Association, Alliances & Partnerships

Entigrity has the following associations and alliances. These are formal agreements with other independent firms worldwide which allow us to provide seamless staffing solutions to our clients across the globe.


Our company was founded by an accounting firm owner and we’ve guided more than 10,000 accountants for over a quarter-century to building dream practices that empower and transform their lives.

We’ve seen firsthand the toll that running a practice the wrong way takes on accountants.

Grinding out long hours often six and even seven days a week. Becoming commodity “bean counters” instead of highly valued professionals.

Dealing with high-maintenance clients who pay you less than you're worth but expect Cadillac service. Becoming strangers to their spouses and their kids - wondering what it’s all for. Because being an accountant was supposed to bring happiness and satisfaction. Now, it’s just slaving away at a “job” that’s no longer serving your life.

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Columns 4 Success

Columns4Success was created to represent the guiding principles for accounting firms and business to survive and thrive. The CEO Mike Goosen who is also a mentor and speaker for Entigrity is a renowned and knowledgeable speaker who has imparted a strategic focus to guide the actions of the company, processes for hiring the right employees to reduce turnover, leadership development training for executives as well as employees and understanding of the company finances.

Alongside Entigrity, Columns4Success has participated in numerous conferences and network meeting. We have together mentored large audience, providing them insights into latest happening in the industry besides giving thorough understanding and solutions to business challenges for accounting firms and ways to cope up.

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Dream Firms

Dream Firms is the digital marketing & sales coaching solution for entrepreneurial accountants. 

We have one mission: To help entrepreneurial accountants create generational wealth and impact by making their dream firms a reality. How do we do this? By giving YOU the power to grow your firm by transforming the way you acquire your dream clients.  Join us on one of our top-rated webinars today!
Tyler S. Clark is the Co-Founder of Dream Firms, leader of the Proactive Accountants Community, a keynote speaker, and the host of Dream Firms Spotlight on youtube. After having successfully built an accounting firm from scratch, adding six figures of new growth each year with cutting edge digital marketing and ethical sales techniques before a successful exit, he is now recognized as the go-to expert for top tier strategic guidance and actionable advice for accounting professionals who are dedicated to building their dream firms. 

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Elite Resource Team

As a financial advisor or insurance agent you know CPA Partnerships result in helping more people, making more money, and reducing marketing expenses. But HOW do you successfully build them? Successful CPA Partnerships are not the result of magic, they are the result of having a proven process and a community to support you along the way.



Elite Resource Team provides you with EVERYTHING you need to build profitable and rewarding CPA Partnerships. This isn’t the same old theoretical training that you’ve heard for countless years created by someone in a home office that has never actually built CPA Partnerships. This is “blue ocean” teaching done by advisors, CPAs, and tax attorneys who have built multi-million-dollar firms!

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