19 May 2020  |  1625


With most economic activities, businesses and sources of daily wages shut in India since March, a huge number of already homeless people have become even more impoverished. Although several relief measures have been announced by the government but subsequent lockdowns have just worsened the conditions even further. There is still so much to be done as the destitute are left with no means to earn bread for themselves.

While starvation looms widely across the country, steps of empathy and kindness from responsible volunteers teamed up at Entigrity, has become a source of respite for a few hundred families during these testing times. On various days during the lockdown we have been setting out on small food distribution drives to do our bit of giving back to the society.

In this prevalent time when the extremely hot weather is making the situations even more trying, so far Entigrity Foundation has distributed 500 Food Kits and 1000 ready meals to the street dwellers living in multiple localities of Ahmedabad, the city that houses the main office of Entigrity India. Each food kit contains 2 kilograms of wheat flour, 1 kilo of rice, half a kilo of pulses and 6 oz of cooking oil. These items put together are good to feed a family of 3-4 people for about 5-6 times. We intend to distribute 7000 food kits and 20000 Meals in May - June that can support more than 1 thousand families.

Although we believe that no help will be enough to bring the lives of these people back to normal, however we will continue our efforts and contribute towards reducing the problem to every possible extent that we can. Entigrity foundation and the team of its volunteers feel blessed to take this opportunity, taking small steps on a noble path where we can nourish a few lives and bring some smiles to the people who have suffered the worst. Let’s hope the good fortunes smile on them quickly and normalcy is restored again soon.

To our kind volunteers, your selfless efforts are worth praise and we can’t thank you enough for coming out to support our cause even in the times when it’s a bit dangerous to step out. Take care of yourselves and your hygiene. Stay safe and keep up the good work. You have made the whole Team Entigrity proud of yourselves.

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