Trump and Biden Payroll and Tax Plan Comparison 2020

30 Oct 2020  |  1339
Trump and Biden Payroll and Tax Plan Comparison 2020
Trump and Biden Payroll and Tax Plan Comparison 2020

About The Ebook

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he won't raise taxes on anyone with annual income of less than $400,000. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has tweeted, and stated in the second debate, that his Democratic rival would raise taxes to a level never seen before in America.

The person elected president of the United States in November 2020 will have a unique and challenging task—managing the nation's economic recovery after a global pandemic that caused unemployment to surge to levels not seen since the Great Depression. The IMF predicts U.S. economic output will drop 4.3% this year after 2.2% GDP growth last year. The expectation is that once the virus containment measures are lifted and the virus is defeated, the economy will rebound sharply.
We have summarized the comparison between the tax reforms projected by both in this ebook.

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