TAXtemp specializes in Remote Staffing Solutions for Businesses and Accounting firms. Their core competency is to create an unprecedented staffing service at lower costs. Understanding the methodology and approach to remote employee model enabled by technology it gets quite easy to scale up and down staff strength according to seasonal needs.
For past several years Entigrity has worked as a parent company to TAXtemp and mutually worked together to help Accounting and Tax firms find qualified and experienced remote staff on seasonal basis during the hectic tax seasons. Our flexible and transparent staffing model is effective way to overcome staffing challenges during peak seasons and save both time and money. Having similar industry presence and work domains we work together as each other’s supplement.

PTINdirectory.com is the first comprehensive national online directory of federally registered tax preparers. This directory can be used by agencies, individuals and business owners to find a tax preparer. It provides a centralized web-centric platform where individuals, businesses, and agencies can verify “licensed” tax professionals filtered by credential, industries, services, language, and location.
As a professional remote staffing provider agency, Entigrity has worked with numerous EA firms listed in the directory. We work mutually for helping people find suitable firm(s) and professionals for tax preparations or advices.

As a national directory of certified public accountants, CPAdirectory.com provides access to a comprehensive database of professionals. It provides CPAs with new resources and technology as required by latest business environments. On the other hand, it is also a centralized platform for general public where they can seek out the services of a CPA narrowed down using a shortlisting criteria. It also lets verified users read and endorse reviews of CPAs.
Entigrity being the Remote Staffing solution provider to hundreds of CPAs and accounting firms across America is a natural partner of CPAdirectory. Our close association at helping accounting industry in various fields has built mutual trust, and enhanced business experience.

Columns4Success was created to represent the guiding principles for accounting firms and business to survive and thrive. The CEO Mike Goosen who is also a mentor and speaker for Entigrity is a renowned and knowledgeable speaker who has imparted a strategic focus to guide the actions of the company, processes for hiring the right employees to reduce turnover, leadership development training for executives as well as employees and understanding of the company finances.
Alongside Entigrity, Columns4Success has participated in numerous conferences and network meeting. We have together mentored large audience, providing them insights into latest happening in the industry besides giving thorough understanding and solutions to business challenges for accounting firms and ways to cope up.

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