Tax Saving Strategies for Design Firms and Property Owners

26 Sep 2016  |  1365
Tax Saving Strategies for Design Firms and Property Owners

Tax Saving Strategies for Design Firms and Property Owners

Whether you own or lease; property is one of the biggest capital investments in a business. Many companies can enhance the financial return on their investment through tax savings tools including a Cost Segregation Study and the 179D deduction.

Cost Segregation Study / 179D These often under-utilized and misunderstood tax strategies accelerate tax depreciation deductions and increase cash flow for your business. If your company has experience with new construction, renovations or expansions, or leasehold improvements paid by a tenant or landlord, you may qualify for a cost segregation study. Additionally, if that new construction or renovation was built to meet certain energy efficiency requirements, you may also qualify for the 179D deduction.

In this video, Principals Tom Moul and Scott Hursh explain in detail the associated tax benefits available to many companies. And while these tax strategies are applicable in any industry, of particular note are design firms who work with government owned property. In many cases, the 179D deduction can pass thru to the design firm even though they do not own the building. Check out our video here to learn how you can take advantage of these tax saving opportunities. For More Information Visit:   

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