would be able to clear the test easily. The passing rate is 60%.
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