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Entigrity Team went for a one day picnic on the September 22nd, 2018 to Midas Touch Resort, sight in the middle of exotic view of Parvati Hills.

Just like each year, Entigrity gets together for a rendezvous picnic at a refreshing location, Entigrity Team went for a one day picnic on the September 22nd, 2018 to Midas Touch Resort, sight in the middle of exotic view of Parvati Hills. For, our entire Entigrity team packed up and rode off into the wilderness without a care in the world! Early Saturday morning when the Sun had yet to rise up and shine, all of us here were brimming brightly with ready gear, and no fear! While most of us gathered together into a bus, some of us planned to brave the roads and feel the wind in their hair. A select few took off on thumping choppers, and snazzy sports bikes, on about a 120-kilometers journey! We reached the venue and explored the resort. A few started taking snaps, a few started playing. Whilst a few started chatting and relaxing.

Just ahead of noon, Soon after the tea break, began the fun time playing team games, tag games, football (Soccer, if you will), cricket (don’t they just love that!), volleyball, among a lot of others! Shortly, rang the bell from the dining room for the Lunch break. After some time of chatting and relaxing, all were back to playing games till Dinner time, A few jumped into the swimming pool and had a fun time, and had a splash! After ample leisure, it was time for the high tea and the party time. Post dinner, there was a live performance by renowned singer, Ankit Mewada, who enthralled us with his mesmerizing voice and the soothing music of his fusion bandmates. The evening witnessed everyone getting down on the dance floor, and showing a few moves of their own.

EndGame Thanks to everyone for making it an evening of celebration and camaraderie. We really hope that everyone who attended had a great time and enjoyed being a part of it as much as we did. Also a big thanks to everyone involved in making this a successful event and looking forward to seeing you there next year. We collected so many memories to cherish for a lifetime! We really hope that everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed being part of it!

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