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Infrastructure for Data Security at Entigrity  

Hundreds of small and mid-sized accounting firms of America have found it very convenient to hire remote staff to cope up with the staffing challenges and also were able to save enormous and add value to their practice in the way. For small and mid-sized accounting firms, it is critical to have solid staff & accounting systems in place, so you can focus more on growing respective practices.

A number of CPAs and Accounting firms outsource their work to third-party vendors to save time and cost to an in-house employee. But again that is like taking a chance with the quality of work to be delivered. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but more on that in some other article. In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring and retaining quality staff is one thing, but when remote staff is in a picture a bigger concern a lot of our clients have shown are related to the infrastructure of the workplace and security of their client data.

Being a responsible remote staffing vendor we always have to make sure that the work is always carried out seamlessly and everything is secured. After all trust and credibility are the driving forces behind any organization’s business growth and success. First and foremost required things for a remote staff are ‘up to date’ computers and seamless internet connection as these are the backbones of doing work as well as communication between a client and a remote staff. While a remote staff may work from anywhere in the world, in our case offshore locations, therefore we make it very sure that they work under a supervised environment where all systems are working fine. Remote staffing includes on-premise infrastructure and support, and secure private, public and hybrid Cloud platform operations.

Infrastructure and Security provided by remote for accounting firms

  • A high standard operating system with the dual desktop set up.
  • Performance Monitoring, Management, and Resolution.
  • IT engineers for Quick Desk Support
  • High standard security camera for staff monitoring.
  • 24 hours power backup infrastructure
  • Ongoing support includes troubleshooting, management, and support of the storage infrastructure.
  • Security and firewall administration
  • In-house training center & highly experienced trainers
  • Monitoring and scheduling of backups and  system event logs
  • Hardware and Software Firewall and VPN server administration
  • Audio - Video and screen sharing tools for smooth communication
  • Secure remote access to your software network for fast response

When you hire remote staff for your accounting firm, you enable your in-house marketing staff to focus on your business strategy and leave the nuts and bolts of accounting & tax related operations to us. With remote staffing, you will have direct access to a resource under high-security Infrastructure and act like in-house resource working at the offshore office. When remote staffing agency provides their own workstation and technology, the cost savings for businesses can be significant. CPAs can maintain their business in smaller office—or even without an office at all—cutting off on rent and equipment costs. Remote work can also reduce your IT budget, as you may not need to secure and manage as many computers, software's, hardware etc.


Entigrity™ is a trusted offshore staffing partner to over 500+ accountants, CPAs and tax firms across the US and Canada. Our flexible and transparent hiring model gives helps firms of all sizes to hire staff for accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation or any other task for 75% less cost. As a firm 'run by accountants, for the accountants', Entigrity captures the hiring needs of accounting firms most precisely, providing staff that works directly under your control and management, still you are left with least to worry about compliance, payroll taxes, overheads or any other benefits.

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