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There are more than 100 tasks that can be performed by an offshore staff. We have listed a few categories so that you can have a  better understanding of all the tasks that can be done by an offshore staff.

The practice of working remotely has been an effective aid for some of the firms whilst working during the pandemic, but the fact is that, it has been around for more than a decade now. As technology touches new horizons to make our life easier at every step along the way, it has proved to be very much efficient in managing work remotely. The idea of working with offshore staff is often marred by the notion that this holds good for overflowing workloads, especially during tax season and that it is a one time adventure. Instead an offshore staff can do almost everything that a local staff can do while being an integral part of your team.

In this article, you’ll get a clear understanding about all the tasks that can be done by offshore staff, there are so many tasks that can be performed by an offshore staff. The idea is to hire the candidate with the right skills, competencies & knowledge irrespective of the location of the candidate. While most of the firms understand the idea of hiring the right candidate irrespective of their location, that's exactly when the offshore staffing came to place.

Reasons to choose offshore staff:

  • Not being able to find the staff for temporary work flow for small & mid sized firms

  • In order to reduce the cost 

  • Not being able to find the right talent locally

  • Utilise your main staff for better productivity

For a detailed understanding of implementation of offshore staffing as part of your growth strategy, here are some of the steps that can be taken into consideration while expanding your business.

Step 1: Having a global mindset yet working locally

Having a global mindset about hiring a staff specifically denotes that the firms are focused on hiring a candidate with the required skills, competencies and knowledge despite of its location. Sometimes it's very difficult to find a right employee locally / physically that can work along with you everyday in your office. In scenarios like these, offshore staffing is the solution for finding the right staff with desired skills, competencies & knowledge. These offshore staff are carefully curated from the list of candidates that are specifically closest to your desired skills for the role. 

Step 2: Creating a list of tasks that can be performed by offshore staff

Every firm has a specific tasks or projects that consume a lot of time for the employees and than can be done by Offshore staff. However if you are starting for the first time please delegate task that are  repetitive and are predominantly occupying a lot of time and are measurable. Once you are successful in delegating this task than you can start building other list of task that can be done by offshore team. This change would create a much positive impact on the team efficiency and productivity to focus on better tasks that increase the value of your staff time.

Step 3: Keep up with regular communications & feedbacks on work

The most important part about working with a staff is communicating online & during these pandemic times the world has witnessed and worked using remote working tools to not stop working in these covid19. The companies have seen a major shift in the industry for managing work remotely with employees and they have successfully implemented and utilised the remote working effectively. The most important part companies have experienced is that ‘communication’ is the key to stay connected and work remotely keeping every co-worker or employee in loop. 

Step 4: Re-assuring your local staff about the concept of offshore staff

The offshore staffing is often considered to be a replacement for the onshore staff as a result of cost cuts, but on the other hand you’ll be explaining about how to utilize your onshore staff to utilize their time effectively rather than spending on a monotonous task. It is very important for the employees or onshore staff to understand that they are not being replaced for smooth work integration with an offshore staff so as to avoid bottlenecks in the process. 

There are more than 100 tasks that can be performed by an offshore staff. We have listed few categories so that you can have a  better understanding about all the tasks that can be done by an offshore staff:

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping

  • Reporting / CFO Support

  • Annual Write-ups

  • Sales / Use Tax

  • Payroll

  • Tax Preparation / Planning / Projection

  • Administrative Tasks

  • New Client Onboarding

  • Corporate Compliances

  • Audit / Review / Compilation / Agreed upon Procedures

For your better understanding, we have compiled a short guide where we have specified a list of all the tasks that can be performed by an offshore staff in accounting firms.

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