Top 40+ Online Certifications for Accounting Professionals to Get Ahead!

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Top 40+ Online Certifications for Accounting Professionals to Get Ahead!

Top 40+ Online Certifications for Accounting Professionals to Get Ahead!

Accounting is extremely important in all types of businesses. Accountants keep track of and evaluate financial information. They also assist individuals and organizations in making well-informed decisions and increasing their financial efficiency. 

Introductory certificate programs are available for aspiring accountants. A certificate in accounting provides a practical path to a profession in accounting. This blog is packed with information that will explain what exactly do accounting software certifications mean, what to anticipate from accounting certificate programs, including the most common courses, and how to select the best software certification according to your needs.

What do you mean by accounting software certifications? 

Accounting certificate programs give accountants a wide understanding of the field. Some specialize in specialized aspects of accounting, such as tax preparation or small-business accounting. 

Accounting certificates, unlike undergraduate accounting programs, usually need no more than 30 credits and are completed in less than two years. Accounting certifications can be earned online, on campus, or in a hybrid manner, depending on the school. 

Introduction courses in business, accounting, and accounting tools and software, such as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks, are common in certificate programmes. Later courses focus on more advanced and specialized accounting topics. Payroll accounting, tax preparation, financial statement analysis, and corporate ethics are just a few examples.

Now, let's take a look at the different types of software and certifications, shall we?

The Xero

It assists you in mastering Xero's essential functionalities. When you become Xero Certified, you'll learn how to make the most of the program's capabilities so that you can provide the greatest service to your clients. Xero is comprehensive, user-friendly accounting software that connects with Boomr. 

By completing the Xero U certification programme, you can become a Xero certified Advisor. The certification is valid for 12 months and requires quarterly upgrades. If you've been using Xero for a while and feel confident in your knowledge of the software, you can take the Xero Advisor Fast Track Certification. Some other certifications are as follows: 

  •  Xero Certified Advisor
  •  Xero Payroll Certification
  •  Xero Migration Certification offers another software certification option. This programme makes it easier for customers to pay vendors. The certification involves 7 hours of CPE-accredited software training. You'll learn everything you need to know about setting up and using your account. With your Console, you can take the expert certification course for free. Accountant Program Members can also earn a "Guru" Certification, which focuses on the practice management side of things. Some certifications are as follows: 

  • Expert Certification
  • Guru Certification


Boomr has a lot of features that accountants will find handy. Accountants can easily log staff hours, track salary, and keep track of the books with this cloud-based software, even when dealing with several customers.

The Boomr Trusted Advisor Program is a unique programme for CPAs and accountants. You'll have access to wholesale pricing for clients (up to 25% off) and will be included in the Advisor directory after you become a Trusted Advisor. You'll get access to 50,000 businesses and partners, which will help you expand your client base. The Trusted Advisor certification is a valuable credential that can help you establish your credibility as an accountant. The certification is mentioned below: 

  • The Boomr Trusted Advisor Program


Learning how to become a Quickbooks Pro is the focus of the QuickBooks Desktop Certification. The ProAdvisor programme is completely free and aimed at improving your abilities. Quickbooks Online Certification and Quickbooks Online Advanced Certification are the two levels of Quickbooks Certification.

You can get certified by taking online self-paced training or attending a free in-person event. You will be required to take an online test that will take approximately 2 hours to complete and will give you three chances to pass each section. 

You'll receive a badge to display on your website once you've finished the certification, letting others know you're a QuickBooks expert. Certified accountants also receive free, unlimited phone help in the United States. Some certifications are as follows: 

  • Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
  • Certified QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor
  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor
  • Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisor
  • Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor

Sage 50

Not only does Sage 50 accounting software have certifications for each of its products, but it also has many levels of certifications for each of these products. There are four levels of application specialists, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4. The examinations are meant to put your Sage Software skills to the test. After you've finished the programme, you'll need to take an exam to get certified. Multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop scenarios, and simulations are all included in the exam. If you pass the exam, your certification will be valid for two years. Some certifications are as follows: 

  • Sage 50 Accounting—Canadian Edition Certifications
  • Sage 50—U.S. Edition Certifications
  • Sage 50 cloud Accounts Certification

Zoho Books 

It is a web-based publishing platform. You can also join Zoho Books as a consulting partner if you're a professional accountant. All you have to do now is register for the free one-hour webinar. In addition, Zoho will give training materials and webinars to assist you in mastering the product. You'll join Zoho Books as a Consulting Partner. This means you'll get a cut of the money for every new client you recommend through this programme. Another benefit of the Zoho software certifications for accountants is that you'll be able to include your firm in the account directory, which will provide you with a continuous influx of new leads. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Zoho Books Consulting Partner Program


​​The Gusto for Partners programme is another excellent software certification for accountants. Gusto certification can help you sell your services because it is such a popular programme. 

Gusto for Partners includes a dashboard designed to assist accountants in expanding their practice. Accountants can administer payroll for all of their clients from a single login, as well as onboard new clients swiftly and easily. Accountants can even invite new clients to the platform by sending them a personalized sign-up page with their firm's logo. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Gusto for Partner Program


Learn how to automate your Hubdoc workflow and achieve the title of Advanced Hubdoc Partner! This course will teach you how to use Hubdoc at a higher level: 

  • Accounts that are hidden 
  • Changing the folder structure 
  • Taking care of email alerts 
  • Forwarding emails 
  • The email address that is unique 
  • Tabs for document status 
  • Hubdoc's mobile application

Once you've been formally certified, you'll be able to take use of the following advantages from the Hubdoc software. 

  • Life accountants and bookkeepers get a free VIP Hubdoc account. 
  • Email help from a single person 
  • As your business grows, you can save up to 30% on Hubdoc (for a price matrix, contact

Some certifications are as follows: 

  • Hubdoc Advanced Certification
  • Hubdoc ProAdvisor Certification
  • Hubdoc-Xero Partner Certification
  • Guru
  • Hubdoc QBO MasterClass


Legal time and billing, as well as law practice management and fully compliant law office accounting, are all available to you. CosmoLex is a true answer for your law company because of this. Their local in-house team handles all support, training, and onboarding. There are never any hidden fees, and they are always willing to assist you. Some certifications are as follows: 

  • CosmoLex Accounting Partners
  • CosmoLex Certified Consultants
  • CosmoLex Migration Partners

SAP Concur 

Obtaining SAP Concur Certification will broaden your skillset by allowing you to make system adjustments. Associate Certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills required to manage and configure SAP Concur Professional Expense sites. Professional Certification verifies that you have the knowledge and experience required to configure your company's SAP Concur Professional Expense site without restriction. The site must be configured and operational. The certifications are mentioned below: 

  • Certified Associate – Expense Administrator 
  • Certified Professional – Expense Configuration


Companies are increasingly looking for people with proven NetSuite experience. Certified professionals result in more effective deployments and a higher return on investment for companies. The certifications are mentioned below: 

  • NetSuite Administrator Certifications
  • NetSuite User Certifications


Participate in group business planning and marketing strategy meetings with other Intacct users to assist you in developing a winning business plan for your cloud accounting services business model. Learn how to price, position, promote, market, staff, and generate leads for your client accounting firm. The certifications are mentioned below: 

  • Intacct Accounting Specialist
  • Intacct Implementation Specialist


Deltek Certification sets you apart in the competitive world of project-based business by setting an industry standard for excellence. Customers can use these exams to demonstrate their understanding of Deltek products, and the certification programme helps you stand out among your peers who aren't certified. Deltek Certification is also intended to boost your professional reputation by providing measurable evidence of product knowledge. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • The Deltek Certification Program 


Finagraph offers the FCA, which includes a software test as well as a knowledge of financial ratios and how to act on their values. A study guide, videos, and a 20-question exam are included. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Certification for CashFlowTool 


Consulting Partner Program completes a multi-tier educational programme to get certified. Remote instruction, live training, and "hands-on" practical experience are all used to administer this certification procedure. Acctivate is a system for managing inventory.  The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Acctivate Consulting Partner Program and Certification


Method CRM is both a CRM system and an engine that can be customized and coupled with other systems. It connects to QuickBooks. Before you can be certified, you must first become a Method Partner. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Method Certified Customization Consultant 


Plooto, a payment system, offers a 30-minute online training called Plooto Certified Pro.

The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Plooto Certified Pro

ProfitCents University 

ProfitCents is a benchmarking and financial dashboard tool offered by Sageworks. A Certified Advisor designation is available through ProfitCents University. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • ProfitCents University Certified Advisor

Funding Gates 

With our online courses, you can become an AR Specialist and gain the tools and information you need to stay competitive in today's industry. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Funding Gates Certification 


Clio is a law firm that practices management software. Before you can get the certification, you must be a member of their partner programme. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Clio Certified Consultant


A TSheets PRO designation is given to accountants by TSheets. The course consists of a series of videos and short tests that you can do at your leisure. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • TSheets Certified PRO

Invoice Sherpa 

The certification program of Invoice Sherpa  is mentioned below:

  • Certified A/R Automation Advisor 

Live Plan 

Expert Advisor certification is available through Live Plan. It also requires you to set the software and renew your certification every year, in addition to viewing webinars and taking a test. Expert Advisors are listed in a directory, which has marketing advantages. The certification program is mentioned below:

  • Expert Advisor Live Plan

What to Look for When Choosing an Accounting Certificate Program 

Before making a final decision on an online accounting certificate, prospective accounting should explore a variety of programme features. Accreditation, specialist courses, student-to-teacher ratio, programme length, and distant learning tools are all key considerations. 


Regional accreditation establishes rigorous requirements for the entire institution. Many softwares only accept transfer credits from regionally authorized programmes, so prospective accounting should make this a top priority. 

Tracks with a specific purpose 

Accounting certifications are available in some softwares that are tailored to specific job trajectories. Accountants may choose to look into tax preparers, payroll clerks, or accounts receivable clerks programmes.

Teacher-to-Student Ratio 

The ratio of students to professors in a class can reflect the level of personal attention participants can expect while considering the pros of a programme. Smaller class sizes are ideal for students who want to form close bonds with their professors. 

Length of Program 

The student's position outside of the classroom, as well as their educational ambitions, can influence how much time they can devote to a programme. Students with family or job obligations may only be able to follow a programme part-time, resulting in a longer programme completion time. Shorter programmes may be preferable for those seeking full-time employment immediately; longer programmes with more in-depth training may be preferable for individuals preparing for additional education.

Wrapping Up 

The secret to a successful accounting profession is to engage in your continuous education at all times. It's essential for staying current with trends, renewing your abilities, and avoiding slipping behind your competitors. Accounting certifications are a brilliant career move, make yours today! 


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