What Accounting Experts have to say about Offshore Accounting

Christopher Rivera     Dec 20, 2022     674
What Accounting Experts have to say about Offshore Accounting

What Accounting Experts have to say about Offshore Accounting

Offshore accounting is one of the most effective business strategies for streamlining processes and enhancing a CPA firm's reach. 

Accounting offshoring partners provide top-notch services at a fraction of the cost, and with the advances in technology, they operate just like your current team. An offshore accounting firm can take on everything from basic bookkeeping and auditing to tax accounting and CFO advisory services.

Your CPA firm might only audit your company's accounting records at the end of the financial year, which may add to your team’s to-do list. This added stress in addition to the sudden rise in workloads, can increase the probability of errors. You can minimize your in-house accounting team's tasks by offshoring remedial accounting work to an offshore accounting firm.  Applying this practice can really help transform your accounting firm.

Accounting offshoring is no longer limited to the ‘Big 4’ or just medium to large-size CPA firms. As the world moves to new ways of working and operating, it just makes business sense for accounting firms to embrace offshoring. 

From a large, established CPA firm to an accounting start-up, offshore accounting services can be utilized by anyone. And if you don’t believe us check out what the industry experts have to say:

Blake Oliver:

"To cope with the ongoing recession, accounting firms and CPAs should be open to the option of developing offshoring and outsourcing. This can help with both capacity and cost. But make sure you do your due diligence to ensure quality."

Julie Smith:

"I definitely see offshore staffing as a way for the future, especially as we struggle to grow, scale, and find the right staff to fit our team. When we decided to leverage Entigrity's offshore staffing services, the mindset was to hire a professional to build a great team that works together without compromising our company culture."

Rob Nixon:

"When building an offshore team, you can onboard specialists from more than one location. You could work with people from all around the world. This gives you access to a much bigger talent pool than any single location can provide."

Phil Whitman: