Association, Alliances & Partnerships

Entigrity has the following associations and alliances. These are formal agreements with other independent firms worldwide which allow us to provide seamless staffing solutions to our clients across the globe.

Dream Firms

Dream Firms is the digital marketing & sales coaching solution for entrepreneurial accountants. 

We have one mission: To help entrepreneurial accountants create generational wealth and impact by making their dream firms a reality. How do we do this? By giving YOU the power to grow your firm by transforming the way you acquire your dream clients.  Join us on one of our top-rated webinars today!
Tyler S. Clark is the Co-Founder of Dream Firms, leader of the Proactive Accountants Community, a keynote speaker, and the host of Dream Firms Spotlight on youtube. After having successfully built an accounting firm from scratch, adding six figures of new growth each year with cutting edge digital marketing and ethical sales techniques before a successful exit, he is now recognized as the go-to expert for top tier strategic guidance and actionable advice for accounting professionals who are dedicated to building their dream firms. 

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Elite Resource Team

As a financial advisor or insurance agent you know CPA Partnerships result in helping more people, making more money, and reducing marketing expenses. But HOW do you successfully build them? Successful CPA Partnerships are not the result of magic, they are the result of having a proven process and a community to support you along the way.



Elite Resource Team provides you with EVERYTHING you need to build profitable and rewarding CPA Partnerships. This isn’t the same old theoretical training that you’ve heard for countless years created by someone in a home office that has never actually built CPA Partnerships. This is “blue ocean” teaching done by advisors, CPAs, and tax attorneys who have built multi-million-dollar firms!

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We are CPAs, and business performance coaches building a real community of like-minded professionals. Collectively, we share decades of experience in our craft that extends across industries and borders. The accounting profession is built on trust and service, thus we all possess a unique opportunity to give back to the profession.


This is why we created the industry’s first coaching program that is truly customized to your specific needs based on the size of your accounting firm. We are convinced you to deserve nothing less to achieve your full potential. Our impact on the local and global economy is made through elevating accounting firms – like yours – who show potential for growth. It’s also why we work with numerous charities to channel resources back into the hands of those who need them most.

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TAXtemp specializes in Remote Staffing Solutions for Businesses and Accounting firms. Their core competency is to create an unprecedented staffing service at lower costs. Understanding the methodology and approach to remote employee model enabled by technology it gets quite easy to scale up and down staff strength according to seasonal needs.
For the past several years, Entigrity has worked as a parent company to TAXtemp and mutually worked together to help Accounting and Tax firms find qualified and experienced remote staff on a seasonal basis during the hectic tax seasons. Our flexible and transparent staffing model is an effective way to overcome staffing challenges during peak seasons and save both time and money. Having similar industry presence and work domains we work together as each other’s supplement.

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