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Drawing a line between hiring requirement - Full-time v/s Part-time

It was the days of Yore, when people would prefer to work at a stretch of 8 to 10 hours every day, in a single company for years together! Today, majority of the workforce have multiple schedules and commitments, which they are pursuing simultaneously more than ever before. They want more flexibility, and options in choosing the right kind of work, which suits their skill-sets and talents in the best possible manner. Welcome to the new era of remote staffing, a method which is substantially beneficial to both the employers as well as the employees of a business organization.

Today, remote staff has gained significant following and foothold in multiple sectors and types of industries across the world. Remote staff provides flexibility in numerous ways for to both the employers as well as the employees of a business organization. It provides flexibility in terms of reporting time, number of working hours, nature of tasks and work, and for some percentage of the workforce wanting to work for more than one business organization simultaneously! These are some of the finer points viable for discussion at some other time.

Today, however, let us look at what are the benefits of having either a full time and part-time staff from a remote staffing firm working for your organization.

The Pros and Cons of having a Full-Time Offshore Staff Just as you would have any in-house employee, a full-time remote staff works for a complete duration of 8-10 hours, as required by your business organization. Although, there’s no federal law defining the number of hours an employee must work to be considered part-time or full-time. Typically, full-time staff works for about 30-40 hours per week, considering a 5-day workweek period. They’re always available to instantly communicate instructions or any urgent, or high priority work or tasks that need to be prioritized and completed ahead of any existing running tasks list.

Moreover, the full-time remote staff is more aware about the workings, policies, and procedures of your firm as well as shares a strong rapport with you and other managerial personnel who are handling the workload tasks. Consequently, they are trained and empowered for temporarily resolving any operational issues or matters in times of urgency, should anyone from your firm be unavailable at that moment for guidance or approval. Furthermore, they are proactive in taking an extra step in providing value-additions to the allocated work processes such as creating reports, documents, etc. as you would regularly need, above and beyond the described job description.

However, there are certain aspects, which are of concern when having to work with Full-Time Remote Staff. For example, on rare occasions, if a full-time remote staff personnel is absent due to personal reasons, certain work might get held up for a while. Or, someone else may not be aware of the status of progress of the tasks lists assigned to that person. However, these are common occurrences in daily work life scenario, which can also be resolved with contingency planning by floor supervisor.

The Pros and Cons of having a Part-Time Remote Staff

Today, much of the working individuals are now looking at different work cultures and types of options for gaining experience and job satisfaction from the kind of work they do across their entire work life period. Apart from working at a stretch every day of the workweek, more and more people are looking for flexible options and avenues to explore their complete potential in proving their worth and garnering as much experience as possible during their career timelines. Moreover, there is a demographic of this workforce, which also prefers part time jobs for managing their hectic daily lives with having to fulfill multiple responsibilities every day.

There’s more than meets the eye, and there can be multiple reasons for people now looking for different styles of working; part time jobs and alternate work options is now gaining demand more than ever before. Nevertheless, let us see what the benefits are when hiring a part-time remote staff. Having part-time working remote staff, grants youth flexibility of having a large pool of talented resources with experiences from different sectors and industries in existence.

Moreover, they are more dynamic in adapting to any changes in work timings and schedules if required by your business organization. Moreover, they prefer this flexibility, giving you the options for having staff that works round the clock, while you have closed down for the day. Additionally, if a situation arises where you would need the resources of further work force, part-time employees can be called in for attending work schedules for the period when you have more than usual workload to take care of! Such situations are not uncommon given there are certain times of the month, or year when the business is booming and you have more on your plate than you can handle, or times of slack when you cannot afford having more manpower than necessary.

Every bit of employee is an added cost of running your business. Therefore, having a flexible option where you can scale up when needed and trim down when the need is lower than usual is always welcome by any type of business organization. With part-time staff, you only need to pay for the number of hours they have worked for you, whereas you have to pay for an entire day and thus the entire month for full-time remote staffing employees. This is irrespective of the number of hours they have work on their hands, or alternatively they were overloaded with work.

Nevertheless, we also need to consider how many and when exactly part-time remote staff is more beneficial than having full-time teams working for you. You need to work out the details of your business organization’s requirements in terms of work force required for the kind of workload and timelines when there shall be surges and slacks based on past data. Only then shall you be able to take an informed and accurate decision.

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