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Data Security is the most common concern for CPAs, especially when their staff are working remotely from an offshore location. We at Entigrity understand its importance and are committed to protect the integrity of the clients' data shared with us by virtue of four Cs, namely Certification, Compliance, Credibility and Commitment. In this short webinar, Mike Goossen, CPA explain how information security management mechanism works at Entigrity.

Data Security is the most common concern for small and mid-size accounting firms & CPAs, especially when they are working remotely. We at Entigrity Remote Staffing understand this well and have been protecting the integrity of our commitment towards safeguarding our clients’ data by virtue of our four pillars, namely, Certification, Compliance, Credibility and Commitment.

Entigrity is an ISO 27001 certified organization.

ISO 27001 is the highest Information Security standard. It is audited once in every three years by an independent party (authority) and granted on the basis of merits that are observed during audits. Also, the inspection takes place once in every year. Now that we are an ISO certified organization it demonstrates our best practices on information security and management. Apart from that, Entigrity is also an ISO 9001 certified company which signifies the quality management standard and practices in place in Entigrity to be compliant with the norms of certification.


Compliance is basically the internal practices and procedures that we we follow very strictly to keep the data and information safe with us so that it never leaves the office or is protected against all breaches. We have 3 offices in India and each of them has such high level of compliance.

All entries and exits are key card control.

  • Every area in our office premises are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance and there are dedicated surveillance teams for each office.

  • No Pen – Printer – Paper in office area. We are completely paperless.

  • USB in Computer are disabled – Computer are thin terminals.

  • No Mobiles Phones or Personal Gadgets are allowed in Work Areas. We have provided lockers to each employees where they will deposit their phone and other things before entering work area.

  • Internet access is controlled – No Social Media – Personal Email or Finanical Portals or Any Inappropriate content.

  • We facilitate multi-factor authentication. Like banks. To restrict access of particular IP and Workstation.

  • Strong Firewalls and Antiviruses


We are an American Company. Whenever a new client associates with us we provide a signed Legal Contract where we provide you in writing about protecting confidentiality. Even when a new employee joins the organization the same legal contract is signed by him/her too and is equally binding to them.


We have been working with 500+ Accounting firms and 8+ Years in business. If required we can live video tour of our office in India and Many of our client have even visited our office. Today we have some clients who has started with one staff but now has built team of 5 to 15 employees.

In all these years of operation, if there is one thing that we always proudly boast about is that we have never had any data security breach in office, ever!     

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Mike is a CPA and has over 30 years of experience in thought leadership and mentoring. His experience and constant efforts in solving prevalent issues of accounting industry is his biggest stand out point. He has been instrumental in mentoring scores of entrepreneurial accounting and finance professionals to get up on their feet and convert their practices into successful ones. He has authored a book called 'Principles of High Performance Leadership'

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