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Entigrity's Vetting Process

Our Rigorous Vetting Process :For Every 20 people who apply, only 1 person is selected.


Resume Bank & Categorizing Talent (100%)

We meticulously review numerous applications against minimum criteria, professional qualification and experience. Candidates are then categorized from Level 0 to 8 based on their experience and capabilities.


Profile Review & Shortlisting (63%)

Our team of experienced recruiters reviews the profiles and shortlists suitable candidates.


Language Proficiency & Communication Skills (25%)

We employ automated communication assessment testing tools along with skilled evaluators to analyze the candidate’s reading, writing, pronunciation, clarity, fluency, and speech speed.


Maths, DI & LR Test (18%)

Every candidate must undergo a Maths, DI (Data Interpretation), and LR (Logical Reasoning) test as part of the assessment process before appearing for their interview.


HR Interview (9%)

Our recruitment experts conduct final video interviews, considering candidate’s preferences and expectations to ensure the right match.


Technical Assessment & Background Verification (7%)

A Technical Assessment (Accounting, Tax, Audit etc) is conducted while Financial, Criminal and Reference Checks are carried out.


Manager Interview (5%)

A Manager or Sr. Manager with more than 5 years of experience will conduct a final interview. This step ensures a thorough evaluation of the candidate's suitability and alignment with the company's requirements before finalizing the hire.

Every Professional is pre-vetted on the following criteria

Technical Skill Set Evaluation

Our evaluation process rigorously assesses candidates' practical skills and knowledge in Excel, logical reasoning, data interpretation, accounting, tax, audit, and AI tools through practical assignments, MCQs, and analysis questionnaires.

Timezone Compatibility

We ensure that our staff is aware of different time zones and maintains the necessary crossover time. Non-client roles require 3-4 hours of overlap; client-facing roles need 6-7 hours in U.S. time to ensure smooth internal processes.

Background Check

We prioritize the safety and integrity of our clients and their organizations. To ensure this, we conduct thorough reference checks, financial screenings, and criminal background checks as part of our hiring process.

Communication Skills

We assess candidates' communication skills based on role requirements. We prioritize strong English communication for client-facing roles, and for roles involving written communication, we evaluate language proficiency and written abilities.

Cultural Fit

When evaluating candidates, we place importance on their compatibility to adapt, understand, and adjust according to the company's core values, vision, principles, and identity.

Maths, DI, LR, Excel, AI, Microsoft Test, General Computer & Software Skills

We also pay close attention to their familiarity with AI and understanding of industry-specific advancements. This approach ensures we choose staff with a strong sense of AI concepts and the latest industry developments. We mainly focus on skills including Maths, DI, LR, Excel, AI, Microsoft Test, General Computer & Software Skills.

Our Vetting Process ensures 3x the chances of getting the right hire

Disclaimer :In our 9+ year journey, we've made mistakes in hiring and sometimes were unable to retain good talent; however, we've learned from them and continuously improved our processes to provide our clients with the best talent.

Success Stories

See what makes Entigrity the leading accounting offshoring partner

Alasdair Milroy , Owner

Mould Accounting

I've been thoroughly impressed with the offshore support provided by Entigrity and Chris's team. Transitioning to remote work was a concern initially, but their seamless integration into my practice has been remarkable. With their assistance, I've been able to refocus on high-value tasks and grow my business in ways I hadn't previously imagined. Investing in my offshore team, treating them as integral members, and ensuring solid processes have been the keys to our successful collaboration.

Kim Dollin , Principal

Somerset CPA's

"We commenced by recruiting auditors for financial statement processing and administrative work in our audit engagement and today we have 7 full time auditors with Entigrity. What we loved about this program was, we got to interview these individuals. We had a choice in who we hired, and we could express what we wanted. We needed people with two to four years of experience on the audit side and we were able to successfully source.”

Hubert Mcintosh,CPA , Founder & CEO

Mclntosh Financial Group

“As an accountant, we are constantly bombarded with emails, many of which are spam. Our virtual assistants, on the other hand, are really helpful in cleaning up our emails, identifying action items, and submitting them to us. They are very invaluable. We're so confident going into the next tax season that 70 percent of our mundane tasks are being handled by Entigrity folks who know our business and understand us”.

G.Ted Stewart, CPA , Owner

Stewart Financial Services

The whole process has been able to develop additional training mechanisms for my staff . It's been a very enjoyable experience and I'm looking to potentially add another staff maybe next year as soon as possible. Also, I will be increasing the hours of my existing offshore staff

Martin Moll , Founder & Advisor


We really wanted someone state site so it was a little bit more of a funnel point rather than having 10 people in Oregon communicating with certainly the 10 people in India, but we found it better to have one person who was checking in with the Indian team team and so we called it the Champion



We have 15 VCFOs today and 30 senior accountants who report to them and each senior accountant has at least 1 offshore staff to assist them. With the added cost advantage, we are able to expand our clientele and in turn, it is fueling hiring of both on-shore as well as offshore staff. We anticipate adding 5-10 on-shore and offshore staff every year.



What an amazing company: the people, the process, the company culture, the professionalism, the work product. I could go on and on. Larger companies are familiar with offshore staffing and have been doing it successfully for decades. It is awesome that small to mid-sized businesses can now take advantage of this highly professional and well-educated workforce! We cannot say enough good things about Entigrity!

Basil Agrocostea, CPA , Practitioners

Agro Accounting CPA

When we sign on board with a firm like Entigrity, which stands out in comparison to other primarily India and Philippines based outsourcing companies, Entigrity comes across as extremely professional and organized,  so we  did not have a feeling of doubt that we’re working with a company that is substandard to US professionalism.


Summit CPA Group

Being virtual gives us access to talent all over the world. So now we can go everywhere. Offshore team can handle anything that an onshore team can handle from a back office standpoint. We already had all the S.O.P. in place, just needed somebody to take them over. The offshore team just come in and knocked it out really quick. This was one of the best things that we ever did.


Badu Tax Services LLC

Entigrity meets every criteria that I have. Works with just accounting firms, maintains sound data security and confidentiality and provided competent people. If Entigrity would score a 100, the second best would probably be at just 20"



"They understand the nature of our work and related requirements very well, that's why they were able to provide me with the most suitable staff that I wanted to hire. Their work quality is wonderful, security is tremendous and they know English very well. Thanks for being there with us."



Entigrity is unique, as they work with just CPAs and accountants. I wanted to hire just one but ended up hiring two offshore staff. I admire how they communicate and do their work. Our bookkeeping and tax work are updated on a real time basis now.

JACK OWENS, CPA , President


"I am very pleased with my offshore team from Entigrity. With my experienced and efficient team I can now cope up with more client workload as it comes. It is only a myth that only tech savvy accounting firms can use offshore staff; instead, smaller firms like ours which are not completely paperless can also take the same benefits."

RON St CLAIR, CPA , President


“We have 4 people offshore team completely integrated with local team. Overall Entigrity has addressed every challenge that came our way. I have personally visited their offices and their security controls are amazing. It felt great that our data is handled so carefully and professionally. Highly recommended!”



“Our initial stint with outsourcing wasn't well, so I was apprehensive about offshoring staff too. But I just thought to give Entigrity a chance and it was completely worth. I am pleased with the ease and transparency of interview & hiring process, setup and maintaining client relationship, and my staff works totally under my control”

JIM GOLDMAN, CPA , Owner & President


"Hiring Remote Staff through Entigrity was one positive change that we brought in our firm 2 years ago. Thanks to them for such a wonderful solution and fueling our firm’s growth. I could hire somebody at 75% less salary and need not worry about compliance, payroll taxes, benefits and dozens of other hassles were some evident and most appealing reasons for me. Great solution!"



"In the long run, we intend to grow at a tune of 7 to 10 team members a year and as we grow we wish to match that with an Entigrity team member as well. The support has been amazing and I want to leverage the Entigrity team to the optimum."

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